04 May 2015
They timed the "cartoon drawing" event in Texas along with anti-racism rallies in Israel ... heh ... Israeli media games.

They knew that these rallies were being planned ... and they sat there evaluating how this information reaching American shores will affect their image of being anti-Arab. If the Israeli government is portrayed in bad light then it automatically casts a good light on their opposition.

People would say ... hey, you keep telling us that Arabs are bad and we are the best friends of America ... we are buddies and we support each other and we have so much in common. But at the ground level there is a huge level of racial discrimination that exists in Israel ... against black Jews, against Israeli Arabs and Christians. But this information never reaches the US shores ... this is exactly what these rallies are doing. They are telling the world what actually happens in Israel.

Look at their pre-planned response for these rallies. They timed a "cartoon drawing" event exactly on the same day of these rallies. They are more bothered about their image in America rather than taking any action that matters to their people. Probably, their policy is to take care of their "monetary sources" first ... lol ... and then let's talk with the people "after" international pressure crops up ... Israeli politics ... lol.

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Yes, the Cartoon drawing event was planned by Pamela Geller who is a Jew who is actively invovled in anti-Islamic propaganda.


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