03 Mar 2015
Who the hell is Netanyahu to warn Obama?

Who the hell is Netanyahu to "warn" the President of the United States? Who the hell is Israel and what is Israel?

How do they have the powers and authority to warn the President of the United States? This is so ridiculous. Not only they will dictate us what to do ... but they will also "warn" and threaten us? You dare allow them to keep their nuclear program! You dare sign up for a peaceful treaty with them!

And why is Netanyahu so concerned over a nuclear deal with Iran under the Obama Administration? Because the plan is to bomb Iran when the next administration comes into place. A major war is planned down the line. And this nuclear deal will be like a "peace treaty" that will deter action against Iran. 

So, the only way out for the Obama Administration is to come up with conditions that Iran will never accept ... so that a deal is never signed. That's the only way that the Obama Administration can escape from the cross hairs. Interesting thing to note here is ... how easily the President of the United States can be warned, threatened and controlled by the Israeli government. 

And who is Israel that America is so afraid of? It is a tiny country on the other side of the ocean ... in a desert ... with no resources, military or power ... that could have the might to threaten the United States. But they still do ... because they were successful in putting a few of their men in the American political system.