07 Jun 2016
JewH183 The Entire American Political System is a Scandal

The System is Rigged
You know ... some politicians stand there and say ... the system is rigged! It is a rigged system! They say that it is a "rigged system" ... but what they don't tell you is where exactly is the system rigged? How it has been rigged? Who has rigged the system? They don't give you the specifics. Well, here are some specifics in the working of a rigged political system in America.


Party principles and policies
You need to adhere to party principles and policies in order to be a part of that party. If the party wants a huge military and focus on military expansion ... then you have to nod along and say ... yes, we need a huge military. If the party wants to run continuous wars against groups which they never eliminate ... then you have to nod along and say ... yes, we need to fight more wars. If you don’t agree to the agenda of the party then you don’t get a prominent role in the party ... let alone be President.

So, the moment you have joined the party then your political ideas and principles have already been "dictated" to you by a private organization.

The Party Leadership
And then they have the Party Leadership ... the old knuckle heads that breathe down your throat. Doesn't matter what your position is in the party ... this "Party Leadership" makes sure that you are following the Party's agenda. They make sure that you are doing everything that the Party wants you to.
How is this "democracy" when your principles and policies are dictated by a private organization and everything that you do within your political capacity is dictated and controlled by a private organization? How is this by the people and for the people? Where is the say of the people in this? It gets even better ... keep reading.

Standing in the Polls
Let's say somehow you manage to enter the Party and you become the Senator or so. Now, if you want to run to be the President ... then your candidacy is evaluated by how you are doing in the "polls". And who publishes these polls? The media companies.

Is there any process designed to check the authenticity of these polls? Nope. Is the government involved in checking these polls? Nope. If the media company says ... abc is doing very good in the polls then he is in ... if they say ... xyz is not doing good in the polls then he is out. The "media company" is deciding who gets to be a Candidate for the President. 90% of American media companies are owned by Jewish Groups. So, who is deciding your candidate for the President? Jewish Groups

Mileage in the Media and Debates
Your popularity depends upon your coverage in the media and primary debates. Who carries out the primary debates? Media Companies. Again, who owns the media companies? Jewish Groups. So, who is interviewing your Presidential candidates? Jewish Groups. So, it is Jewish groups that promote the candidate or sideline the candidate.

They are controlling the entire process ... who gets more media mileage, what questions are asked in the debates, which candidates are given a lift and which candidates are put aside. Mileage in the media, management of the debates, issuing of the polls again and again during the entire election year and thus molding the minds of the American people.

False Advertising and Unfair Competition
Moreover, if you see both of these parties ... Democrats and Republican ... they are "private organizations". Why are the activities of a "private organization" given such immense publicity and media mileage? If you see the "primaries" that they have designed ... it is nothing but a scandal. It is designed to give you an "illusion" of a real election. Candidates going campaigning in every State ... voting in every State ... debates now and then ... all of this is happening in the primary round. And each and every event ... the voting, the debates, the speeches ... all of them are given immense publicity

Are these elections carried out by the government? Nope. Are these elections monitored by the government? Nope. Can the authenticity of voting be verified by the government? Nope. The government has no access or control over this "private show" which is designed to look like a real election.

10% Participation
Did you know that among all eligible people for voting only about 10% of the people participated in the primaries in 2012? In some States participation is even lower than 1%. If 90-99% of the people are not even voting or participating in this ... then how is it even called an election?

Just look at the massive publicity that is given to this ... it is shown 24/7 in all news channels across America ... it is broadcasted as the most popular thing ever. But people don't even care to vote in this. But they tell you in the News that ... this Candidate won this State ... and that Candidate won that State ... he got 40% of the vote ... he got 60% of the vote ... he won by 20%! He won Washington! He won Nevada! He won Kansas! They are giving you an "illusion" that the entire State voted and the Candidate won the entire State. When in reality not even 2% of eligible voters voted in these States.

98% of the people did not even vote. This is false advertising, misleading people and giving them a wrong impression. Here is a link for your reference ... you yourself can check the voter turnout in 2012 primaries: http://www.electproject.org/2012p

One full year of massive publicity
What these guys have nicely done is ... created a system to give immense publicity and mileage to their own candidates via a privately controlled system. They start the "primary debates" 18 months before the general election. This whole debate season and primary voting across every State in America is spread over a period of one full year.

Giving massive publicity at a national level to both of these "private organizations" for one full year. This is the major reason why the Democratic and Republican parties are the only two major political parties in America. They announce their Presidential candidates by the end of July. General elections are held in November. August, September and October ... these are the only 3 months that all of the other candidates get in order to compete with the candidates from these parties. How is this fair to all of the other candidates participating in the Presidential elections?

