29 Jan 2016
JewH151 Verification Techniques The Next War Plans

Now, I will show you guys something fantastic ... an easy “verification technique” for their next war plans. Using this technique you will easily know the next steps that they plan to take on the war front. This is actually one of their weaknesses. Even after I expose this technique ... they still have to adhere to this technique because they don’t have another way around.

What you are seeing above is Phase One. All of the events shown on the map above are “artificially created”. These events are designed to serve the best interests of Jewish Bankers and Corporations in most cases. These are the guys who combine “terrorism and politics” to drive the country or several countries in the direction that they want. Since the past 15 years, they have been following a pattern to get this done. And this is how it goes ...

  • Event. First an event occurs ... this event is essentially designed to create hate and division among segments of the target country.
  • Politician. This event is then picked up by the Politician of the country ... who will give the event widespread publicity at an international level. This is not the normal course followed. If an event occurs that might create division and sectarian issues among the people ... it is generally kept under wraps ... so that it does not create chaos at a wider level. Publicity to the event is not given and it is winded up as soon as possible by taking action against the culprits.
  • Media. But what these rigged politicians do is the opposite. They will use this event to create hate, fear and division in the society. The objective here is not the security of the people but the objective here is to create insecurity among the people.
  • Action. And then once they build up some level of hate, fear and division in the society ... after “selling” this artificially created friction to the people ... they move on to the next step of investing billions of tax payer dollars that belong to the people in order to solve this problem that came out of nowhere. Apart from the outrageous spending, this action might also involve “military” action against the culprits.

If any event happens ... just take a look at these 4 factors ... Event, Politician, Media and Action ... see how these 4 factors are coming into play. If it is involving large scale publicity to a criminal activity ... if politicians are giving publicity and creating divisions in the society instead of assuring unity and peace among the people ... if they are planning to spend by the billions to “solve” this issue ... then know that this whole show is artificially designed. They are just fooling you ... ripping you off ... while your country moves towards a disaster.

Create circumstances for your success

This is the policy of the Jewish Bankers and Corporations ... “create circumstances for your success”. It originates from a section of Jewish Ideology that shows how Jews can be successful in the world. In the regular world ... we believe that “necessity is the mother of inventions” ... you invent what is required by the people. This policy helps in the enhancement of a better world. But the strategy that Jewish Bankers follow is the opposite ... create circumstances for your success ... which means you are not looking at what the people need or what the people want ... but you are focusing on what you want and you are creating scenarios for yourselves to succeed. It is not about the people ... but it is about yourself.

What eventually happens with this policy is that ... the country is driven in a direction that does not benefit the people at all. In fact things become more and more difficult for the people. And at the same time, the only beneficiaries of the entire system will be a few. The wealth of 1% will skyrocket while the remaining 99% will be struggling to make ends meet. And this is exactly what you see is going around in America and many European countries ... and this is exactly what happened in Communist countries. This is a Satanic policy to exploit masses of people for self-benefit. And this is the strategy that our lovely Jewish Bankers and Corporations use to direct the flow of several countries around the world ... "create circumstances for your success".

Let’s see how this policy is implemented among a few conflicts that have been mentioned on the world map above.

Jews X Goyim – Israel X Palestine

Let’s start with this one. This is one of my favorites because it provides the basic formula for all other artificially created conflicts. Now, why do you think that Israel does not want to end the conflict with Palestine? To understand this ... you need to know why was Israel created in the first place. Israel is nothing but a Human Shield that protects the reserves of the Rothschild Family. These Jewish Bankers need millions of Jews to live in Israel so that they can have a country called Israel. Having a country helps them setup their army and air force ... it helps them build their nuclear, biological and chemical weapons ... for the protection of their resources that they "stole" from other countries. If Israel mends terms with Palestine ... and they live in a friendly and loving manner together hand in hand ... then what happens is that all neighboring Arab countries become friends with Israel. And once they become friends with Israel ... you will find a mass migration of Israeli Jews into the Arab world ... because these Arab countries are ten times more developed and they offer much more opportunity to their people than Israel. Our lovely Jewish Bankers will end up losing their Human Shield. This is point number one.

