16 Nov 2015
JewH131 How Israel and Jewish Entities benefit from “Terrorism”

“Terrorism” is a beautiful 5 fold operation for Israel and Jewish Entities. There are 5 different major ways in which Israel and Jewish Entities directly benefit from “Terrorism”.

One: Jewish owned corporations get in billions every year from the current economic system in America

Using the Federal Reserve and by tweaking certain government policies ... Jewish Entities have setup a vast business empire in the United States. This business empire essentially steals American knowledge, technology, jobs and directs cash flow to major “Jewish” corporations in China. America is kept continuously occupied by war so that this system ... that they have setup for personal benefit ... keeps on running for as long as possible. Click here to read more details on this.

Two: Jewish Bankers get hundreds of billions every year as interest from the American debt.

Today America is $18 Trillion in debt and it is paying $400 billion every year as “interest” on this debt. And this interest trickles down to Jewish Bankers. So, as long as America is going to remain in debt and as long as the debt increases for America ... it is good for Jewish Bankers. This is another major reason why they keep America occupied in war and keep on increasing expenditure for wars and conflicts around the world.

Three: Israeli Weapon Manufacturers are doing a booming business from the Middle East conflicts.

Another Jewish Entity that is benefiting from the Middle East conflicts is the Israeli Weapons Industry. This is why Israeli leaders push America and European leaders to send hundreds of millions of dollars every few months into Syria and Iraq ... to “help” the rebels. Israel is one of the major supplier of weapons in this conflict. So the longer these wars and conflicts are ... the better it is for the Israeli Weapons Industry. Here are some links regarding this:

Four: Israel is getting 75% of its oil supply from the Kurdish controlled areas of Iraq for as low as $10 per barrel

Israel is using the conflict in Iraq and the presence of ISIS to buy oil from the Kurdish controlled areas of Iraq for as low as $10 per barrel. It is getting more than 75% of its oil from these conflict zones. While the whole world is complaining about high oil prices ... the whole world is paying three to five times of the normal oil price ... Israel is buying oil at one tenth of the price. The activities of ISIS are helping Israel carve out a Kurdish territory who will give them oil supplies at rock bottom prices. Here are some links:

Five: Israel gets to use America and Europe to eliminate regional political opponents

If you observe the countries that were targeted in this “War on Terror”. They were Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and next Iran. The common thing about all of them is that they were Israel’s political opponents. There are other major Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Oman ... these countries don’t openly speak against Israel ... unlike Iran. If you see the leaders of Iran ... they will openly criticize and condemn Israel. These terrorist activities are structured and targeted in such a way so as to eliminate Israel’s political opponents. After Iran ... Russia is next. How is Russia a political opponent for Israel and Jewish Entities ... click here to read.

The link between Terrorism and Israel & Jewish Entities

They have created a nice concept that helps them in a 5 fold operation. But the thing is ... there are more than half a dozen blunders in this concept ... and all of these blunders point directly at Israel and Jewish Entities. Yes, these benefits from 5 different angles go to Israel and Jewish Entities ... this itself is evidence of the link between Terrorism and Israel. But if you see the blunders that they have created in this concept of Terrorism and War on Terror ... these blunders also directly point at Israel. Here are a few of those blunders:

