13 Nov 2015
JewH130 Global Trade was designed to save Communism in China

Global Trade was designed to save Communism in China. A very simple and easy way to understand what Israel and certain Jewish entities will do ... is to know that they are criminals ... they think and work exactly in the same manner as criminals. The only difference is that these guys are “criminals in plain sight”. They will stand in front of you ... walk along with you in daylight ... but they will design systems and plans only to leech out your resources. Global Trade is one of their exploitory systems that they have designed.

Just like a criminal’s worst nightmare is the police department and the general people who know about their criminal activities ... similarly Christianity and Christian Democratic countries are Jew’s worst nightmares. What basically happened was ... with the design of Communism ... the once persecuted witchcraft lovers came to power. They had absolute power ... no religion could stop them and no Christian entity could stop them. They ruled with ruthlessness ... destroyed thousands of Churches, killed millions of Christians and suppressed Christianity at a national level ... in almost every Communist country. Their major fear was the Christian Democratic countries in the West ... they were rising and flourishing dramatically in the West. And once America started developing nuclear weapons ... they fiercely competed with America in nuclear power.

You should know that Christian farmers were starving in the Soviet Union

Millions of farmers starved to death ... and this scenario was so bad that America sent “aid to the Soviet Union” to help out these farmers. Even in such a bad public scenario, the Soviet Union heavily invested in a vast military and the development of nuclear technology ... while its people were starving. Why? What was the Soviet Union afraid of? The Jewish Communist rulers of the Soviet Union were afraid of their own criminal activities. The millions of Christians that they had massacred ... the thousands of Churches that they had destroyed ... they feared rebuttal from the West ... because these countries were Democratic and Christian. If they remained weak militarily then they would be easily taken over by these countries.

Well, despite the military development of the Soviet Union ... their nightmare came closer. The fall of Communism began. Communist countries started collapsing ... the Soviet Union itself collapsed. Jews lost the immense power that they once had. Practically, for how long can Communism last when you extract and leech all of the country wealth and treat people like animals ... obviously it will come to an end today or tomorrow. It was a freaking nightmare for the Jewish Entities. All of these Communist countries were becoming Christian Democratic countries ... they were seeing the recreation of the Middle Ages all over again ... being surrounded by Christian countries with no power. And this time the crimes that they had committed were enormous ... they feared the worst. They had to have at least one major Communist country that would provide them the backup from these Christian nations. Just in case, these Christian countries turned against them ... they had to have at least one major country to support them.
Since they had the Soviet Union no more ... their eyes turned towards China.

China was itself a disaster.

  • They had killed more than 20 million people in China alone.
  • It was starving in poverty.
  • No high end know how
  • No technological development
  • No international competence
  • It had no stand in the international market

But the good thing about China was that ... it was still a Communist country. Dictatorship and absolute rule still prevailed. Christianity and the people had no say in China. This was Communism and Communism was a major Jewish accomplishment. So now, in order to survive on the globe and prevent themselves from a Christian onslaught just like in the middle ages ... they needed to save Communism in China. China was their last resort.

But how can a starving country survive? This was one of the major reasons of the failure of Communist rule ... it was a failed concept. So they had to bring knowledge, technology and cash flow to China ... they had to develop the country ... so that the system survives in the country and this country can protect them. And they came up with the concept of “Global Trade”.

What basically happened was ... with the fall of Communism ... there was a mass migration of the common Jews from Communist countries towards the Western Developed countries. They had seen the reasons of high development of these countries ... the innovation, the technology and the production ... all of which was absent in Communist countries. Obviously, if you rule people with fear then where will creativity and innovation come from? You will only get “automation and obedience” with fear ... but to be creative and innovative you need freedom and basic rights. Because of this freedom in the Democratic societies ... coupled with technology ... industries were booming. And some of our lovely Jewish entities also setup the “Federal Reserve”. It was time to take all of this knowledge, creativity and technology and move it to China ... but at the same time they wanted to get all the profit and benefits out of that.

They followed simple steps for that:

  • Federal Reserve provided free cash supply
  • Buy the major corporations
  • Tweak laws to facilitate import good back into USA from China ... Global Trade
  • Move industries to China

Once the major industries moved to China, the other ones could not survive because they could not compete with the prices. As a result, all of the industries moved to China and other countries. Let me show you this in actual numbers ... take a look at the graph below.