There are two "illegal" aspects of this entire show ... it is false advertising ... and it is unfair competition.

Delegates and Super Delegates
Moreover, if you look at the primary election process ... you can win the primary election in a particular State ... the people can vote for you ... but they have a "delegate" system ... in which ... you can lose the election but even then get all the delegates from the State! Lol. And your Candidacy is not decided by the votes that you are getting ... but it is decided by the "delegates" that you win. Which is in stark contradiction to the very fabric of Democracy. They are openly fooling the American people.

The National Convention
Both of these parties have a "National Convention" every election year. What is the purpose of this "Convention"? Just in case ... the entire primary process led to the election of a leader that the party does not like then they can overrule the entire thing and recall for voting in the Convention.
They spend one year ... occupying your time and promoting their candidates in the News in all possible media outlets. They carry out elections in every State in the country. But just in case, they don't like the guy who is elected ... then they can just call for a re-election on the day of Convention. The voting happens all over again ... the delegates present at the Convention vote for another guy. They have very nicely put in a glitch at the end ... so that the entire process can be over ruled and the result of the election can be changed just within one day.

And the government has absolutely no control over it. It is private party matter and they can do whatever they want. The government cannot even get involved in the process.

Suck up to Israel
Now do you understand why most top US politicians suck up to Israel? It is not that the "top politicians" suck up to Israel ... the politicians who suck up to Israel are brought to the top using this very technique. They literally own and run the entire political process. Speaking against Israel is like giving a death sentence to your political career in America.

The Primaries
Look at the name that they have given "the Primaries" ... the name itself is misleading. If these are the Primaries then the General Election is the "Secondary"? If this is Step One ... then the General Election is Step Two ... that is the "illusion" that they are giving. As if ... it is a requirement ... as if it has to be done ... as if this is the first thing and the General Election is the second thing … as if it is a part of the main Election.

They are fooling you with the name itself ... just like the Federal Reserve ... the "FEDERAL" Reserve ... giving you the illusion of a government organization. When it is nothing but a "private" entity owned by Jews. The exact same thing is going on with the "Primaries" ... it is not an election carried out by the government or verified or authenticated by the government ... it is nothing but a "private" show being made public ... giving you the illusion of an election.
Where in the Constitution is the "Primaries" mentioned? Our Constitution is by the people and for the people ... they are just inserting this private show in order to own and mislead the main Election.

Sore Loser Law
Here is something fantastic. They have very nicely introduced the "Sore Loser Law" which states that the loser in a primary election cannot then run as an independent in the general election. Which means if you lost in this "private show" that is run by private organizations then you cannot compete in the general election. You are automatically disqualified in the main election that is carried out by the government. Lol.

What have they done with this law is that ... they have given a legal higher weight to this "private election show" over the main election carried out by the government. Just because you participated in this private activity, you have legally disqualified yourself from the main public activity. Simply fantastic.
Check it out for yourself: Sore Loser Law: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sore-loser_law

Sue both the parties ... and get Trump and Hillary Disqualified
The independent Candidates should get together and sue both the parties for false advertising and unfair competition ... and get Trump and Hillary disqualified from the general election.

They should tear down the entire system and get a ban on airing of debates and election processes of private organizations. The primaries or whatever they choose to call it ... they should be banned for getting any media mileage. The only thing these private organizations should declare in the media is ... who is their chosen candidate for President ... that's it.

These private debates, the taunting, the fighting, the private elections, the delegates ... all of that is bullshit and private affairs ... the American people don’t need to be bombarded with that. Every candidate should get an equal shot, an equal footing and an equal ground to fight in. Just because you own the media companies and you control the DNC & RNC ... you don’t get the license to promote your candidates for a full one year ahead of time.
This is distortion of "democracy" itself ... this is malice ... this is illegal ... at every level.

Secondary Legal Cases
False advertising and Unfair Competition are only the direct legal cases that can be formed against this system. There are so many adverse impacts that the American people have faced because of the running of this system. It has diverted the country's resources in the favor of vested interests. The country has lost trillions in carrying out activities that it should never had. Thousands of Americans have died in the process, millions of veterans suffer PTSD and 22 Vets commit suicide every day.

Legal cases of treason, misleading the country, misuse and misdirecting of public funds, adversely affecting national security and putting American lives at risk. These are just a few additional legal cases that can be put forward to dismantle this system. Apart from these ... if you look closer ... there are several other cases that can be formulated based upon the adverse impact this system has on the country and the people at a national level.