21 Dec 2014
Israel's Objective: Maximum damage to the Arabs at maximum cost to Christians

Israel's Objective: Maximum damage to the Arabs at maximum cost to Christians

Israel's Objective: 

  • Maximum damage to the Arabs at maximum cost to Christians
  • Destroy the Arabs, bankrupt the Christians
  • Sit back and enjoy the show

Here are some examples

The US Administration's Air Strikes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria

  • Air Strikes provides maximum damage to the buildings and infrastructure in the region
  • Only few ISIS members can be killed … thereby required a huge number of strikes and an elongated process
  • Providing maximum damage to the city
  • While on the other hand … it is the most expensive means of dealing with terrorists … each strike costing $30,000
  • Providing a rapid depletion of American resources
  • More than 1000 air strikes have been carried out in a few months … this campaign is expected to last for a few years
  • Now, does the "Air Strikes" on guys with guns makes sense?

8 years of war with Iraq and 100,000 documented deaths of Iraqi civilians

  • It took a few months to take over Iraq and kill Saddam Hussein … so why did the Iraq war last of 8 long years?
  • They had control over all oil fields within the first year itself … so why did they continue to bomb Iraq for 8 years?
  • Look at their objective and you will understand
  • Maximum damage to the Arabs at maximum cost to Christians
  • 100,000 documented deaths of Arab civilians … actual death toll is estimated above 500,000
  • More than $1 Trillion spent on this war from Christian countries and several thousands of deaths of Christian soldiers

The civil war in Syria

  • Again … look at the objective and everything falls into place
  • Is it common sense to put guns in the hands of civilians and tell them to go and fight with the army of their country?
  • This is exactly what they are doing in Syria. Putting guns in the hands of no good unemployed people and paying them to fight against their govt.
  • What will it result in? Maximum civilian casualties and chaos in the entire country
  • Isnt this exactly what we have there? Hillary Clinton says, it is for the people and democracy and a tyrant ruler … it is all bullshit.
  • The objective is maximum damage to Arabs at maximum cost to Christians
  • Who is paying for all of these weapons and ammo? All of this funding is taken from Christian countries.
  • More than 10 million Arabs have been displaced from their homes because of this conflict
  • It falls perfectly in line with their objective

Israel's Role

  • If you look at Israel's role in each of these examples it will be even more clear.
  • Did Netanyahu want an attack on Iraq? Yes. Does he support the Iraq war?  Yes.
  • Does Netanyahu want air strikes on ISIS? Yes.
  • Does Netanyahu want Syria's Assad out of power? Yes.

And in running this show ... this is the most wonderful part 

  • They don't spend a single penny of their own and they don’t send a single soldeir from Israel for this.
  • How many soldiers did Israel send in Iraq? Zero
  • How much did Israel spend in Iraq or against ISIS or in Syria? Nothing
  • They just sit back and use their men in Washington to run the show.
  • They use their energy only in politics and then enjoy the show.
  • And we Muslims and Christians are bitching over each other like idiots since the past 10 years while we are being a made a fool out of ourselves at a global level