24 Jan 2016
JewH149 Saving yourselves from being nuked ... learning from the devil

In the last few pages we discussed how the Jewish Bankers and Corporations are planning out the third World War. These are the moves that they have planned based upon their current strings, connections and influence in politics and media. Now, in the coming pages ... I shall show you how to change history ... God willing. But before that ... the more important thing is “how to save yourself from being nuked”. By any chance if we are not able to accomplish the task in the right time then we should be prepared to save ourselves from the nuclear war. We need to save as many lives as possible and try to implement the most influential methods of getting this done.


Israel as an example

Now, here is an interesting thing that you can learn from the culprit itself. Lol. Even the devil has its own skillsets ... there are a few things you can learn from the devil as well. Yes, it is the Jewish Bankers and Corporations who are designing this entire war. But the interesting thing that you will observe are the measures that they are taking to keep themselves safe from the nuclear holocaust. Allow me to enlist a few of Israel’s techniques to keep yourself under maximum security just in case things take a negative turn.

  • Control your country’s debt. Stop blowing up your money in this stupid “War on Terror”. The War on Terror is nothing but a black hole that will consume your country’s resources. The more you will spend on it ... the more terrorism will increase. These terrorist groups are not on their own ... they are directed and funded by none other than these Jewish Entities. Learn from Israel and China ... none of these countries invest in the War on Terror. Both of their countries are safe from unnecessary high end expenditures. The more the debt your country has ... the easier it is for it to collapse. And if you collapse at a time when your country is being nuked ... at a time when your people need your help the most ... then it is not only a financial disaster ... but it is a terrible moral disaster.
  • Don’t take sides ... be neutral. Don’t ride the wave of War on Terror thinking that you are doing the right thing. Don’t start taking sides in international conflicts. All of these conflicts are designed only to involve countries that are planned to be terminated. Look at Israel ... does it take sides? Does it turn against America ... or does it turn against Russia? It doesn’t turn against anybody. This is a technique that it is using to protect itself so that ... America does not nuke Israel nor does Russia. It has drastically reduced its chances of being nuked ... unlike NATO countries. This is an open request to as many countries in the world as possible ... DO NOT get involved in conflicts ... DO NOT take sides ... stay NEUTRAL.
  • Build your own missile defense systems. DO NOT expect NATO or America to protect you ... have your own individual anti-missile systems. Place them at every expected danger zones or boundaries. These wars are designed for the failure of America, Europe and Russia. They will not be big in “protecting” anybody. They will only cause as much damage as possible. Learn from Israel ... today Israel is America’s closest ally ... it is closer to America than any other country ... in fact, the entire country is puppeted by Israel. America’s highest priority is the security of Israel. But even then, Israel has developed its own “Iron Dome Anti-Missile System”. If NATO was going to protect you ... or if America was going to protect you ... then why does Israel need the Iron Dome for itself? The excuse that was used was ... this Iron Dome system is designed to neutralize the rockets from Gaza ... but that is bullshit. This Iron Dome system was developed by Israel to protect itself when all of Europe goes up in flames. All of them would be shooting missiles at each other ... and Israel being in the center of this missile exchange would need an Iron Dome System to protect itself. Israel has prepared itself for this war since a very very long time.
  • Backup Human Resources. There are two types of reserves that you need to back up. A nuclear war could mean the destruction of the entire country ... it could also mean that no one survives. What you are looking at is the possibility of total elimination ... but once the whole thing is over ... you have to rebuild and you have to restart. Take a backup of human resources ... implying people that will be critical in the rebuilding of the country ... scientists, doctors, engineers and so on ... leave out the politicians especially when America is concerned. You are probably looking at a facility under a mountain capable enough to withstand a nuclear war. Israel has already made this provision for its Jewish Bankers and Corporations. Try to build as many facilities as possible in as many cities as possible to secure as many people as possible.
  • Backup Technology Resources. All of your technology research and data ... related to every field ... should be safely stored in an underground facility preferably in a mountainous region ... strong enough to withstand the worst possible scenario. Israel has done this too.
  • Backup Military Reserves. Don’t use all of your weapons and soldiers in the war ... don’t fight to the end ... save some reserves to rebuild. The whole thing will come to an end eventually ... but after that you need some military help to rebuild ... and maybe also to take care of the guys who brought this upon you. Make sure to backup a few ten thousand soldiers and enough weapons ... including all data & development equipment and techniques for nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Israel has stacked a truck load of this at classified locations.

What you are basically doing here is:

  • Politics: Using politics to keep your country safe from being involved in the war.
  • Defense Systems: Using military defense systems to protect the entire country ... each and every person in every city.
  • Backup: In the worst case scenarios ... if everything fails ... God forbid ... then you have a compact backup of your entire country ... including important people, technology, knowledge, equipment and defense. Consider it as the Noah’s ark.

Don’t sit there blindly watching the fireworks and being amazed at what is happening. If you do that ... then your country will be lost in the pages of history books for several decades to come. Total obliteration is on the way ... take appropriate measures.