13 Jan 2015
I am NOT Charlie. Charlie was Netanyahu's pawn used to create religious friction.

Our fathers and forefathers setup a beautiful peaceful world of respect and dignity and this has been tarnished since the launch of the so called "War on Terror". 

This War on Terror has only created fear, hatred and division in our otherwise very peaceful society. Our fathers and previous generations worked very hard in eliminating racism and the targeting of people based upon their race, color and religion. They paid for it with their blood. These are the battles that we have already fought and won.

How is it democracy to ridicule another race, color or religion?

  • Now, tell me since when is it "democracy" to ridicule another race, color or religion?
  • Since when is it democracy to draw nude poses of other religious figures?
  • The basis of our democracy is respect for all races, colors and religions.
  • You can disagree with them but you cannot ridicule and humiliate them.

What Charlie did was illegal

Based upon what "Charlie" has done

  • Can we call Black people slaves and niggers?
  • Can we call White people supremacist assholes?
  • Can we draw nude poses of Jesus, Pope and Buddha and other religious figures?
  • How is this democracy, how is this freedom of speech and how is this freedom of press?

They are breaking the basic tenets of law and order

  • It is illegal to make racist comments
  • It is illegal to target anyone based upon his race, color and religion

Below are some links that show the Charlie's work was racially abusive and discriminatory.

Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 in UK

Laws against Religious Discrimination & Harassment in USA 

Your Rights Against Religious Discrimination

Federal Laws Against Anti-Religious Discrimination and Violence 

How come our politicians are standing up and promoting illegal activities?

I can quote dozens of other sources that do not allow you to promote hatred, insults or ridicule against any religion in whatever form whatsoever. 

  • What Charlie did was "ILLEGAL"
  • What Charlie did was incite hate and ridicule 
  • Yes of course, what happened to Charlie was also illegal

But tell me … how do our politicians stand there and support something that is illegal … something that creates hate and division in the society. How do our politicians allow something that creates hate and division in the society to continue?

If you take a religious head … he might be Jesus or the Pope and allow the media to ridicule and make fun of him. Tell me what would happen to the billions of Christians who follow that faith. How would they feel?

Netanyahu's plan for religious friction

You don’t get answers when you look at it from this angle. Let us take a look from Netanyahu's angle. 

  • Charlie did this only once … but this is done everyday in Israel.
  • Hating Arabs and Muslims is a part and parcel of Israeli politics.
  • Its not that the orthodox Jews like Christians in Israel that they will invite Christians to preach in Israel.
  • Christian preachers are equally unwelcome in Israel.

But hating Palestinians and Arabs gets Israel a lot of funds and support from the Western countries especially from America. So discrimination against Palestinians, Arabs, Islam and Muslims is a part of the State policy in Israel.

The Objective

The reason that the attacks on Western Christians has increased recently because their next target is Iran.

  • They want fear in the Western society against Arabs and Muslims.
  • Right from beheading of Westerners by ISIS to armed attacks in a few Western countries.
  • If you note … all of these activities were absent since the past 5-6 years … since the Arab spring was going on.

They had Arab rebels who were happily fighting their own governments … so the demonization of Arabs or Islam was not even required. In fact, all of our Western politicians were busy condemning Assad and helping the same "Muslim Arab" groups with funds and arms.

Change in American Presidency

In the next two years American presidency is going to change. There is a chance that Hillary Clinton may run for President. She will bomb Iran at the drop of the hat. But she cannot do it instantly, there has to be a reason for that. The people should agree to her decision. The people need to feel scared and insecure about Muslims and Islam.

People should feel that bombing Iran is the right thing to do to stop it from its nuclear program. And you will get that state only after "repeated attacks" in the Western society by Islamic groups. This is exactly what they are facilitating. 

Charlie was nothing but a pawn used by Netanyahu to create religious friction. Netanyahu does not give a rat's ass about freedom of speech or press. You can clarify this with those who speak up against his government in Israel. Protestors in Israel are beaten, abused and silenced. So much for freedom of speech from Netanyahu.

Ladies and gentlemen … killing a few of our own people is a part and parcel of the policy of War on Terror. Until and unless you are scared … until and unless you are insecure … you will not give them the nod for another war. They are only designing the pre-conditions required for another war.