23 Feb 2016
JewH162 Rothschild’s Dilemma How many Jews should I blow up?

Based upon Rothschild’s planning ... there are two possible scenarios. Scenario A – 6 Million Jews get killed and Scenario B – 14 Million Jews get killed. Let’s take a look into these scenarios and see if we can help our Jewish friends out of this situation.

The Plan

Rothschild’s plan goes like this ... we have setup a lot of systems of exploitation in America and several countries around the world ... owing to which the economies of adversely affected countries are going to collapse. America and some Western European countries are among the list. We need to protect ourselves and the systems that we have setup ... so the best thing to do right now is ... expand these wars such that NATO and Russia are pitched against each other. Put in events to design friction between these two sides. And then time the wars between these countries to match their economic collapse ... so that the collapse of the country is blamed on the war. Both of these segments of the world will be busy fighting each other and blaming each other ... while we get to walk away with our malice. Once this entire segment of the world is destroyed ... which is America, Europe, Middle East and Russia ... we will just continue our systems in the remaining part of the world. This is the plan.

Scenario A – 6 Million Jews get killed

Let’s just say that Rothschild did not create this plan of wars in the Middle East, NATO and Russia ... then this is how the sequence of events will fall in that case. This is “Scenario A” without the wars.

  • The world is not involved in any wars
  • There is economic collapse in America and several West European countries
  • Government operations shut down owing to lack of funding
  • The country enters chaos with large scale resentment over the current situation
  • Bankers and Corporations will be blamed for the collapse
  • Anti-Semitism will be on the peak
  • Common Jews will be targeted
  • Jewish Entities will lose control over media due to rampant attacks
  • These Western forces will move towards Israel to access the culprits who caused this collapse and regain lost resources
  • Israel will refuse to hand over anyone or give up any resources
  • Israel will threaten the use of nuclear and biological weapons if attacked
  • Rothschild and Israeli leaders will rally the Common Jews against other countries in the name of Anti-Semitism and oppression against Jews
  • A huge recruitment drive into the Israeli military will be carried out to protect Rothschild and his loot
  • Rothschild is a madman. He did not build a huge stockpile of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons for not using them.
  • A military conflict will ensue with Israel. Tens of thousands of Jews will be pushed onto the frontline by Israeli leaders under the direction of Rothschild.
  • They will be encouraged to give their lives in the name of defending Jews and Israel.
  • As a last resort, so that his loot is not taken away ... Rothschild will use nuclear weapons to contaminate the gold reserves and the reserves of other precious metals and stones with radioactive nuclear material. So that all of his loot is rendered unusable.
  • Resulting in a large scale of destruction within Israel and killing of hundreds of thousands of Jews in the process

This is the worst case scenario that Rothschild is looking at ... if there is no war. If we don’t put them into war and conflict then this is what’s going to happen to us. It would essentially be suicide for Rothschild ... taking down all of his loot as well as millions of Jews along with him. This is the scenario that they would face. This is the main reason that you find these atrocious events happening there in the world. “Cut off their heads ... cut off their heads ... blow up their cities ... kill tens of thousands of people ... do the worst that is possible ... so that these guys remain occupied in war and conflict.” Now, you understand why such barbaric acts are being committed? Now, you understand why there is no stopping to these events?

Because the moment you stop ... these countries are already on an economic time bomb ... the bomb is ticking and their countries will collapse anytime. The last thing that should happen is ... these countries be in peace in that moment. If there is peace ... and it is combined with an economic collapse ... then they are going to come after us. And then it will be a nuclear suicide for us. Therefore, their strategy is ... doesn’t matter how barbaric the events have to be ... doesn’t matter how many are killed ... just keep it going. Better them than us.

Now, you understand the world events that are going on? What our wonderful Rothschild is doing out here is ... he is saving himself in the short run. He is not letting Scenario A happen. He is buying in more time. He is going for Scenario B. Criminals don’t like to get caught in the short run ... they try to play the longest route possible ... giving them as much time as possible. Now, let us take a look at the sequence of events in Scenario B. This is the option that they have opted for ... this is what they are working on ... and you have already seen a part of this happening in the world right in front of you.

Scenario B - The killing of 14 Million Jews

  • Design and sponsor Islamic terrorist groups
  • Create a diversion and demonize Islamic ideology
  • Facilitate events continuously to justify wars
  • Keep America and Europe busy in destroying Middle East countries
  • Create friction between NATO and Russia in the process
  • Put long term sanctions against Russia to piss them off
  • Attack Russian interests to initiate direct conflict between Russia and NATO
  • Owing to the failing economy and Anti-Semitism in these countries, Jews will be asked to move to Israel or China
  • Anti-Semitism will be designed in order to extract Jews out of these countries
  • It will lead to a mass migration of Jews from the West to Israel and China
  • America will descend into violence and chaos ... and this violence will also be directed at Common Jews. Tens of thousands of Jews will be killed in the violence and migration process.
  • The conflict will be expanded to bring about mutual destruction of America, Europe, Middle East and Russia
  • A huge section of Jews that will not migrate will be killed in the nuclear conflict between NATO and Russia
  • The entire show is carried out while keeping Israel out of the picture ... otherwise Israel was the central focus in Scenario A

After the destruction of the West and Russia, Rothschild assumes that he will resume things peacefully from Israel and China. But here are the next steps that he is not prepared very well for.

