12 Jan 2017
JewH206 Defining our work for America in 3 words: Don’t Kill Yourself

We have been helping America since the past 8 years and more. We have written hundreds of pages in order to help America. If you sum up all of our work for America in 3 words then it will be – Don’t Kill Yourself. Let’s take a look of how it fell into place.

At first we were very enthusiastic in helping our America and you know ... “stopping wars” ... it was a fantastic endeavor to take up. We used to provide 100% information to support America and pull America on a more constructive path. But then one of our agencies that mainly works on security ... they leaked us some information on an “Establishment Plan” of how they are planning to use us.

The Establishment Leech Plan
The information that I was given was something like this ... these guys are a bunch of leeches ... they will leech all of the information from you and then toss you aside. The entire political system is run by the Establishment ... this is how the phases work:

  • Phase One
    • Extract all of the information and solutions. Your computer is being tracked. They know everything that you write even before you publish it. They are literally picking your brain and getting to know everything that you know in this arena.
    • Deny Any Connection. They will take your information and run it using their own guys. This is all about control ... owning the operation and controlling the process. They make sure that it is run in their best interests. Since you are not interested in working for anyone ... you will be tossed aside ... someone else will run your program. And when you see it live ... that your ideas and your solutions are being run by someone else ... you will freak out and claim that this information was stolen from you. Here is where they will deny any connection with you whatsoever.
    • Make a fool out of you. Here is where they will make a fool out of you. They will be like ... “What? The President of the United States is following you? The next President is using your ideas and solutions? Are you crazy?” They will use all of your information and make a fool out of you. They asked me to watch the movie “The Beautiful Mind” to get an abstract idea of how this works. And then begins the Phase Two.
  • Phase Two
    • Surround the candidate with love. As a result you feel all down and upset ... then they come to you with a lot of love, affection and support.
    • Connect with the candidate. You feel all alone, powerless and left out. Here is where they connect with you.
    • Run the program under their control. And then they will give you options to run the program or its variants under their control.

Well, I got that information and I was like ... this is nothing new. I already know that these guys are a bunch of leeches. Thanks for confirming it for me. Lol. And the thing is that ... I want them to follow ... I want them to copy ... I want them to copy as much as possible. These are freaking wars ... millions of lives are being affected. We are trying to stop the mass massacre of millions of innocent people. And if someone wants to get on the same page with me ... work with me ... and stop these stupid unnecessary wars ... I would more than welcome that.

That’s when I decided to create a Copyrights page like this: http://active-democracy.com/contact-us/copyrights.html. Allowing anyone and everyone to freely copy and use the content that we write. I made it official for people to copy anything and everything on the website.

Thank you for the free content, sucker!
The content one the site was simply great. We talked about rigged systems ... how the system does not work for the people ... how everything is screwed up. What they did was ... they forwarded this content, style and approach to the Republicans. The Republicans exploited this style of narration and used it against the Obama Administration ... giving them massive victories. The content addressed genuine issues ... people were seeing that everything was becoming more and more expensive and nothing was working in their favor. The people fell for it and voted Republican.

Some nasty elements responded to me saying ... “thank you for the free content, sucker! It helped us gain majority in both the Houses.” I looked at Republican policies and these guys are total war mongers ... massive military, large scale aggression, will go for military action on anything and against any country. And I saw that the content is being misused.

Focus on the Wars
I was about to write all of the solutions for the issues that Americans are facing ... about education, healthcare, gun violence, political control, city development ... but I did not like how the content was being used. So, what we did was held off on all of the solutions and focused only on the major issue that was “wars”. How these wars are created ... who are creating these wars ... what they want from these wars ... how they are benefiting from these wars ... how they are exploiting America in the process ... how they are planning to destroy America, Europe and Russia via a Nuclear war. We held off on all solutions and focused only on the most pressing issue of “wars”.

Obviously, because each solution is a very lengthy topic ... each solution will require the writing of hundreds of pages ... to explain how the current system is setup, where the flaws are, how it should be replaced, how new systems can be created and how fantastic new systems will be. If I start writing solutions ... and in the meanwhile if they initiate the nuclear war ... then who am I writing the solutions for? If a nuclear war happens then they wouldn’t need solutions on education and city development ... the most pressing issue would be how to handle radioactive wastelands.

Teaching America how not to kill itself
It was very important to whom this content was being given. The content itself held a power of its own. They could easily rally people ... address their concerns ... get votes, win elections and come to power. So, we had to be very careful in what we published or even store the data in any type of format. If it is in black and white ... printed or digital ... then they know. The only thing that they don’t know is what is not yet materialized ... in printed or digital format. They can’t steal something that does not exist in black and white.

