12 Jan 2017
JewH207 How the Jewish Establishment fooled and ridiculed Obama

It is very interesting to observe how the Jewish Establishment control the “decision making process” at the top political levels in America. Using the control over the decision making process they successfully manage to fool even their opposition. Let’s see how Obama was played by the Establishment.

Barack Obama is a fantastic Diplomat and a gentleman. He based his actions on the right values and facts. He did not get carried away with the media propaganda or malicious Establishment elements in Washington politics. He genuinely saw things “via facts” ... how Israel is suppressing its neighbors and he stood up to Israel. He stood up for peace and he stood up for a peaceful two State solution.

Our lovely Jewish Establishment understood that they have a challenger in the White House. They upped their game a little bit ... fooled Obama and successfully maintained Obama on a path that was designed to fail. They encouraged him and made him take only those actions which would have no result and no real impact on any Establishment element or on the State of Israel. Obama went ahead and boldly took those steps but he did not realize that these steps would have absolutely no real impact.

Speeches and Warnings
They encouraged Obama to make speeches and give warnings to Israel. During the Gaza War, Obama condemned Israel’s excessive use of force and the large scale of casualties. That was just a “wordy” opposition to Israel’s war. But right under Obama’s nose ... Israel got its refill for weapons, missiles and ammunition for the same war. Most of the weapons and bombs used in the Gaza war were Made in USA ... supplied by the Obama Administration under a defense contract with Israel. And when these supplies got over ... a refill was also made. Obama was standing there and giving speeches against the war ... but his own Administration was supplying the missiles and ammunition for the war.

Vote in the Congress
Obama wanted to do something about the Federal Reserve. They encouraged him to take the vote to the Congress. And Obama boldly took the vote to audit the Fed to the Congress. They already knew that Obama could never gather enough votes ... they knew he would fail ... and they pushed him to take those moves. Once the vote failed ... Obama did nothing regarding the issue. He failed and he left it like that.

Obama was taking failed moves against Israel. And while he was taking these moves ... his Administration was supplying massive multi-billion dollar contracts to Israel. Israel has got more money during the Obama Administration than any other previous President. During the First Term ... they got a defense contract worth $70 Billion ... during the Second Term they got another contract worth $40 Billion. And aid to Israel has been increased to its highest under the Obama Administration. Obama’s opposition was “maintained” only to be a wordy opposition ... with no real impact or no real change.

Vote in the United Nations
Now, recently also they encouraged a vote against Israel in the United Nations. UN Votes change nothing. There are dozens of UN resolutions against Israel ... and they mean nothing to Israel. Israel doesn’t give a damn about the UN ... in fact, it does totally the opposite of the resolutions. It is not like the UN is going to send its military to Israel to impose those resolutions.

And look at the fantastic drama that they are pulling off in the media. As if Israel is really hurt ... as if it changes anything. They know it changes nothing. They are only making Obama feel good by crying out loud. It’s just a game of words and mind.

Use of Media to thrash US Presidents
Here is the interesting thing that you should note. Who the hell is Israel? A tiny country in the Middle East ... that contributes to America in no way. It gives America nothing. And America is the most powerful country in the World ... the US President is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world. And this tiny country is thrashing the shit out of an American President ... just because he dared to challenge Israel ... just because he dared to speak against Israel. There are hundreds of media channels demonizing Obama and condemning his action against Israel. Why is the media against Obama? Why so much fuss? Because 90% of this mainstream media is owned by Jewish groups. It is these Jewish groups that beat the shit out of US Presidents if they dare to speak against Israel.

This is a Jewish Establishment action ... against a Christian American ... the President of the United States ... the most powerful American ... on US soil. They are thrashing you on your own soil using your own media. And you can do nothing. This is one of the problems with the Jewish monopoly in the Media.

Empower American Christians
Alternatively, we suggested Team Obama to work with us on a more effective way of addressing this issue.

  • Expose Malicious Systems – Show the drastic effects of these systems on the people
  • Rally People – Initiate reforms
  • Change Decision Makers – Remove negative politicians
  • Create New Systems – People Centric Systems

Obama tried to Audit the Fed. Do people even know that he tried to Audit the Fed? Do people know what are the issues with the Federal Reserve? Nothing ... it was a closed door operation. Was Obama able to make any reform ... create any new law against these systems? No. Was Obama able to change decision makers in the Congress? He lost a whooping majority in both the Houses. This is the stuff that they work on:

  • Key Decision Makers
  • Laws that work for them
  • Government remains in their hands

If you don’t work on changing these decision makers and if you can’t change the laws ... then you have nothing at hand. The entire system runs for them. And they have somehow kept you away from initiating moves in this direction ... they themselves know that these are hot topics and hot moves that will have a very powerful impact. You have to snap out of this “controlled decision making process” and decide to work in favor of the people ... in real effective ways.

You are sitting there and thinking that you have a great victory with the UN vote. But it is a show designed to make you feel good. Nothing has hurt them and still Netanyahu is crying like a little baby ... only to make you happy. Snap out of it my friend ... and do stuff that matters.