20 Jan 2015
Islamic State takes 2 Japanese hostages. Why Japanese? Why not Israeli hostages?

Islamic State has taken 2 Japanese hostages and they are asking for $200 Million in ransom within 72 hours.

Why Japanese hostages? Why not Israeli hostages? Why not ask $200 Million from Israel? 


Netanyahu: Israel must open Asian markets due to anti-Semitism in Europe

Seems like a wonderful opening of Israel into the "Asian market". So, Japan has a lot of money in Asia, huh? Let's encash them a little bit ... let's see how Japanese behave under such situations. These European countries have all gone broke and we don't see a future with them. So, Japan ... tell me, are you geared up for "cooperation in terrorism".

  • Do you have a few billion to spend every year on terrorism?
  • Do you mind a few of your citizens being killed now and then?
  • Do you have a few hundred million to fund arms and ammo?
  • Do you have fighter jets to do some bombings now and then?
  • Do you have a few thousand soldiers to send whenever required now and then?
  • Do you mind if some of them don't make it home?

These are the questions that you should ask yourselves before shaking hands with Israel, my lovely lovely Japanese friends. I love you. Think what you are getting into ... this is exactly what many Western countries are having to do because of this War on Terror "cooperation".

Remember this ... this is their formula ... first they will kill some of your citizens ... next step will be to market hate and fear in your society and then the spending on this War on Terror begins with your tax payer money. And this spending never stops ... even if you go broke and you fall in debt ... your politicians will keep spending on this. This is what you are getting into.

And by the way ... isn't it amusing that just days after Netanyahu meets the Japanese Prime Minister, Islamic State gets hold of two "Japanese" hostages. This seems to be an interesting opening in the Asian market for Israel.