09 Nov 2015
JewH128 Hate, Racism, Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Problem

We have actually got a lot of emails accusing us of hate, racism and anti-semitism. So I thought ... why not create a page to address this issue? The question is ... do we hate Jews? And the answer is ... no, we don’t. In fact, we love Jews. We love Jews, we love Abraham, we love Moses and we love all the Prophets that came after him ... till all the way to Isaac and beyond. We love the Torah, the 5 books of Moses ... and we have the utmost love and respect for all of them.

But here’s the thing ... our work at Active Democracy is aimed at empowering people and solving the major issues that people are facing. And when we trace these “criminal activities” ... it leads us all the way to certain sections of Judaism. There are several books associated with Judaism that are teaching Jews criminal activities ... such as lying, cheating, stealing and killing non-Jews. These supposedly “religious books” are encouraging this behavior. For example, the Talmud, a highly regarded divine book of Judaism is teaching this to Jews.

The Talmud teaches Jews that:

  • Jews are the chosen ones
  • There is no sin if you kill a non-Jew
  • There is no sin if you don’t keep your oath with a non-Jew
  • To steal and to rob from a non-Jew is “divine service”
  • Non-Jew neighbors are spiritually and morally unclean; that they are subhuman, on a level with the beasts of the field
  • Only Jews are human beings, and that the universe was created for them alone
  • Non-Jews were created only to be used by Jews

Now, tell me ... if tens of thousands of children are taught and trained with this ideology for the beginning 20 years of their lives ... then what will they do when they move into the society? They will create systems of exploitation ... to exploit and use non-Jews for their material benefit. And this is the exact behavior that we are seeing from Israel and a lot of Jewish entities.

This is a religion and this is an ideology

So, we cannot say that every single Jew is a criminal and practices these exploitory techniques. Firstly, there are sects of Jews that openly condemn and disregard the Talmud and its associated literature as non-religious incorporations. They don’t consider them as a part of Judaism. Everything that they believe should be proven by the Torah or the 5 books of Moses. And obviously, the Torah does not contain such criminal content. Secondly, the Jews who are associated with these books of Talmud and other books that preach such criminal content ... it is not necessary that they follow it. It’s like ... they know how to rob a bank ... but if they have not robbed a bank then they cannot be charged for any crime. Its like a guy walking on the street ... he knows how to rob a bank ... but if he has not robbed a bank ... then he is not guilty of any crime. Thirdly, this is an “ideology” ... so there will be varying levels of adherence to this ... some people may follow it very closely and some people may be liberal not even bother to follow it. Some people may think that this is just barbarism and actually condemn it.

So, having some criminal content or a criminal ideology in their religion ... does not make all Jews criminal ... it does not make the entire Jewish race criminal. That is not the case. A more appropriate example would be ... there is a University ... the University is teaching wonderful things to the students. But there are certain subjects that are taught in the University ... which are criminal in nature. So, it does not make all the students of the University criminal ... some of the students can be truly genuine wonderful and positive students. But at the same time we could have students that will go ahead and practice these criminal techniques that they have been taught. So the solution for this would be a two fold operation ... stop the students who are practicing crime for a livelihood and secondly, stop the preaching of this criminal ideology in the University. This should take care of the problem.

Now, here is the issue ... the crime that these Jewish entities practice are pretty darn large scale ... that involves governments of several countries, politicians, media, banks and corporations. If it was just one University and a few hundred students then it would have been an easier task. But what we have here is an “international incorporation” with an entire country of Israel being the frontend leader of these policies, a network of several major beneficiary corporations and a network of about 14 million Jews supporting its actions in varying capacity ... most of the time not knowing what they are supporting.

Now, if you look at our legal framework of any country then:

  • Lying and cheating a person is a crime. It is illegal.
  • Robbing and stealing from a person is a crime. It is illegal.
  • Killing a person is a criminal offense. It is illegal.
  • And teaching children that lying, cheating, stealing and killing people is okay ... this is also a crime. It is illegal.

We, at Active Democracy, are following only criminal patterns and criminal activities. And the prime leaders of these activities in the form of established systems happen to be Jews ... and they are getting this ideology and techniques from their religious books. This is a Jewish problem. What some negative entities have done is ... incorporated criminal ideologies and techniques into a beautiful religion called Judaism. Innocent children are learning this as religion ... innocent children are being indoctrinated with criminal ideology in the name of religion ... which is producing such candidates and systems in the world. This is a problem related specifically to the Jewish religion.

Anti-Semitism has been designed around Communist Ideology

Now, when we or anyone point out to these criminal activities ... which leads to Jews or Judaism ... then we are instantly called haters, racists and anti-semitic. By incorporating criminal ideology within Judaism ... what these criminals are doing is ... protecting themselves under the cover of religion. Hey, how can you say that we are bad just because of our religion? Just because we are born in a religion, we are bad and criminal? This is their instant defense. But what you should realize is that ... there is no religion in the world that teaches its followers to lie, steal, cheat and kill other people. There is no religion out there that teaches and trains its followers to be criminals. This is the main difference between sections of Judaism and almost all other religions.

Moreover, if you see ... anti-semitism has been designed around Communist ideology. Take a look at the figure below:

Communist countries were mainly fascist and dictatorships ... these were the prominent features of Communism:

  • Doesn’t matter what the State does, you should remain silent
  • The State is always right
  • You should follow and obey the State at all times
  • You should remain silent even if the State is stealing from the people and killing millions of people
  • You should support the State and show ways of making more money for the State
  • You should support the State and show ways of making the State more powerful
  • Then you are loved by the State

Now, if you look at the structure of Anti-Semitism:

  • Doesn’t matter what Israel or Jewish entities do, you should remain silent
  • Israel and Jews are always right
  • You should follow and obey Israel and Jews at all times
  • You should remain silent even if Israel and Jews are stealing from the people and killing hundreds of thousands of other people
  • You should support Israel and Jews and show them ways of making more money
  • You should support Israel and Jews and show them ways of becoming more powerful
  • Then you will be loved by Israel and Jews

It has the exact parameters of Communism. They have incorporated a Communist ideology in the name of anti-semitism into Democratic societies. See, this is the stuff that they come up with ... its fantastic. If you are trained since childhood with stuff like this then obviously the stuff that you will do will be fantastic.

Now, tell me ... since when are you allowed lie, steal and kill just because you a Christian? Are you allowed to cheat and kill others just because you are a Christian? Will your faith protect you from your criminal activities? Are we supposed to let you go from your mass killings and treachery just because you are a Christian? If your criminal activities cannot be excused just because you are a Christian then how can we excuse your criminal activities just because you are a Jew? That too ... when it is of such mass scale.

Here are a few links that you might like to see. You will realize how these Jewish Bankers and Corporations are planning to affect the lives of "Common Jews" around the world.