28 Jan 2016
JewH150 World War III? You are being too "pessimistic".

Really? Prove me wrong. Firstly, tell this to the people of Iraq. Go back in time in 2000 A.D. and tell them ... America will destroy your country under a false pretext. They will bomb you for more than 8 years and kill 100,000 civilians. And then your country will be torn apart by hooligans and terrorists who will go around cutting off heads. Tell this to the people of Libya in 2010 A.D. ... that your country will be bombed and your country will be a training ground for terrorists. Tell this to the Syrian people in 2011 A.D. ... that NATO countries will fund armed rebellions in your country and more than 10 million people will be displaced from their homes and more than 250,000 of you will be killed in the conflict. I think they will give you the same response ... you are being pessimistic ... why will something like this happen?

Secondly ... yes, when we talk about a “nuclear” world war and destruction of the entire of America, Europe, Russia and the Arab world ... then it is a quite extreme and destructive scenario. A scenario that would be possible in the worst possible situation. But the truth is ... that’s exactly where we are headed. And here is the proof for that.

Take a look at the above pic ... do you see these international conflicts all around the world. Almost all of them already exist ... a few of them will begin in the coming years. And the unique attribute of these conflicts is that they can be “artificially created” ... all of them. All you need to do is sponsor a few negative elements in the society to carry out harmful activities targeting a particular race or religion ... and then you use your political influence to ramp up the conflict. If you see all of the above conflicts on the map ... that’s exactly how they have been created.

“Terrorism and Politics” ... these are the two elements that they have used to only “increase” hate and division and then bring about destruction in several countries around the world. Otherwise, under the normal scenario this would not be the case. The world that we knew was not like this before George Bush came into office. The world was different before 2000 A.D. If some idiot blew up a bomb or killed anyone then he would be caught and imprisoned ... at the most, he would be on the run trying to save his life. We were not killing each other in the name of race and religion. We had already fought these battles and we had already established love, faith, respect and equality irrespective of the person’s color and religion. We had already created a beautiful and peaceful world ... where war was seen as a crime against humanity. This was our accomplishment on a worldwide level just 16 years ago. But if you look at the world today ... it is headed in a different direction. (The world that I am talking about is the non-Communist world ... the Communist world had a different experience because of these very Jewish ideology.)

Artificially Created

And the unique thing about this movement is that ... it is not normal ... this direction is artificially created. If we followed the norms that were established by us ... then we should have only progressed with more love, with more peace and with more support for each other. But this direction was “obstructed” by the War on Terror. George Bush started the War on Terror ... or should I say ... George Bush was “used” to start the War on Terror. The War on Terror is just too brilliant for George Bush to come up all by himself. This guy waged “war” on terror. But under the normal scenario ... if some guys blew up a bomb ... then the “police” would go after him. The intelligence agencies would be put after him. We already have an established system to deal with criminal activities. We would never spend trillions of tax payer money that belongs to the people ... just to catch some criminals. We would never honor the criminals and send the US army, navy and air force to catch them.

The System is Rigged

But amazingly this is what we did ... or should I say ... this is what “politicians” were used for ... to promote hate, fear and insecurity among the people ... and then spend billions of their tax payer money. Interestingly, did we catch the criminals? Did we eliminate Al Qaeda or ISIS? Nope. They are still on the loose and amazingly growing and multiplying. What you are looking here at is a “rigged system”. What you looking here at a “third entity” that is managing the politicians as well as the terrorism. And this third entity is none other than Jewish Bankers and Corporations. They are the ones who have designed this game and they are the ones who are pulling off these “events” at the ground level ... and they are the ones who are pulling off the “political moves” associated with these events. That’s exactly what is going on.

Financial Capacity

These guys are trillionairs ... let alone billions ... these guys have resources worth in trillions. Pulling off these events is peanuts for them. They own the money printing press in hundreds of countries around the world. Finance is never a problem for them. They can pour in as much money as required for these activities.

Political Reach

These guys have established lobbies in America to which upto 70% of the American Congress nods to. They have control over 70% of the American Congress ... including the top cream of politicians. If they want a strategy or scheme to be run in America then it just happens.

Worldwide Presence

This is the interesting “reach” that they have in several countries around the world. Their monetary and business systems run in several countries around the world ... making it very easy for them to carry out any activity that they want in most countries of the world. The distribution of the Jewish people in several countries in the world and their blending into the society into high political positions and owning media agencies and large corporations ... serve as an aid in their scheme.


This is the most important point. What is the motive behind these destructive activities? Why not let the world continue to run through a peaceful and loving path? Why bring about destruction in so many countries? Why the hate and why the division? This is because this entire belt of destruction that you see below ...


... this destruction is just a “cover up”. This destruction is a cover up for the malice of Jewish Bankers and

Corporations that has been carried out in most of these countries. Well, we were following a wonderful path of love and peace ... but eventually our countries would fail ... owing to the exploitory systems that these guys have setup. And once our countries would fail, we would go after these culprits ... using the security systems that we have developed. It might be the police department, intelligence agencies and even if required military force. But in this scenario, we would be in our fullest strength and we could provide the fullest response to them. Dozens of countries failing because of debt ... chaos on the streets because government operations have shut down ... unemployment and high increase in crime rate ... all of this anger would be directed at the main culprits who caused this downfall ... namely Jewish Bankers and Corporations. It could also lead to widespread Anti-Semitism and attacks on common Jews.

