12 Jan 2017
JewH204 Jewish Establishment panics and activates worldwide links

Active Democracy proposed a “Cooperation Strategy” between the White House and the Kremlin in order to eliminate the Jewish Establishment’s monopoly and influence in the West. Our lovely Establishment freaks out and activates worldwide links against this cooperation. All of their moves in panic are a clear indication of their fear and guilt of running mass exploitation systems in the West. Let’s take a look

Active Democracy Cooperation Strategy
We know about many of the Jewish Establishment mass exploitation systems setup in the West. We also know that American and European politicians cannot take action against these systems on their own ... because the Jewish Establishment controls these countries via monopoly in media, politics and business. It is simply not possible for these countries to do anything against these systems individually by themselves. And we know exactly how to break these monopolies ... which is why we suggested a cooperation strategy where Russia provides a helping hand in breaking these monopolies.

Jewish Establishment Freaks Out and Panics
At first, they were like ... nah, this is just dreams and fantasy ... Active Democracy can never pull it off ... they are just too small and insignificant ... and they can never do anything against us. But once we presented a draft strategy to take down these guys to the White House ... and Putin signaled cooperation for the same ... the Jewish Establishment simply freaked out at the thought of this being realized.

Fake News! Fake News!
Which is why ... one of the first moves that they made was ... publicity of “Fake News”. Right from America to Europe ... mass publicity was given to Fake News ... that there are so many news outlets out there that are providing fake news that is all wrong. The strategy out here is to ... stomp on us ... using the “pretext of fake news” ... when we expose the genocide of the Christian population carried out in Eastern Communist countries ... when we expose the Jewish connections to Communism, Communist leaders, the destruction of thousands of Churches, the killing of tens of thousands of Priests and Clergymen and the starvation of millions of Christian farmers, the mass massacres of more than 100 Million Christians in Communist countries.

When we expose this information in America and Europe ... their strategy is to counter the efforts by calling it “fake news” ... and that all of this is wrong and it is lies. This is their counter action strategy. Stupid, feeble, weak and pathetic ... yes, I know ... but this is the best that they could come up with. They think that they can stop us from exposing the truth by terming “truth as fake”. They have no freaking idea of what we are going to unleash. They have no idea of how accurate and detailed it is going to be.

Russian Propaganda and Russian Interference
Right from America to several countries in the European Union ... several politicians are crying over Russian interference in their elections. This is their secondary attack policy. We have not even started the project yet ... not even launched yet ... and look at the way these guys are freaking out. We get to know a few things from this ... this shows ... how the Jewish Establishment is spying in different governments and knowing their plans. And how they are taking actions and introducing policies in advance ... against a project even before it is launched.

We know that Russia and Putin are totally independent of Israel or the Jewish Establishment. The Jewish Establishment has absolutely no control over Russia or Putin. Which is why ... Russia becomes so crucial in this project and we need their support. This secondary attack policy has been designed against Russia ... in order to ward off any Russian supported activity.

Firstly, they have no idea of the content that we are going to unleash ... that’s why they are coming up with such childish stuff which will be absolutely of no help for them. But then again this is the best that they can do ... they will not be able to come up with anything better than this. Secondly, they can use their “political puppets” in the West to say whatever they want ... but our entire project is “people centric” ... there will be mass waves of people support for almost every policy in the project. And any right minded politician who loves his country and people ... he / she will definitely support the project.

So, you can use the word Russia, Russia, Russia ... as much as you want in order to create a divisive line. But Russia itself will be a stunning example which the entire West will love to follow. You can forget about the idea of using “Russia” as a base for conflict. Russia will be a fantastic role model that the world will love to follow.

Designing Events as per Strategy
The thing with our lovely Jewish Establishment is that ... they don’t use just media and politicians ... but they also create “events” to support their strategy. These events sell the strategy and make their strategy realistic.

