06 Nov 2014
What’s with da love here? Why doesn’t ISIS attack Israel?

What's with da love here?

It is interesting to note that “Arab Muslim” terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS do not attack Israel, the arch Arab rival. Instead they kill fellow muslims. 


Al Qaeda: 911 in USA, subway bombings in Spain, bombings in UK. ISIS beheads Americans, British and French. But none of them attack Israel. On the other hand, Israel keeps crying, help, help, Iran will bomb me ... while the worst Arab terrorists don’t even touch Israel. Isn’t something fishy here? 

Well, Israel is not that far from Syria .. but they are choosing to move into Lebanon now ... why?  Al Qaeda is all over the MiddleEast ... but not in Israel ... why?


Some Q&A on this topic


Q. Because Hamas is already there for Israel.

A. Hamas doesnt do shit to Israel ... only rocket fireworks that doesnt kill anyone.


Q. ISIL wants to first consolidate its power in the region before attacking other countries.

A. If ISIL was about consolidating its power in the region then it would never behead Americans, British and French. It would never threaten America and invite military action against it.

All of its acts only show that ISIS is nothing but an invitation and excuse for continued military action in the MiddleEast. In fact ISIS was used as an excuse to openly arm and train Syrian rebels ... which we were not doing till now. We have only expanded "our military" works in MiddleEast on the pretext of ISIS.

Why isnt Israel attacked and why doesnt Israel spend its money on these stupid terrorists? Why do we have to spend money all the time?


Q. You attack Israel and you will die. They are afraid of Israel.

A. I see ... as per your argument ISIS is more afraid of Israel than America? Because Israel is more powerful than ... who exactly?

These are terrorists ... they dont care how powerful you are. All they need is access and a few bombs to blow up in your country. Why isnt that done is Israel? 911 in America, subway bombs in Spain, public bombing in UK ... this is Al Qaeda's record. ISIS beheads Americans, British and French ... but no one touches Israel. Because Israel is more powerful than all of these countries?


Q. ISIS cannot reach Israel, that's why they cant attack Israel.

A. Do you know that ISIS threatened subway bombings in America?


Q. ISIS is an army not a terrorist group.

A. These are terrorist groups trained by none other than our war contractors in Iraq. Having more weapons and people makes them an army?

The war contractors pussified the Iraqi army and trained terrorist groups so that their contracts continue. It is simple as that.

There is no army, no Sunni Shia clash, no Islamic caliphate ... they are Al Qaeda groups trained by our war contractors. doing only that invites military action from the West ... providing them the contracts that they want. This is the show that is going on.

Since they are trained by "our war contractors" they dont attack Israel. Because Israel is just too powerful in America. These war contractors will get their asses kicked. That's the main story behind the scenes.