We know the solutions but we don’t digitize them at all. It is important to connect with the “right leaders” first and then move the solutions to the people through them. So, the Establishment might be pretty smart asses ... they might have whatever technology to spy on our computers ... they can assume to know everything ... but they don’t know shit. They know nothing.

The only information that we have written or published only focuses on 3 words – Don’t Kill Yourself. You can read hundreds of pages that we have written ... all of them are centralized towards 3 words ... Don’t Kill Yourself.

Saving America from a Nuclear War
And hell yeah ... we succeeded ... we succeeded in stopping a massive war in the Middle East. Syria was a stepping stone into Iran ... and the war with Iran wasn’t exactly a war with Iran ... but it was meant to be a war with Russia. It was designed to quickly initiate a conflict with Russia and spiral the whole region into a nuclear war. We worked with the Obama Administration in stopping this travesty. We succeeded. This was Obama’s most fantastic accomplishments. Not only he pulled off the idea of sending any US troops on the ground in Syria but he also struck a Nuclear Deal with Iran. Both of these measures prevented America from a conflict with Russia. People don’t realize it but this is one of Obama’s most fantastic accomplishments.

They managed to make Obama stand on the wall of the building and kept yelling ... “Jump! Jump!! Jump!!!” But we reasoned with Obama ... using facts and logic ... showing him the disaster that they are pulling America towards. Obama successfully kept America safe.

With Donald Trump what they have done is ... not only he is standing at the edge of the building ... but they have made him stand on a diving board at top of the building ... and they are continuing to scream ... “Jump! Jump!! Jump!!!” Will Donald Trump jump? That we don’t know yet ... we are still working on it. Trump is listening to the same people who were making Obama jump into a nuclear war. In the name of opposing Democrats ... in the name of opposing Obama ... and in name of doing everything opposite of Obama ... they have successfully placed Trump on a diving board at the top of the building. And Donald Trump doesn’t even know that ... he does not even realize it.

Well President Donald Trump is a sensible person ... that’s one thing I like about him ... he is a commonsense candidate. We will show him how the games are designed. Let’s hope he makes the right decisions.

How the Big Guy turns the tables
Here is an interesting fun fact. I realized very recently ... I remembered the Establishment Plan that was mentioned to me several years ago ... they were supposed to just leech out the information from me ... give it to Obama ... Obama was supposed to shine while I was suppressed and kept out of the loop. Later they were supposed to console me and then work with me. But look what happened ... Obama successfully stopped the conflict with Iran and Russia ... but there was nothing much more he could do for the country. Instead of shining ... he became a President associated with incompetence. And that too ... they are planning to totally obliterate anything that Obama has done and within one year his entire legacy will be gone. I saw this happening and I reached out to Obama ... and said ... this will not happen ... we will give you great stuff ... we will make you one of the most fantastic Presidents ever ... we will give you the most fantastic stuff to run. You don’t need a political office ... you can do everything right from your Foundation. You can be a very popular leader that several countries will remember ... especially Africa.

I realized this recently ... did the Big Guy just turn the tables here? They were supposed to steal from me ... shine and keep me suppressed. And then they were supposed to console me and give me a plan. And Big Guy is like ... “Ow yeah? You are stealing from my guy? Let me just take your entire legacy away. You want to shine? Then you work with him!” I am like ... Holy Shit ... this can’t be happening! Lol.

Make or Break Leaders – Delivery Victory or Failure
This is what Obama and Russia should note. The entire West contains Democratic countries. We have very powerful content and these guys have absolutely no idea of the solutions that we have. Each of them are fantastic and fabulous solutions ... they are simply fantastic for the people. We can easily make or break leaders. If we give the solutions to the current leader ... then he becomes a great leader who goes down in History that brought about fantastic changes for his country. If we give the solutions to the opposition then we easily get to boot the current leader from power. We can easily deliver victory or failure.

This gives us massive power to change the political game in America and Europe. We can easily change leaders in the Congress and move the majority to our side. We can easily eliminate opposition leaders from Europe and put the right leaders in place. This restructuring of the political sphere is required to pull the country in the right direction.

And Obama dear ... you don’t need to be in the White House to do all of this. These solutions will give you massive power and influence. You can change the direction of the country. There are no limitations at all when you work from your Foundation. No one is telling you what you can or cannot do. There is no term limit. It can be a lifelong legacy ... and there is so much to do.

Note for Obama: Don't take any unnecessary steps against Russia or Putin. Russia is going to provide critical help in fixing the problems that exist in America. It is strongly advisable for you not to spoil your relations with Putin. Putin has always been your friend ... he will provide you with crucial support in the future.