This is their "solution"

So the “solution” that these guys came up with is ... instead of these countries joining together and coming to fight us ... lets’ create hate and division among them. Let’s come up with a strategy for their mutual destruction. Lol ... brilliant isn’t it? This is exactly what is going on. This is the main “purpose” of these terrorist events that are happening in many parts of the world. The choice that they are facing is ... either they will come and destroy us ... or ... we put in a strategy and destroy them. They are working on Option B.

This is routine business!

Terrorism is nothing new for them. They have already done it in 46 countries of the world with a population of 1.6 Billion people. Take a look at the pic below.

They have already created destruction and ruled with terror in a huge section of the world ... in the name of Communism. For them it is nothing new ... been there and done that ... and will do it again. It is just a repetitive cycle for the cleansing of their malice. The affected countries will rebuild while they prey on the other section of the world. This is exactly what is happening in the ex-Communist countries ... they are rebuilding and recuperating from the destruction that they faced ... in the meanwhile they have leeched out resources from the Western countries.

Now, while the Northern Hemisphere is destroyed in the next wars ... they will simply move their focus on South America, Africa, South Asia and Australia ... while America, Europe and Russia rebuilds from the war. This is routine business!

Blame Game

They are freaking good at this. Now, while this destruction is being caused ... they will use their owned media agencies and politicians to play the blame game. They will do their best to make sure that “they” are not blamed for it ... namely Jewish Bankers and Corporations or Jewish Ideology. Because it will affect their business in the next segment of the world.

  • The Communist Blame. The destruction in Communist countries was caused owing to Communism. They blame everything on Communism. But if you look closer ... the Communist System was developed on a Jewish ideology which allows them to use and exploit non-Jews like animals. Some people say that the good thing about Communism was “equality” a principle from the Bible. But it was not a principle from the Bible ... it was a Satanic principle ... which saw all non-Jews as animals and thus equal. That’s why they made everyone work like a slog for minimum equal pay. The Bible does not say that all of you should be financially equal doesn’t matter what you do. If they wanted to follow the “Bible” then why destroy thousands of Churches and killed thousands of priests? They do the worst and try to show that it was right “for you”. What they have done very discreetly out here is ... very tactically removed the blame from Jewish Ideology and put the entire blame on Communism. That’s how they design the game ... it is all played under a skin.
  • World War II Blame. The World War II is infamously blamed on Hitler when Hitler was actually a nice guy. He was doing great things for his country and but was also exposing the Jewish malicious ideology. He had to be stopped in order to stop their demonization and exposure. This is the main reason why they maintain the hate and dislike towards Hitler. Hitler was the whistleblower ... a powerful whistleblower. False allegations against Germany and Hitler were promoted in the Jewish owned American media only to invite America to bomb Germany. The interesting thing to see here is that ... they have already succeeded in molding the psychology of the masses using media and politics. They have already dominated the Western Christian world 70 years ago. They were able to eliminate a Christian country under a false pretext and get away with it ... these guys have already mastered this game.
  • Radical Islam. Today the Arab countries are a nobody in the game ... they don’t stand a chance in this game. They are absolutely no match to their resources, media or political reach ... which is why these countries are eliminated flawlessly. The current wars are being blamed on whom? Radical Islam. This the main reason why George Bush came up with these phrases ... Radical Islam, Islamic Extremists and Islamic Terrorism. These terms never existed before. Islam exists since 1400 years and America itself is doing great business with Arab countries ... then why the demonization? It is a deviation. Instead of Americans turning their attention to “Jewish Ideology” and these systems that are causing the country to collapse ... it is better to have another punching bag. It is only blame game control or image management.
  • Nuclear War Blame. And guess who will be blamed for the nuclear war? Yes, America ... the crazy wars that “America” started. America will be the new punching bag after World War III. But is it really an American show? America is just the frontend execution agency of these Jewish Bankers and Corporations. Well, many countries are happy that America will be the punching bag ... but they should also see the destruction they will cause before that happens. 

Look at the entire show above ... all of it is designed for the benefit of Jewish Bankers and Corporations ... while they use and destroy other countries ... cover up their malice and keep themselves safe so that they can move on to the next segment of the world ... and continue their malicious systems there.

The Common Jews face Expulsion

And here is the common factor in all of their systemic exploitations ... the Common Jews don’t benefit at all. All of the benefit trickles down only to the top Jewish Bankers and Corporations. In fact, the Common Jews face expulsions in every scenario. For example, the Communist System exploited the people to such a great extent and there was so much poverty that hundreds of thousands of common Jews migrated towards the West for a better life. In World War II, more than 500,000 Jews were living in Germany. Germany was the Jewish hub in Europe. But because of their policies and the failure of the country, tens of thousands of Jews were killed and hundreds of thousands of them had to migrate to other countries.

The same thing is going to repeat in America. The only difference is that this time “millions” of Jews will have to migrate. The Common Jews get absolutely no benefit from these systems of exploitation. In fact, they themselves are used for the support and promotion of these systems and policies. When these systems fail ... they point the finger at the “Goyim” ... the Goyim who hate you only because you are “Jewish”. They again try to use a “hate and divide” policy to justify themselves within the Jewish Community. There are so many levels of their criminality.