28 Mar 2016
JewH181 Why does Israel promote “Radical Islam”?

If you observe ... Israeli politicians and the American politicians controlled by AIPAC ... they are very active in promoting Radical Islam. Why does Israel promote Radical Islam? What is Israel’s catch? The issue that it has with Palestine is a “state” related issue. They never mentioned “Radical Islam” since the past 50 years. So, why now? Al Qaeda and ISIS is not present in Israel. Why does Netanyahu talk about Radical Islam?

Israel was formed in 1948 ... that is 68 years ago. Since 68 years they have the conflict with the Palestinians. But the term “Radical Islam” exists since only 2001 when it was introduced by George Bush ... that is about 15 years ago. Till then ... Palestinians and Hamas were only defined as “terrorists” ... Islam was never blamed. When Netanyahu talks about Radical Islam now ... it means that they took 53 years to realize that the problem was with Islam itself? It was because of Islam why Palestinians are fighting with Israel? For 53 years ... not once “Islam” was blamed ... and not once terms like Radical Islam or Islamic Terrorism were used. But these terms were coined when George Bush wanted to launch his “War on Terror” ... because terror was going to be used at other places other than Israel. Terror was planned to expand in other parts of the world. Here is where they “created a system for terror”. That is why these terms were required. Because they were going to use Muslims to carry out activities here and there whenever it was required. These terms were coined as per their plans of the design of their system.

Nobody commits a crime for no reason. Almost all crimes are committed for self-benefit. For example, if you steal someone’s wallet ... then you get some cash from the wallet, probably ... unless you stole an empty wallet. If you rob a bank then you get a larger amount of cash. If you mug a person on the street ... you get what he has. If you rob a house ... then you get what’s there in the house. The pattern of crime tells you that ... if you want to catch the criminal then trace the benefit of the crime. If you trace the flow of benefits then you get to the criminals behind the crime. And this gives you an insight of how to stop the crime.

What these guys are doing is ... blaming these terrorist activities on Muslims and Islam ... calling it Radical Islam and Extremist Islam. Okay fine ... let us buy their argument for a few minutes to see how the logic falls into place. Let us see how Islamic countries or Islamic organizations or common Muslims are benefiting from these criminal activities.

  • Islamic Countries. Iraq and Libya. Their leaders are dead. Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi are dead. Obviously, these leaders did not benefit in any way. Their countries are totally destroyed. Iraq was bombed for 8 years ... and bombing has continued since the rise of ISIS ... it is utter destruction of the entire country. Obviously, the countries are not benefiting in any way.
  • Islamic Organizations. Let us assume that Al Qaeda and ISIS are “Islamic” organizations for a minute. Where is their benefit? Tens of thousands of their operatives are killed. Their leaders are bombed and executed at any day. Where is the benefit for them?
    • Islamic Caliphate. Okay fine, they want to setup an Islamic Caliphate ... let us assume that to be true. If you want to setup a Kingdom of your own ... would you go around massacring your own people by tens of thousands? In the worst possible manner? Would you go around beheading nationals from the most powerful countries ... who can bomb you and eliminate your Kingdom? Would you go around blowing up bombs in the most powerful countries in the world if you want to setup your Kingdom?
      The logic does not fall into place. All of these acts are carried out only to invite military intervention and keep America and Europe occupied in war and chaos. There is absolutely no benefit to Al Qaeda and ISIS itself. The concept of these organizations is entirely suicidal. These organizations are not created to benefit themselves.
  • Common Muslims. They are killed by hundreds of thousands in the bombed countries. 100,000 dead in Iraq. 500,000 dead in Syria and 10 million people displaced from their homes. Millions of them are traveling and living in the wild because they are being denied refuge in other countries. Is there any benefit for the Common Muslim here? On top of that, the Muslims that live in America and Europe ... they face racial discrimination because of these activities.

The entire concept is totally disastrous for the Common Muslims and Muslim countries. There is absolutely no flow of any benefit to anything Muslim at any level. This is not a Muslim operation. This is not an Islamic operation.

What our wonderful Israeli politicians have done is this.

  • Step One - Cranky heads. Our wonderful Israeli leaders have got hold of some cranky heads who also happen to be Muslims. They have paid them heavily and given them a concept to run ... that is Islamic Terrorism.
  • Step Two – Hire for Jihad. These cranky heads go out there and hire useless good for nothing jobless Muslims ... promising them a handsome salary and asking them to fight in Holy War. They have formed several organizations in several countries based upon this formula.
  • Step Three – Terrorist Activities. These activities are carried out as and when required by Israel and the Jewish Bankers.

Tell me, if these organizations were truly Islamic or Muslim ... then why did the terrorist activities stop for the past 7 years? If you plot the timeline of these terrorist activities ... then you will find that the major activities were carried out only before a major war. 911 happened and they got the license to bomb Iraq. And then why didn’t anything happen? Once they got the license to bomb Iraq ... why didn’t anything happen in the following years? If this is a truly Muslim and Islamic operation ... then you were bombing Iraq ... you were killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims ... why didn’t anyone respond? You destroy their entire country and nobody does anything?

This is in stark contradiction to their claim that this is “Radical Islam or Islamic Terrorism” ... this concept itself is bullshit and these terms are designed only to market fear and hate. There is nothing like Radical Islam or Islamic Terrorism.