The graph shows 60 years of American economics. Take a look at the period before 1970s ... this was the period where the lowest fifth of America’s economic segment contained most of the wealth. Why? Because we had the industries at that time ... we had our people employed ... the jobs were with us ... the whole world came to us for jobs and many countries bought American products. And look what happened after 1970s ... the industries were shipped off to China ... bringing an adverse impact on the economy especially on the lower income class ... and the gap between the rich and the poor kept on increasing since.

You can see the details of this graph here: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/08/60-years-of-american-economic-history-told-in-1-graph/261503/

On the other hand, look at China in the same time period.

During the exact same period China’s economy grew exponentially. China’s economy was hardly a 100 Billion RMB Yuan ... and it increased exponentially to 18 Trillion RMB Yuan by 2005. Today in 2015, China’s GDP is about 65 Trillion Yuan. That’s an economic expansion of 650 times! Show me any other country that has expanded its economy by 650 times.

You can see the details of this graph here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Prc1952-2005gdp.gif

If a country expands by 2 times is fine, 5 times is fine, 20 times is fine ... but expansion by 650 times! That’s freaking awesome. How did this happen? How did they do it? Take a look below:

You see those red lines ... China gets business from all of those countries ... from almost every country in the world. China did not just develop nationally ... but it pulled the business from the entire globe. Hundreds of countries buy products “Made in China”. There is hardly any country out there that can say that ... we don’t have products from China in our country. If you have a computer in your country then there is a part it in that is ... Made in China.

Now, here is the most fantastic part ... what our lovely Jewish friends have done is.

  • First, they have bought all of these major corporations that will manufacture in China
  • And then using their political influence in the Western World ... they setup several agencies and committees to promote Global Trade and Free Markets. They made the Western governments sign up contracts to facilitate the movement of their products from China into their countries.
  • Once the products start flowing into the Western and Global markets ... it is these guys who get maximum profits out of it.

Yes, China grew ... but they did not help China because they had any attachment to the Chinese people. Their main objective was to save the “Communist Rule” in China and along with that ... make a truck load of money. It is a two-fold operation.

And here are the lies, cheating and looting associated with the concept of Global Trade.

  • You will see that every Free Trade Agreement or Trade Pack that our American politicians will sign up with another country will be done ... under the banner of creating thousands of jobs for Americans. This is a lie ... thousands of jobs are not created by Free Trade Agreements but thousands of jobs are lost by FTAs.
  • They will say it will improve your economy and bring in funds. This is again a lie ... other countries get to dump their products in America and you go out there and buy those products. Your money goes outside the country and your economy gets weaker.
  • It is blatant movement of our technology and funds to other countries without any benefit to our citizens. This is what is called “stealing”.

Take a look for yourself ... take a look at the comparison side by side.

You can see the economies of the two countries for the past 60 years. Who is rising and who is failing? While the American graph is going upside down .... China is rising exponentially. America is the worst victim of this concept and there are several other Western Democracies who are suffering in the same line.

Now, today if you say we should setup our own industries in America ... your politicians and media channels will deny it ... saying that it is “not feasible”. The reasons that they cite are this.

  • Not feasible
  • Can’t compete with China
  • We can’t make products cheaper than China. Products will be expensive.

First and foremost ... are we selling in China or America? If we are trying to sell in China then Chinese products are a competition. This is freaking American soil ... why do Chinese products even have an entry on this soil let alone the competition. Secondly, about pricing ... if we could balance the pricing in 1970, we can balance the pricing today also. Thirdly, if we are getting stuff from China aren’t these damn products supposed to be cheap? The prices are so freaking high that the lower income class is asking for a hike in minimum wage. They cannot even cope up with the wage that they are getting in America ... the prices are so freaking high. What sense does it make to import products from China or elsewhere?

So, why does America stick with such a disastrous policy?

If this policy is killing jobs and draining away America’s wealth then why do they still stick with this policy? Because all of these entities that support and promote Global Trade ... they are owned by none other than Jews. These guys themselves don’t want to hire American people. They don’t want to keep jobs in America. They want to develop their communist country and pay as less as possible to their people while they extract the data from you. This is not an American operation at all. This is a Jewish operation in America.

The sad thing about America is that ... it is not run by Americans ... it is run and controlled by these Jewish entities that benefit from these policies. These are the guys who control the American political system. And they have no interest in America’s welfare. They do what they do best ... leech out all the resources and take a walk. Right now their policy is ... to make sure that Americans don’t realize these disastrous policies. They don’t want these policies to change. They want to extract as much wealth as they can get ... till the last possible drop.

