27 Jul 2014
Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza is a geo-political gimmick to get Syria & Iran involved in the conflict.

Israel's ground invasion of Gaza is a geo-political gimmick to get Syria & Iran involved in the conflict.

Israel invades Gaza while American politicians sit back and wait for their target countries “Syria & Iran” to get involved.

500 civilian deaths in Gaza is “bait” for a bigger war. Cold heartless war politics.

1. The conflict starts off by the killing of one Palestinian.
2. Both of them start exchanging fire. Palestinians throw rockets ... Israelis rain in missiles.
3. One Israeli gets killed ... while more than 100 Palestinians are killed. They don't stop at that. They continue raining missiles on Gaza even though the force is unbalanced for about 5 days.
4. Then they initiate a ground invasion of Gaza to "demilitarize" Gaza.
5. Once in Gaza, they start using "cancer inducing" chemical weapons on the civilians. Like Phosphorus bombs ... these bombs raise temperature to a 1000 deg. and will easily melt armor and human bodies.
6. They use illegal weapons like Flechette Shells ... these shells throw thousands of nail like metal darts in all directions ... killing everything in the area ... men, women, children and even cats and dogs.

Israel claims that they are protecting themselves and demilitarizing Gaza ... while causing maximum casualties in the most painful manner ... only to invite Syria and Iran in the conflict.

And our lovely American politicians ... sit waiting in silence ... for their target countries to enter the conflict. We wait in silence while hundreds of civilians are being hacked to death ... only to invite a bigger war ... profitable for a few hands. Cold heartless war politics.