22 Jan 2016
JewH147 The Worldwide Boycott and Destabilization of Israel and China after World War III

What our lovely Jewish Bankers and Corporations are doing is ... trying to repeat World War II. Hitler’s Germany was against Jews ... Jews were expelled from many occupations because they used their positions in politics, banks, media and large corporations to create the downfall of Germany. Hitler also exposed the Satanic side of Jewish culture. Hitler’s army was also moving towards Russia ... which was the main Communist center for the Jewish establishment at that time. Hitler had to be stopped ... for the survival of Jews and to stop the exposure of their policies at a worldwide level.

Had Hitler’s Germany succeeded in being an established country then it would be a loud voice on the international stage exposing all of Jewish malice and fantastically show ways of how to handle it. That’s exactly what Germany had done. This was the main reason for the annihilation of Germany. And what our lovely Jewish Bankers and Corporations fear is that ... the exact same parameters exist today in America and Europe. They are again holding all major media, banks and corporations in our hands via malicious means ... and the same pattern will be repeated. They are “assuming” that the destruction of America and Europe will help them survive again for another 50 years without any difficulty. And here is exactly where they are mistaken.

Here's their mistake

Like I say ... these guys think like criminals ... it’s a criminal ideology. Their strategy is ... hey, we looted from these guys and now let’s destroy them so that they don’t come after us. It might have worked with Hitler’s Germany but it will not be the same this time. These guys fail to see the next steps. In World War II ... Germany was the only country that had to be eliminated to contain the Anti-Semitism. There was no Anti-Semitism in Japan or Italy ... which is why their rulers don’t get the fame and publicity as Hitler gets in our Jewish owned media. This time you are not eliminating only one country ... see the destruction belt in the map above.

You are eliminating scores of countries right from America in the West to Russia in the East. You are not getting just one country that is Anti-Semitic ... but you are getting “continents” that will be highly Anti-Semitic this time. That’s point number one.

The second point is ... you had other powerful countries to manage Germany with an international force after World War II. You had Russia, America and several European countries for your support. This time who do you have to manage the response that you will get after the war? Your solution is the destruction of America, Europe and Russia. Who will maintain their troops in America, Europe and Russia to manage and contain the Anti-Semitism in these countries? Do you think Africa will send its troops for your support? Or South America or Australia? Nobody will ... nobody.

Boycott and Destabilization

The only thing you will be able to do is ... create the expulsion of Jews from these zones and then create a conflict among these countries so that they will mutually destroy themselves. But your drawback is ... you yourself will create the Anti-Semitism required for the extraction of Jews from these countries. You yourself will induce the Anti-Semitism ... which will only multiply the existing dislike towards Jewish control and the downfall of their countries. Do you think these countries will just sit there and not respond? Even if these countries are nuked and destroyed ... will you kill each and every person in these countries? Nope ... several hundreds of millions of people will survive ... and these guys will gear up for the boycott and de-stabilization of Israel and China at a worldwide level. And the disasters of the nuclear war will be the living examples of the monstrosities committed by Jewish Bankers and Corporations. The whole world will cooperate with them.

With the boycott of all business activities and transactions ... businesses will start failing in China ... unemployment will increase rapidly. A booming economy will start moving towards poverty and world isolation ... and all of this distress within China will be blamed on the millions of Jews that have just migrated there. Because of these Jews ... because we are hosting these runaway Jews our country is being destroyed and we are facing poverty. There will be an internal catastrophe and Anti-Semitism in China very rapidly.

This will be coupled by external military operations against China by the rest of the world. Large scale deaths and poverty in China will lead to enormous levels of protests against the Communist government and its policies of supporting and hiding criminals. The Communist government in China will fail and it will be overthrown in the coming years.

Once Communism itself fails in China ... because of destruction and poverty ... then where will you go my friends? You can run but you can’t hide. You will be left at the mercy of billions of Chinese pissed off people who can’t wait to rip you apart. That will be the eventual fate of millions of Jews that will flee to China.

Jews will not risk their lives for the criminals of Israel

And when it comes to Israel ... yes the same pattern will be repeated for Israel as well. The only missing factor will be the Chinese factor. There will be total boycott and total isolation. The country will be converted into a criminal hideout. The whole country will be operating at an underground level ... sneaking in goods and resources just for survival. Millions of Jews will be used as a Human Shield to protect the malice of these Jewish Bankers and Corporations. They will be put on the frontline to fight against the governments of other countries that are coming for these criminals. More the Jews migrate to Israel, more the Jews will be recruited into military for this very purpose. This was actually the main purpose of the creation of the State of Israel. Once these countries come to collect their looted resources ... these millions of Jews should be recruited and made to fight to protect our reserves.

Large scale divisions will result in Israel because of the killing of more and more Jewish people. More the Jews die, more will be the distrust and agitation against the government. Jews will prefer to give up the resources that have been looted from other countries in order to save their lives and so that they can lead a peaceful life. Jewish Bankers and Corporations “assume” that Jews will fight to their death to protect them. But that’s bullshit. Jews don’t die for nobody. They will say ... it’s your crap, you deal with it ... we are outta here.

With the increase in casualties, the designed “Human Shield” will become nearly invisible. It will result in the placement of an international force in Israel and the redesign of the Israeli government from scratch. All of the world’s countries get back their share and Israel is ruled with a new proper peaceful loving and a caring ideology ... that does not teach hate, fear and division ... but that teaches love, care and support.