PizzaGate and Gunman
In order to provide publicity ... so that information on “Fake News” can be discussed in every channel and media outlet in America ... they sent in gunman in at a Pizza place and he fires this gun out there “to verify the information” ... creating a scene. This event was used to create massive publicity for Fake News.

Terrorism and Islam
This is another concept promoted by politicians ... they connect a religion with crime. To facilitate this ... they literally place events ... and to make it even worse ... they attack Churches and Christian events ... to facilitate even more racial tensions. Most of these attacks are placed in America or Europe. If Islam is bad ... if Muslims are bad ... then shouldn’t these events happen in Saudi Arabia or Dubai? Muslims celebrate Christmas in Dubai with pomp and show and huge parties ... and with all of the Christmas decorations. And in Europe ... they send a cranky guy who drives a truck into a Christmas market ... killing several people. Millions of refugees are there in Saudi Arabia ... why aren’t anyone committing any crime? Why is there a problem only in the West? This is a designed strategy ... to create friction between Christians and Muslims ... to promote the concept of “Radical Islam” ... and to terrorize the West. This is an Establishment Strategy.

Events targeting Russia
They are facilitating events against Russia. They want to turn Russia against Islam and Muslim countries. They want Russia to cooperate in fighting Radical Islam ... just like America and Europe has been spending hundreds of billions on this War on Terror since the past 16 years ... they want Russia to pitch in. That’s point number one. Secondly, they want to remove Russian cooperation and support with countries like Turkey, Syria and Iran. This is what these guys do ... they facilitate events to support their strategy. The whole show is artificially designed ... and it is designed only to spread hate and fear in the society ... and make countries spend billions for security.

What to Promote?
This is exactly what our lovely Jewish Establishment promotes.

  • Radical Islam. Any politician, event or policy that promotes Radical Islam ... Islamic Terrorism ... or War on Terror. Anything associated with Radical Islam ... massive publicity is given. This is what their monopoly in media facilitates. They decide what to promote among the people and what to suppress. They control the flow of information to the people. They decide what is important and what is not. They decide against what action is taken and what is put aside. This is exactly what monopoly in media facilitates.
  • Conflict between NATO and Russia. Any politician, event or policy that will facilitate friction with Russia ... they will promote it at a massive scale. They want these countries to be occupied by chaos, fear and war. And they are using all of their links and network to facilitate this.

Clear Evidence of Fear and Guilt
The Establishment freaking out ... using American, French, German and other European politicians to cry over “fake news and Russian interference” is a clear indication of massive crime committed by them in the past ... as well as the mass exploitation systems that they are running at present. It clearly indicates how scared they are ... it clearly indicates how guilty they are. If they had done nothing wrong ... then they would fear no one ... all of these moves would never be required ... blame games would never be required, friction would never be required ... you would stand tall and be open to argument. You would lay emphasis on facts and evidence ... rather than just cry foul and play blame games.

Difference between Establishment Accomplishments and Christian Leader Accomplishments
You will find a massive difference in what the Establishment accomplishes and what our Christian leaders accomplish. Because there is a huge difference in the approach and efforts made. Politicians come and go ... but the Establishment’s presence is timeless. It’s in the game forever.

Our lovely Jewish Establishment has amassed massive influence over the majority of the Congress, media and business. The effort that the Establishment makes is 100 times stronger than the efforts of a President. These guys have massive political, financial and legal support. To add to that ... they have a strong ideological and religious support for these exploitation systems. They believe that it is their “divine right” to exploit, extract and leech from Goyim countries. This is not just theft or a robbery ... for them this is not crime ... this is their divine right ... this is their religion. All of these politicians + media + events are just a part of their bigger belief system under which this is done.

Which is why you find a massive difference in what your President can do in favor of the people ... and how many things are carried out in favor of the Establishment. Which is why the country runs for the Establishment and not the people. And all of this makes it even more important for us to break down these systems.

Jewish Establishment panics and activates worldwide links