Point number two is that ... using this conflict the Israeli politicians are easily able to preach hate and fear among the Israeli people ... preaching them a divide among Jews and Goyim. Ah see ... all of these non-Jews want to kill you and murder you ... they hate you ... we are the ones who are protecting you. What they have done is “contained” millions of Jews around boundaries of hate ... creating scenarios such that the whole Arab world around them hates them ... so that they don’t move out by any chance and at the same time ... pulling them towards themselves trying to show that they are the protective shield. Point number three is that ... using this divide of hate they are able to justify the killing and bombing of Palestinians. Using this scenario they were able to preach the ideology that the Goyim hate you and we do what is best for Jews ... thereby making millions of Jews an accomplice in their criminal activities. What our fantastic Jewish Bankers are doing here is ... showing the Jewish people that crime against the Goyim is a requirement. Their popular saying goes like ... if Jews put down their guns then people will die. What is this? This is the preaching of criminal behavior against other people as the right thing to do. Point number four is that ... this hate and divide between Jews & Goyim and with the support of criminal activities against the Goyim ... they have got a widespread support from the Jewish people in organized and systemic crime against the non-Jewish people around the world. Using this one artificially designed conflict that they never plan to end ... they have created a widespread criminal enterprise around the world.

This is the main reason why even while peace negotiations are going on ... while the talks are on ... they will start either bombing or killing Palestinians ... only to derail the talks. The common Jews think that Palestinians are firing rockets. No my friend, it is your own funded elements who do this from the other side of the border. They manage both sides of the game.

And yes on the outer skin of the game we see that Israel gets billions of support from America apart from political, technology and military support. This is just the upper skin ... the show underneath is a much larger one.

America X Arabs – Al Qaeda, ISIS

What these guys did was ... they took the exact same formula from Israel and implemented it in America. They had a bogus organization called Hamas who created terrorism in Israel ... they were successful in fooling the Jewish people in Israel for several decades. Ah look, there are people who hate you and who want to kill you. They used the same strategy and came up with organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS to scare the American people. It is the repetition of the same strategy.

They go on a war footing against Hamas and Palestine ... thus creating the required tensions, insecurity, hate and fear in the society. They used the American politicians to do the exact same thing.

America X Iran – Nuclear Program

Like I said ... look at the 4 factors ... Event, Politician, Media and Action. Iran was building a nuclear defense system. Iran is a legit country with thousands of years in history ... it has millions of people that it has to protect. It has every right to a nuclear defense system. But see how this event was picked up by the American politicians. They immediately give widespread publicity to it in the media ... started creating hate and insecurity using the event ... and many US politicians have also promised that if required, they will also take military action to stop Iran from its nuclear program. All 4 factors are in place.

NATO X Russia – Sanctions on Russia

Okay, you were playing around with Arab countries ... you marketed a reason for that ... Radical Islam. What happened to Russia? Why are you crippling Russia’s economy? How many Muslim leaders are there in Russia? What you need to look out here is ... how they are building conflict zones ... the target zones that they have already planned to destroy. With the sanctions on Russia, they are creating hate & divide among NATO countries and Russian allies. They are following the exact same strategy ... using dividing lines to create the friction. Many US politicians have also said that they will shoot down Russian planes in Syria and they will provide full backing to Ukraine with weapons. All 4 factors are present and again this is an artificially created conflict.

Sunni X Shia – Saudi Arabia and Iran

They have ramped up the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran using the divides between Sunni and Shia communities. Saudi Arabia is creating alliances with all Sunni countries to fight terrorism. What they don’t realize is that ... they are inviting dozens of Arab countries into a major world war. Once you become a part of this war then the destruction on your country can be unprecedented. This is one of the main reasons why they are pitching the Saudis against Iran. They want this entire segment to be involved in the conflict. Otherwise, since the past 15 years ... these other Arab countries were just chilling ... not bothered and not involved in the war ... which was actually the right thing to do. But now they are falling for a major trap.

North Korea – Cranky Head – Communism

The American audience thinks that the leader of North Korea is just a cranky head and he is just shouting crap against America. What they don’t realize is that ... this is not about North Korea ... this is about “Communism”. North Korea hates America because it is a Communist country. The same applies to all Communist countries of the world ... it was a part and parcel of Communist ideology to promote dislike towards Democracy and Capitalism ... they promoted hate towards America. And this was a “Jewish” designed ideology. This factor opens up a few things that the American people don’t realize. Firstly, Israel is not your ally. They hate you and they are only using you and leeching out your resources. There is a fundamental hate towards Democratic systems because it is the opposite of Communism which supports autocratic self-beneficiary rule by a few over the masses. You guys empower people... that is a problem for them.

