22 Oct 2015
JewH124 Creating criminal minds in the name of Judaism

You know ... one of the major reasons for Jews to be so aggressive and violent against non-Jews ... is their own religion. Yes, Jews who practiced witchcraft in the Middle Ages were punished but that was like several hundred years ago ... people tend to forgive and forget old stories. You will find several bitter battles between many countries ... but then eventually they make up and live peacefully together.

But Jewish aggression is like an ever running fountain ... there is always something fresh ... it always has something new to offer. If you see Jewish history ... they have been expelled from several countries again and again ... malice and expulsion, malice and expulsion ... this has been their routine for more than a thousand years. The main source that is teaching and training Jews to be negative, violent and malicious is none other than their religion itself. Judaism teaches Jews to lie, cheat and kill non-Jews.

The Talmud teaches Jews that:

  • Jews are the chosen ones
  • There is no sin if you kill a non-Jew
  • There is no sin if you don’t keep your oath with a non-Jew
  • To steal and to rob from a non-Jew is “divine service”
  • Non-Jew neighbors are spiritually and morally unclean; that they are subhuman, on a level with the beasts of the field
  • Only Jews are human beings, and that the universe was created for them alone
  • Non-Jews were created only to be used by Jews

These are the teachings of Talmud, a highly regarded divine book of Judaism. If tens of thousands of children are going to be taught and trained into such an ideology for the initial 20 years of their life ... then what do you think they will do once they go out there in the world? They end up creating systems of exploitation that will leech out resources from non-Jews. They think that this is their “divine right” ... once they accomplish this ... they think that they are successful. Cheating, stealing, looting and killing to get rich and powerful ... is their “success”. What has Judaism become here? Judaism has become an indoctrination program to create criminal minds. It is a vast scale indoctrination program that has trained 14 million Jews today. And these 14 million Jews follow this program to varying extents and yes, some sections don’t follow the Talmud part.

What we have here is a vast population of criminal minds
... who think that it is their divine right to oppress and leech from other people. And this is exactly what Communist countries around the world experienced ... a massive scale of oppression of people and extraction of people’s property.

What’s interesting is this ... when Jews are confronted about these principles by non-Jews ... Jews are asked to lie and deny all of this. Lol. In fact, the Talmud says that if a non-Jew reads the Talmud then he should be killed. What is this? This is again criminal behavior. If you ask a bank robber if he is going to rob a bank ... will he agree and accept? No, he won’t. A bank robber will try to show the world that he is a clean and upright citizen in every way while concealing his planned malice. Jews are asked to behave in the same manner.

In fact, this study of Talmud ... and why Jews behave like this ... what is the source of this criminal and negative behavior ... has been carried out several times before. This is exactly what led to the burning of the Talmud and expulsion of Jews. Jews famously complain about being persecuted ... their religious books being burnt ... Jews being refused from several occupations like teaching, media and politics ... and them being expelled from countries. This happened not once but several times in history. Why do you think it happened? Because of their criminal and satanic ways. Would you allow a devil worshipping criminal who lies, steals and kills to teach your children in school? This is the main reason Jews were restricted from several occupations. What Jews have done is ... kept the records of what was done to them ... but cleverly erased why it was done to them ... which is again criminal behavior.


Demonization of Islam is only a deviation tactic

Now, here is the most fantastic part. Most Western Democracies are going bankrupt ... all of their work has been shipped overseas ... a few key countries are going to fall very soon. And this study of why this fall happened ... who is responsible for this ... is going to begin all over again. They know it very very well ... your lovely Israeli politicians know this very well. So, what is the technique that you will use to delay this study as much as possible? Keep you busy with war and point to another religion. This is the main reason why America has been kept occupied with war ... one war after another ... for 14 years while pointing the finger at another religion.

The demonization of Islam ... is not because there is something wrong with Islam. It is only a “deviation tactic” to buy time. This is the main reason why they are looking into ... verses of the Quran, demonizing the Prophet, demonizing its followers ... because this is what is going to begin for Judaism. This is what happened to Judaism again and again ... which results in the burning of the Talmud and the expulsion of Jews. If Islam and Muslims were bad then how come Muslim countries are the most peaceful countries in the world with the least crime statistics? They demonize Islam because the Saudi government executed a few criminals. The Saudi government executes “criminals” ... Jews were executing 20,000 innocent Christians per day in the Soviet Union ... 20,000 Christians per day. Ah Jesus.

A small test – God or Satan?

Now, here is a small test. If Jews truly claim to follow Moses and Abraham ... if they truly claim to worship God and not Satan ... then ask for a ban on devil worship and witchcraft. Try to get this done in Israel. They have banned the preaching of any religion in Israel. If you preach Christianity then you can be jailed ... if you give a copy of the New Testament to a Jew in Israel then you can be jailed. Let’s see how many Israeli politicians will stand up for a “ban on devil worship and witchcraft”? Let alone in Israel, they will resist and rally against the creation of this law in other countries as well. If Jews truly worship God then why are they rallying for Satan?

If you see most of the Jewish institutions ... especially the ones related to Kabbalah ... they actually speak against the Church for taking action against witchcraft. Why are our lovely Jewish friends supporting and rallying for witchcraft and devil worship? Why are the supposed descendants of Abraham and Moses supporting Satan?