In fact, now we are headed towards a season for bombing Iran. The Obama Administration, an obstacle in the war with Iran ... is going to end soon. A new Administration is going to come into place ... we need the season for war ... and voila! We have terrorist events happening again. They have recreated the environment of hate and fear again. This synchronization of terrorist events and their beneficiaries exposes who is actually behind these terrorist organizations.

These are the benefits that our wonderful State of Israel and Jewish Bankers & Corporations get from “terrorism”:

  • Jewish Corporations get billions every year from the current economic system in America
  • Jewish Bankers get hundreds of billions every year as interest from the American debt
  • Israeli Weapon Manufacturers are doing a booming business from the Middle East conflicts
  • Israel is getting 75% of its national oil requirement from war zones for as low as $10 per barrel

There is an open and a very clear evidence of massive funding and flow of benefits towards Israel and Jewish Corporations. And Radical Islam is their cover up ... it is their tactic to delay attention towards this exploitive system that they have setup in America and Europe. The more they beat the drum on Radical Islam ... the lesser the attention towards their exploitation systems. The last thing that these guys want is a change in the current economic system in the West.

In reality ... “Terror” is not a part of Islam but it is a part of a Satanic Jewish Ideology. They believe in the use of terror to control the goyim for self-benefit. They see the goyim as a continuous threat to their systems and policies ... because most of their systems are criminal and exploitive ... and they use terror in order to ward off any action from the goyim. (Goyim means non-Jew). They have already been doing this since the past 70 years. Take a look at the pic below.


Terror, a Satanic Jewish gift to America and Europe.

  • Communism. Saudi Arabia did not setup Communism. Muslims did not setup Communist Societies in 60% of the world. Muslims did not bring about Communist revolutions in Eastern Europe. Islam did not kill a 100 Million Christians in Communist countries. There was no Al Qaeda or ISIS in Communist countries. All of this was carried out by Satanic Jewish leaders. In fact, they setup government authorized killer organizations like Stasi and Cheka who would go around killing millions of innocent Christians. With all due respect ... the ideology that needs to be looked into is Satanic Judaism and not Islam. And this is exactly what they are trying to avoid using stuff like Radical Islam. No, no, no ... the problem is not with us ... the problem is on the other side of the ocean ... look into Islam. It is a deviation tactic. They continued this rule of terror for 70 years until it was brought down by the rise of the people. These governments had to be overthrown to stop their atrocities towards the people. And who were the beneficiaries of this system ... none other than Jewish leaders.
  • Israel-Palestine Conflict. They have been running this conflict since the past 50 years. Rothschild can setup his Federal Reserve System in more than 190 countries but he can’t make peace with one country next to him? The thing is that they don’t want the peace. They want constant conflict ... because they are the beneficiaries of this conflict. Because of this conflict and terror that is maintained among the Israeli citizens ... they get billions in aid from America apart from technological, political and military support. If no terror then no benefit. These guys maintain their own people in terror because of their self-benefit from it. This has been going on since the past 50 years and shows no end for a stop. The beneficiary from this terror and conflict is none other than Israel.
  • Radical Islam. This is one strategy where they use a bunch of guys hired from another religion. These guys go out there and do their dirty work as and when required. And guess what ... for how long is this terror activity going to continue? For more than a 100 years! Who is saying this? Not Al Qaeda and not ISIS ... some American politicians are saying this. How do they know? What is their connection? They just read the script given to them by AIPAC and their Jewish advisors. Which means that they are never planning to end this. This is going to continue forever ... just like the Israel-Palestine conflict. A never ending terror game. Who is the beneficiary of this game? Israel and Jewish Bankers.

If you speak to any American politician or Israeli leader ... they will never give any deadline as to when these terror organizations can be eliminated. They quote terms like ... this is the challenge of the century ... implying a continuous fight for a 100 years. Nobody gives any end to this.

All of the above three are “systems of terror”. These systems are designed to gain continuous never ending benefit for the malicious few. And these malicious entities are Israel, Jewish Bankers and Corporations.

This is their winning strategy ... these are their winning points behind this concept:

  • Religion. They get to blame a religion ... giving them a huge never ending scale of work.
  • Cheap Labor. If some guys are eliminated, they easily hire many more. They are hiring good for nothing jobless youth who will do anything for money.
  • Activity anywhere anytime. Using such a broad base, they are able to carry out terrorist activity anywhere and at any time ... giving our security organizations a run for their money.
  • Endless concept. There is no timeline for this concept. They can run it for as long as they want. Terrorism just happens whenever required.
  • A Fantastic Cover up. It is a fantastic cover up and deviation from their policies and systems.
  • Hate and Fear. They get to keep the American and European audience occupied by hate and fear. They keep you busy and occupied for the very safety of your lives ... so that you never pay attention to their activities.
  • Media. They own the media in the West. They traumatize the Western audience with repeated coverage of the planted incidents.
  • Politicians. They have politicians in power who support the running of this concept.
  • Rigged Pentagon. They have rigged the Pentagon operations. The American military never takes down the culprits. In fact, wherever American funding and military goes ... the terrorists only increase. Since 5 years ISIS has only been growing. But when Russia got involved ISIS was defeated within months.

This is why “Radical Islam” is a lifesaving, lovely and adorable concept for Netanyahu and Jewish Bankers & Corporations. They love this concept and give this as much publicity as they can at a worldwide footing. What you should observe here is that ... right from the creation of these terrorist groups ... the events ... their coverage in the media ... the politicians against them ... the flow of funding and weapons ... to the military operations on the ground ... everything is rigged. The entire show is rigged. And they are planning to keep you terrorized for decades to come.