24 Jun 2015
Sanctions against Russia are synonymous to the action taken against Hitler


Sanctions against Russia are synonymous to the action taken against Hitler in Germany. Socialism was highly favored at that time but they targeted Hitler because he was against Jews.

In fact, Jews were excelling in Germany ... doing a huge business and making a lot of money ... but when Hitler came into power things changed for Jews. And these guys rallied around the world and turned things against Hitler.

Jews were excelling in the Soviet Union

The exact same thing is happening in Russia. Under the Soviet Union, Jews excelled in Russia. Under Stalin you were given a death sentence for anti-semitism. Jews occupied highly influential places in politics and most of the oligarchs were Jews in the Soviet Union. But when Putin came to power, he changed all of that. Jews lost their political power and oligarchy under Putin.

Jews lose power in Russia

Now this staunch aggression and sanctions on Russia are designed only because Jews lost power in Russia with the arrival of Putin. They are ready to cripple it down ... and do the worst to Russia ... only because Jews are not benefiting from Russia anymore. Right now, Russia has one Christian leader who likes to go to the Church every now and then. He is building hundreds of new Churches. He is doing everything opposite that had been under the Communist rule. This is simply outrageous and unbearable for Jews that it happens in a country where they burnt and destroyed thousands of Churches and killed millions of Christians through decades. After all of that ... they get booted by one Christian, Vladimir Putin.

European and American Sanctions

Europe and America should realize what is going on. What they are actually doing and in whose interests they are playing. Yes, Russia is having an issue with its neighbor ... but does it mean that we totally isolate and cut off a country of 140 million people? Sanctions against a country also affects the lives of the people living in that country. Are your measures appropriately addressed?

Similar action was taken against Germany

Well, the people who are behind these sanctions ... they don’t care about people. They only care about themselves and their benefit. Look what they did to Germany in WW2. They totally destroyed the entire country. The entire country had to be rebuilt. There are conflicts in the world all the time. Look at the war between Iraq and Iran ... did we start throwing sanctions and started isolating one country from the rest of the world? Look at Sudan ... a civil war at genocidal levels which divided the country in North and South ... did we start throwing sanctions on Sudan and isolate it from the rest of the world?

No, we did not ... we did not even bother to. Why? In both these scenarios Jews were not hurt ... Israel’s interests were not affected in both of these conflicts. Look at Iran ... what does Netanyahu want for Iran? Sanctions ... more and more sanctions ... crippling sanctions. Why? Because Iran does not serve Israel’s interests. They are replicating the exact same behavior on Russia. Ukraine is only an excuse. The conflict with Ukraine is being used only as an excuse to isolate Russia. Why? Because the once powerful Jews in Russia have lost their place.

How far are they going to take this?

The thing that worries is ... how far are they going to take this? Netanyahu is adamant not to allow any peace deal with Iran. A peace deal with Iran is the last thing that he wants to see. He is a staunch opponent of any peace deal with Iran. The moment anyone tries to strike a deal ... he says, bad, bad, bad deal ... it is a bad deal. The deal is bad, don’t sign it. And he will rally the entire Congress against Obama so that the deal is not signed. The truth is ... the deal is not bad ... what is bad for Netanyahu is ... the existence of a country that dares to speak against Israel. That’s exactly what he does not like ... that’s the “bad” part of the deal. Iran will continue to exist and no military action can be taken against Iran. That is just so bad, bad and bad in Netanyahu’s eyes.

Russia is a nuclear heavy weight

What’s shocking is that ... he applies the same principles to Russia ... a freaking huge nuclear heavyweight of our time. He is trying to pull America into what exactly? Is this guy out of his mind? This should be a wakeup call to America and Europe. Wake up and understand ... who is calling for these actions? Look back into History ... see what happened before. These guys don’t care ... they don’t care about you ... they just don’t care. Wake up.

A tip for Putin

Why is Putin struggling so much with his economy? He should just boot the Fed. Why is he dependent upon money standards that are setup by Jews when Jews themselves want to see Russia destroyed? That’s what Hitler did, by the way. He booted Jews from major business roles and printed his own money. It gave him great flexibility ... a huge value for German products ... a huge increment in business. He was printing his own money ... he had immense buying power. Business in Germany excelled under Hitler.

They are trying to cripple your economy via sanctions. Study how you can eliminate the Federal Reserve ... take the money system of your country under your control. It will provide an immense boost for stability in your country. The more you continue to work with a devalued currency, the more you will lose. One single move can bring a huge change in your economy.