14 Jul 2016
JewH189 Designing the worst “Racial Divides” to terminate the system

America should lead ... America is the leader of the free world. This is what they are telling American politicians in order to get them involved in these conflicts. What America does not realize is that ... it is the primary target ... America is the primary target that they want to terminate ... and they are leading America to its own eventual destruction.


What our lovely Jewish Bankers are doing is ... they are coming up with the worst imaginable strategies to create “Racial Divides” in the country in order to terminate the complete system. Take a look at all of this ... these are the worst things that a person can possibly imagine and they are getting all of this done in America.

  • Fly em in the Twin Towers!
    Planes flying into the Twin Towers ... is that something that you can possibly imagine happening? But they got it done ... resulted in the deaths of thousands of people ... which was used as a turning point to pitch Christians against Muslims in the Western world. $2 Trillion of American tax payer money was spent in fighting the so called “terrorists”. It provided absolutely no result after 15 years of wars and several countries destroyed. And America has plunged into a debt of $20 Trillion while it was consumed by this strategy.
  • Cut off their heads, just cut off their heads!
    Cutting off people’s heads ... is that something that you can imagine? They resorted to this because the regular bombing of public places was not creating enough effect in the West after 10 years of war. They had to demonize the situation a little bit more and give it some drastic effects ... so that the spending of billions of American tax payer money every year on this remains justified. “Hey, they are cutting off people’s heads out there!” So, what do we do? Send billions more of our tax payer money out there.
  • He is Black? He is unarmed? Shoot him dead!
    The above strategies were being carried out off-shores till date ... because they still had some time. America was going deep in debt ... but they could still survive by borrowing more money ... so they had more time to play with. But now the situation is turning out to be more dire ... with people not being able to even survive with the basic salary and they are demanding $15 per hour pay check as a minimum. The system cannot hold itself ... a crisis is near ... once the crisis impacts the people ... then the bankers behind this economic collapse will be exposed. So, the need to terminate the system becomes more urgent ... because of which we need internal factors at play. Which is why ... they have introduced a new strategy ... which is ... White Cops shooting Black People. You are a White Cop ... you are a “Cop” ... you are a police officer ... educated and talented ... working at a responsible position in the government ... whose very definition of work is “protecting people”. Now, if this guy goes out there and shoots an “unarmed Black Guy” then imagine the outrage that it will create in the society. Their “strategy” is to create outrage. If such events are repeated ... it will definitely create a strong racial divide in the society. And look at what is going on ... it is working, isn’t it? This is not institutional racism ... these are not just incidents ... this is a deliberate artificially designed strategy ... designed in order to destabilize the country. And it is already showing that it works. This is what our lovely Satanic Jews are very proud of ... they say our religion teaches us “formulas that work” unlike other religions. This is their formula at work.
  • 11 Million Latin immigrants? Deport all of them!
    Can you imagine ... barging into people’s homes and deporting 11 million Latin immigrants? And then at the same time “blame Mexico” for sending in rapists and criminals into our country? This is something that you don’t normally do ... and even if you deport illegal immigrants ... then you don’t publicize this in the media. Giving massive publicity to this and worsening the relations with a huge neighboring Latin country ... is only designing another racial divide in the country. If the above strategy with Black People goes on a full swing ... then you are looking at an escalation of “armed conflicts” between the Black Community and the Police Department. And if you piss off the Latin Community ... obviously they will tend to join the Blacks. With two simple age old techniques ... with their massive control over the media ... they have pitched millions of Blacks and Latinos against White Americans. And all of this is being “artificially created”. Who is going to be the eventual victim here? The American society as a whole.
  • Ebola ladies, Ebola. Now, here comes Zika!
    Have you seen these diseases? Have you seen what they are doing to the people? Ebola was freaking scary. But once we cured Ebola ... they unleased another new disease with ... Zika Virus. No cure for this yet. And do you know where this is moving into? Yes, almost all of US Southern States will most likely be exposed to this virus. Playing with diseases is something that they have already done in the past. Bubonic Plague in Europe was not a coincidence. The unleashing of deadly diseases targeting America only shows how desperate these guys are to terminate the system ... it only shows the drastic levels of bullshit that they have done in America. And they fear a response from America.
  • Let’s piss off Russia! Military Drills near Russia!
    The irony is that ... this is not the first time that they have used a country and then got it terminated. Our lovely Jewish Bankers were doing great in Germany before World War I. Germany was the host to the largest number of Jews in Europe at that time. But they needed the creation of the State of Israel ... and they invited America to destroy Germany for them. They lived there for decades and generations ... benefited by the billions from this country ... but they got this country destroyed for their own personal interest. And now to add to all of the above racially divisive strategies ... they are pissing off Russia. They are inviting Russia to terminate America for them. Putin is saying again and again and again ... we will not take lightly the actions of NATO ... we will respond. Even then they are carrying out massive military drills near Russia ... putting sanctions on Russia ... worsening relations with Russia. They are literally inviting Russia to terminate America for them.

My lovely, lovely, lovely Americans ... look at the bigger picture ... look at what was done in History before ... look at all of their divisive strategies ... you are the primary target. They want to terminate you. You are the primary target here.

Putin kicks ass

And the interesting part is ... look at Russia in all of these strategies that are being used in the West ... from ISIS to Zika to Racism ... is Russia affected in any way? If “Radical Islam” was the problem then Russia hosts more than 10 Million Muslims ... Moscow alone has more than 2.5 Million Muslims. Why aren’t buildings going down in Russia? Why aren’t bombs blowing up in public places in Russia? Because Putin will kick their ass if they do this in Russia. Putin is not controlled by banks, media or corporations unlike Western politicians. If you observe all of these “events and activities” are carried out in those Western countries where our lovely Jewish Bankers have maximum control ... where Jewish groups own the media ... where Jewish groups control politicians. It is mostly in those countries that these activities are carried out.

They have rigged the system ... and once the event is carried out ... they make sure that they control the associated political response to it. And all of these strategies are only designed to destroy Western countries. That is why Russia has a uniquely different result when it gets involved in these strategies. When Russia gets involved in Syria ... it kicks ass ... gets rid of ISIS ... with negligible casualties and even gets paid for the good job that it has done. Putin gets the job done and he does not put his country in an economic crisis for the sake of helping someone else. This is primarily because the Russian system is not rigged by Jewish Bankers ... and this is why they regret Russia getting involved in Syria. My lovely Americans, wake up ... Russia is not the enemy ... your enemy sleeps within.