The second thing is that ... they want you guys to be destroyed ... just like you guys worked towards the destruction of Communism in several countries thereby expelling Jewish rule over several countries. There is a deep seated dislike towards you. The third thing is that ... this is why they came up with all of these policies where developed Western Democratic nations send all of their technology, machines and equipment to Communist China ... in the name of Global Trade. They have already extracted everything that they need from you. And lastly, China will pull the rug. China will not be there for you once things go tipsy turvy. They will sit there and enjoy watching you collapse.

Territorial Disputes – China and Indonesia

China will begin territorial disputes within its zones. What Malaysia and Indonesia should realize is that ... this is not about territory. This is about the elimination of Anti-Semitic countries. This is the main reason why they are trying to pull you into some conflict. China will be used for your elimination. Don’t fall for provocations and do your best to keep yourselves safe and secure.

Cops Killing Blacks – Deportation – Raids – Militant Activity from Mexico

Now, if you look at all of the above conflicts ... almost all of them ... around the world map ... they are involving America. American funds and resources are used. It might be against ISIS or aid to Israel or action against Russia or action against Iran or North Korea or Saudi Arabia. They are involving and using America in all of these conflicts. They are keeping America occupied with half a dozen international conflicts around the world. Is it helping America in any way? Nope. All of these conflicts are artificially designed for the destruction of America along with other countries.

Now, if you look at the internal conflicts that they are raising in America then you will understand the internal chaos that they are planning to create within America.

  • Cops killing Black people. They are terming this as “institutional racism”. That’s bullshit. Racism is racism and if racism exists then it exists at all levels. By calling it institutional racism they are trying to tell us that ... educated white men holding responsible positions in the government are so racist that they kill black guys out of hate ... while the other uneducated and simple white men who do day to day ordinary jobs, they are not racist at all. Somebody please tell me how can this happen? The educated and responsible people are racist ... and the ordinary people are good? This is a typical example of “artificially created” conflicts. Their purpose here is to turn the black community against the government. This is why they “picked” cops to kill unarmed black people. They plan to use the black community against the American government.
  • Deportation and Raids. Donald Trump wants to deport millions of Latino immigrants. Tell me why is immigration the hot topic now? Are immigrants causing the $18 Trillion debt for America or White people are too eager to mow lawns and work in the farms? Where is the need? Like I said ... these guys don’t work as per the needs of the people ... they create circumstances for their own personal success. And what they want in the coming years is an internal chaos in America. So that once Russia starts bombing America ... they are too occupied and distributed to be able to help themselves.
  • Militant Activity from Mexico. The reason why Donald Trump talks about building the wall ... is because it is going to be a requirement. Just like these guys are funding chaos into Syria via militant activity ... the same thing will be done in America. They pick the community that is weakest financially to provide them with arms and ammunition. It provides them a database of millions of people who will work at the lowest wage to create chaos in the country. This is what they did in Communist revolution in the East. They used farmers. This is what they are doing in Syria ... using unemployed and uneducated people. These segments provide them with the cheapest labor possible. This is why they are coming up with schemes and strategies that turn the Black and Latino communities against the US government. The next door Mexico can provide a flood of such manpower ... this is why they are pissing off the Mexican government. It is not about "drugs or rapists" from Mexico that Donald Trump talks about. This is about pissing off the Mexican government so that they can use Mexico for the supply of arms and militants. That's the show which is being designed.

This is exactly what their plan is ... this is how they will move forward with their plan. In Phase One, they will create hate and division ... and then in Phase Two ... they will direct politics for conflict. If you are seeing a hate and divide being promoted in the media today by an American politician then know that Phase Two is coming ... where there will be a military conflict.

Verification Technique

If the conflict is not planned ... then see if you can get the US Administration to accomplish one of this:

  • Try to get Israel to make peace with Palestine
  • Allow Iran to develop a nuclear defense system
  • Remove sanctions from Russia
  • Eliminate Al Qaeda and ISIS for good and see that the terrorist activities come to an end
  • Stop killing black people and be just with all immigrants
  • Stop promoting false terms like Radical Islam and promote love, peace and respect for all
  • Stop turning the Saudis against Iran ... promote peace
  • Stop teaching Jews hate towards the non-Jewish people ... teach them to love and live together in peace and support each other

If these guys are not going to do the above ... and if they are going to continue towards more hate and division ... and plant more events that will cause this hate and division ... then know that the planned destruction is coming near.