  • The economic collapse will be directed at Jewish Bankers and Israel
  • The Anti-Semitism will already create a momentum against Jews and Israel
  • The nuclear war between NATO and Russia will bring about a destruction in these countries that will be unforgivable
  • America, Europe and Russia will turn with a vengeance towards Israel and China
  • This time total and complete destruction of Israel and all Jews in China will be the objective
  • There will be worldwide boycott of China crippling its economy resulting in the overthrow of Communism.
  • Jews will be hunted down and killed in China while Rothschild will again resort to the use of nukes which will result in the complete destruction of Israel.

The difference in Scenario B will be that ... yes, it will buy more time for Rothschild. Rothschild will attempt to mutually destroy his opponents. But it will result in the expulsion of Jews from all over America and Europe ... bringing them down to one place where they will be nuked collectively. You are looking at double the casualties when Jews are concerned in this scenario. In this Scenario, you are not just looking for the culprit or securing the loot ... this time you are looking at vengeance with the objective of total termination.

And this is the Scenario that our lovely Rothschild is working on. If you see the initial steps of the sequence ... they already have been put into place. The only pending steps is the failing of the economy along with a conflict with Russia. It will be designed to be a long term conflict in the initial phase ... in order to facilitate the extraction of Jews. Once that’s completed ... then the nuclear phase will be initiated.

Here are the common aspects for Jews when both the scenarios are concerned.

  • Rise of Anti-Semitism in the West
  • Expulsion and migration of Jews to Israel and China
  • Killing of tens of thousands of Jews in violence and migration
  • Killing of hundreds of thousands of Jews who don’t migrate in the nuclear war between NATO and Russia
  • Eventual nuclear holocaust of millions of Jews in Israel at the hands of Rothschild

In both the scenarios, the above will occur. But here is a third Scenario where all of this does not need to occur.

  • There won’t be any high levels of Anti-Semitism
  • Common Jews will not be targeted and killed
  • Millions of Jews will not be required to migrate from the West
  • And there will be no nuclear holocaust in Israel at the hands of Rothschild

To understand the third scenario, first you will need to understand why there will be Anti-Semitism and the targeting of Jews.

  • All of these systems of exploitation are designed by Jews
  • This will be clearly evident by the fact that
    • All of the major corporations are owned by Jews
    • The entire media industry is run by Jews
    • American politics is also dictated by Jewish lobbies and the Israeli government
    • All of the major bankers are Jews

People will see this and these are the factors that will create Anti-Semitism. And here are the reasons why “Common Jews” will be targeted.

  • Common Jews are trained to defend Israel
  • Common Jews will defend Jewish Bankers and Corporations
  • They will try to use the umbrella of Judaism to protect all of these systems
  • Thereby they will make themselves a part of the problem and a partner in crime
  • Thus all Jews will be seen with the same glasses of being criminal and malicious when all of this malice was carried out by only a few guys at the top.

There can be a third scenario here ... that the Common Jews can work together upon.

  • Do not support criminals ... even if they are Jewish
  • Do not support the wrong doings of the government ... even if it is Israeli government
  • Do not protect or fight for criminals ... even if they are Jewish Bankers or Corporations
  • Simply hand over criminals
  • Do not associate yourself with their criminal and Satanic ideology
  • Detach yourself with all of their criminal and Satanic practices and systems
  • Openly identify and condemn them yourself
  • Give them no support whatsoever ... it might be verbal or via military cooperation
  • Civil disobedience is the key

I know they have built in a system to train a huge section of Jews to support everything that Israel does and everything that Jewish Bankers and Corporations do. But the moment you support them then you become a part of the problem ... thereby inviting your own persecution and expulsion. Do not let history repeat itself. Detach yourself ... stand up against them ... and protect yourself.

The rise in Anti-Semitism with the collapse of the economies is very probable ... it is bound to happen. But you will be adversely affected only if you support them. Do not stand up and fight for Israel ... in the name of protecting Jews and don't buy all of the crap that they sell you ... simply hand over the criminals and culprits. Refuse to fight ... this itself will drastically reduce the oppression against you.

To implement the third scenario ... help us expose these assholes at the top and eliminate their control even before this catastrophe falls into place. That will save everything. It will stop all of this ongoing crap that is going on ... as well as it will save all of the aggression against you that is going to fall into place very soon.

In the meanwhile, if you have any doubt on the above given information then you can watch the development of a list of factors that are associated with the preparations for Scenario B which will case the killing of 14 Million Jews:

  • Netanyahu’s repeated calls for the migration of Jews to Israel from Europe. If a Muslim or a Christian can live anywhere in the world without any fear and persecution then why not a Jew?
  • Israel’s payment to Jews to leave other countries and come down to settle in Israel
  • Israel’s continuous building of more and more settlement homes ... just preparing for your arrival by the masses.
  • China’s building of new cities that are totally empty right now. These cities have the capacity to house millions of migrants.
  • A remarkable coincidence in foreign politics of Israel and China. Both of them make absolutely no investment in War on Terror, don’t take any sides and play mostly defensive and protective of their interests.
  • Netanyahu’s repeated claims of the rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe. It hasn’t even begun yet and he is already pulling in the people on the same pretext.
  • Israel’s continuous expansion of its military and the recruitment & training of more Israeli citizens in military operations.
  • China’s extensive military buildup from every angle
  • Continuous expansion of terrorist activities
  • Continuous expansion of more and more war involving more countries
  • Creation of friction between NATO and Russia
  • Continuous increase in debt of America and European countries. These countries don't even know that this debt is inviting a nuclear war as a cover up.

They have already made all of the preparations ... and they are ready to face Scenario B.