Keep America busy in War

And to succeed in this ... what have they done? They keep America busy in war. There are dangerous criminals out there ... they are coming after you ... they want to kill you. We are on your side ... we are you “allies” ... we are the best friends that you can ever have ... Israel is the closest ally for America. Now, you have to go out there and fight. For how long? There is not specified duration for these fights ... you have to keep fighting and fighting. Take a look at the graph below:

Do you see when they have started the wars? When your economy started failing after 2000. Somehow 911 happened ... it was blamed on some idiots on the other side of the Ocean ... and since then you are kept busy in war. Tell me, if you are going in debt by $1 Trillion every year ... is it the right time to start wars. When you are not able to balance the books ... when you don’t have the funds to run your country properly ... is it the right time to start wars? Any person with the right mind will say ... no. But the thing here is that ... these guys don’t have your best interests at heart. They don’t care about you. This is about them. This is about the systems that are making them money. This is about their profits.

China’s Military Development

Another interesting thing to this is ... once China’s economy starts developing ... what do they do? They start making heavy investments in building their military. They start spending multiple times on expanding their military. Why? Why is that required? Who is threatening China? Russia is a close friend ... all other neighboring countries are quite small. Where is the threat?

You need security in two scenarios. One ... when you are going after deadly criminals. You need to have adequate protection for yourself. And second ... when you yourself are the criminal. Because the guy you are stealing from ... may come after you. Therefore you have to build up a huge military. And who was the guy that they were stealing from since several decades? The United States of America. This is the guy that might turn against these Jewish culprits. Thus China’s military buildup was mainly to counter balance any response that America would initiate. These guys themselves know that the stuff that they are doing is so freaking criminal and outrageous that they will need an enormous nuclear power to protect them.

Now, do you understand ... when a US ship sails by the South China Sea ... the Chinese authorities say ... hey, do you want war? What has America done against China that it has to be so offensive? We gave them all our technology, jobs and trillions in resources ... if our ship sailed by ... you can say, hello. You don’t have to say ... why the hell did you come here ... do you want war? That is generally not the right response. But in this case ... China has been built to provide an offensive towards America ... once America pulls the rug from Jewish entities.

Jewish Ideology and Global Trade

The Talmud teaches Jews that:

  • Jews are the chosen ones
  • There is no sin if you kill a non-Jew
  • There is no sin if you don’t keep your oath with a non-Jew
  • To steal and to rob from a non-Jew is “divine service”
  • Non-Jew neighbors are spiritually and morally unclean; that they are subhuman, on a level with the beasts of the field
  • Only Jews are human beings, and that the universe was created for them alone
  • Non-Jews were created only to be used by Jews

So, when Jews were taking over American corporations and moving American technology to China ... taking stuff from non-Jews is “divine service”. They have an enormous manpower market in China who will work for them for pennies ... that too with Communist rule ... providing them with a goy market that will obediently do what they are told without any question. As far as the innovation part is concerned ... they still maintain R&D departments in the West that do the designing and development of products ... which are then taken to be manufactured in China. So, the few people that they need from the West are hired as “workers” who do their job on a small pay. This is a fantastic “master-worker” relationship that they have setup on a global scale ... where Jews own the companies ... they are the masters ... and rest of you are just workers ... while all profit trickles down to them. Global Trade is just a frontend game.

And even if America takes action now ... Jews and China don’t give a rat’s ass. In fact, they are giving America the finger and asking if they want war even if their ship touches their waters. They have already exported every type of technology that they need ... right from cellphones to cars and electronics. Before they had none of this technology and know-how. Now, China can easily survive for another 20 years even if it is cut off from all future technology sources from the West.

Here is the problem with the logic

Can a company survive when the only thing that it does is "buy" from other companies? The company is not selling its own services or products ... the only thing that it does is buy stuff from other companies. Won't this company run in debts? Will this company will be able to pay its employees and bills? If a simple company cannot survive under this concept then how can an entire country survive on this same concept? This concept is designed only to leech out resources from the West. Aren't these Western countries going in debt? Isn't America having to borrow more and more only to pay its bills and keep the government running? Tell me what is Made in America anymore?

Even a school boy can understand this problem ... but the problem with America is that ... they don't allow politicians to take up these issues. Jewish entities suppress these issues and allow these systems to continue for as long as possible. The only thing they use is "mind games" to push people away from even working on these issues. It is not possible ... it is not feasible ... we cannot compete ... this is a new age of global trade and free markets ... we should promote free markets. All of these are misleading systems designed only to benefit themselves at the expense of others.