  • If they are Muslim Terrorist Organizations then why are they killing "Muslims"
    Why hasn’t Al Qaeda or ISIS ever killed any Jews? In fact, Israel is right next door to them ... why are they travelling all the way to Paris and New York ... when their enemy is right next door.
  • Immunity to Jews and Israel
    Strangely, since the past 15 years of this War on Terror ... Jews and Israel are totally immune. Only Christians are killed or Muslims ... when geographically millions of Jews and Israel are the closest to this vast war zone. They claim that Muslims want to wipe off Israel from the map and that they hate Israel. So, why don’t these “Muslim Terrorist” organizations do anything to Jews or Israel?
  • Terrorist events happening as and when required
    Here is another interesting part ... these terrorist events happen “as and when required”. 911 happened ... it was used to wage war against Afghanistan and Iraq. But once these wars were started ... no other terrorist event happened for 8 long years. When rebels were required to destabilize Syria ... ISIS came up. These terrorist events are designed only to create fear, insecurity and hate among people to justify the next preplanned wars in target countries.
  • Tax payer cash flow from the richest Western Countries
    Another shocking blunder of this War on Terror is that ... only the richest nations from the West are attacked. Only citizens from the richest Western nations are killed ... from countries like USA, UK, France and Spain. Why? Because these countries are rich they can invest hundreds of millions every few months in this War on Terror ... providing the cash flow to the Israeli Weapons Industry. If they attacked countries like Nepal or Bhutan or Georgia or Romania ... these countries are too small to invest anything in this war ... their investment will be zero.
  • Worldwide Advertising and Marketing for the concept
    Another major reason why only the richest countries like USA, UK, France and Spain are attacked ... is because the politicians of these countries are already prepared with the right marketing material to promote this War on Terror. Politicians from these countries provide immense marketing to this concept on a global scale ... which other smaller nations could never provide. They say that ISIS is backward, ignorant and comes with an ideology that is a 1000 years old. So, why can’t they stay in one place like Taliban does? Does Taliban show up in Paris or London?
  • Carrying out disasters in the countries that they hate
    The resultant action of the government of these countries is the bombing of Iraq and Syria. Israel gets to carry out disasters in the countries that they hate. It results in the utter destruction of the countries that oppose Israel.
  • Blunders in the concept of the Islamic Caliphate
    They tell us that ISIS wants to create an Islamic Caliphate ... which means a country or Kingdom of their own. ISIS itself has this on their agenda and this is widely publicized by Israeli politicians including Netanyahu. But here is the problem ... if you want to setup a Kingdom of your own ... then you will only fight an opposing army or armed forces ... you will love the people, help them and empower them ... obviously, because you want to form a country and they will be a part of it. But if you look at the actual work that ISIS is doing ... it is totally the opposite. It is going about killing ten of thousands of people, women and children every few months. If you want to form a Kingdom ... will you kill all of your subjects? ISIS may be backward and ignorant ... but they are not stupid.
    • Invite Military Conflict from the West
      What ISIS is actually doing is ... carrying out those activities that will invite a “military conflict” with the Western nations. These barbaric activities that they are carrying out ... are not because they want to setup a “Caliphate” ... these activities are designed to invite a Military Conflict from the West. If there is a military conflict ... there will be billions of investment ... billions of investment means more debt for America and cash flow for our Israeli Weapons Industry. Which gives us the question ... who controls ISIS?
    • Terrorist Events in the West by ISIS
      If you want to setup a Caliphate or a Kingdom ... you will expand strategically from your geographic area. Will you go to another country and blow up a Russian plane ... will you go several countries across into a city called Paris and kill some people? How will that help in the building of your Kingdom? In fact, killing people from powerful countries will bring action against you and you will be doomed. Again, if you see these actions are not designed because “ISIS wants to setup a Caliphate” ... all of these are lies ... these events are designed only to facilitate a vast military expenditure that benefits Israel and Jewish Entities.
  • Israeli political connections to terrorists
    Now, here is something fantastic that gives us a direct connection between Israeli politicians and ISIS. In the last Israeli elections, Avigdor Lieberman, the chairman of the political party Yisrael Beiteinu, tells his people ... “If you want to keep ISIS out of Israel, vote for me”. (http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/elections/1.647304) What is the meaning of this statement? Vote for him if you want to keep ISIS out of Israel? If you don’t vote for him then ISIS will enter Israeli cities? This guy is actually saying that if you don’t vote for him then ISIS will enter Israeli cities. The entire West is spending billions of dollars to control ISIS and stop their involvement around the world ... and amazingly this Israeli politician has the ability to control ISIS all by himself? This only shows the direct link between Israeli politicians and ISIS operations. And by the way, Avigdor Lieberman is the current Foreign Minister of Israel.

Now, if you look at the entire structure and activities of ISIS ... ISIS is working as per the goals of "Israel and Jewish Entities" ... they have no goal of their own.

Attacks in Paris were carried out to control the migration of Muslims into Europe

'Paris changes everything’: Merkel’s allies call for German refugee policy changes

And we have the immediate reason why these Paris attacks were carried out. Just a few weeks ago, "Israeli leaders" said that "terrorists" will infiltrate along with these immigrants. Israel is totally against the immigration of millions of "Muslims" into Europe. Even before the migrants reached Europe ... they were heavily campaigning against the "Islamization of Europe" ... encouraging European countries not to open borders and allow them in. Israel had closed its borders and does not want the influx of Muslims into Europe.

The issue that Israel sees with "millions of Muslims" moving into Europe is that ... it will change the perspective of the European people and leaders towards Israel. These millions of Muslims will serve as a voice against Israel's policies. And this will lead to a division of opinion among people and its leaders. In the long run, these immigrants will become citizens ... so they will have voting rights and it may impact the decisions made in Europe. Israel is highly concerned about Muslims moving into Europe.

And once Israel said it ... American leaders copied the same thing ... saying 1 in every 10 immigrants can be a terrorist. No my dear, this is not a statistical measure ... it depends upon how many people you pay to carry out these activities. All you need to do is pay 10 guys to do the job. You don’t need 1 in 10 among millions of migrants to be a terrorists. That is only fear mongering ... to direct politics as you want it to be.

And voila ... within a few weeks of Israel's warning that "terrorists will enter Europe" along with immigrants ... we have a huge "event" happening in the heart of Europe to illustrate this. And what is the immediate result of this event? A call in change of immigrant policies. This is the strategy that these guys follow ... "create the scenarios for your success". Just kill a few people and things fall into place. Killing people is a part and parcel of their strategy to direct political action. They have been doing this since the past 15 years ... in the West that is.

If we follow the events that happen in our cities and direct our country and politics as per these events then ... we are being only pawns of the designers of these events. The wiser approach would be to go after the beneficiaries of these events and the designers of these events. If we can control the beneficiaries then we can control these events.