10 Jul 2016
"Cops shooting black people" is a banker designed strategy to keep America occupied by terror and chaos
in America

Justice w/ Judge Jeanine Pirro 7/9/16 - Latest from Dallas, Obama's Reaction, Witness interviews


This woman is such a suck up. She is supposed to be a "judge" and her show is named "justice" ... and she is totally biased and a total suck up. She is professionally unqualified to run this show or be in this occupation. Firstly, these incidents are not just happening on their own ... they are pre-planned and artificially created. Secondly, the last thing that you should do is "take sides" when black people and policemen are concerned. It is only stupid to take sides and the moment you have taken sides then you already lost ... you have been played, you have entered their game and this game is designed only for them to win.

I will tell you what is going on. Did you observe what happened in the last couple of weeks? There was an event in Istanbul. And the American media went cuckoo over it ... it was so madly covered in the West as if something happened in the White House. Every major media channel was running programs and discussing ISIS, Al Qaeda, 911, Islam and Jihad along with this "Istanbul event". This event was being used at a full fledged scale to create Islamophobia and to give an "illusion" of an expanding ISIS ... when in reality ISIS is being crushed, Russia is doing a fantastic job in Syria and in the next few months hopefully most of Syria will be cleansed off from most terrorist activities.

Observe the timings of these events

And then after a few days ... they carried out events in Saudi Arabia. Observe their timing of these events ... ISIS is being cleansed off from Syria, many cities have been liberated from ISIS and ... more and more territory is being gained by government forces. This is something that they don't want. The objective here is to keep America busy in war. The objective is to increase conflict and chaos. What's happening in Syria is totally on the contrary. These events were carried out in Turkey and Saudi Arabia only to publicly justify the involvement of Turkish and Saudi forces in Syria on the pretext of fighting ISIS. These events were carried out only to flare up the conflict in the Middle East.

We wrote this article on the day events happened in Saudi Arabia:

Attacks in Turkey and Saudi carried out to escalate the conflict in Syria

Interestingly ... Putin calls up Obama and both of them decide to "strengthen their cooperation" in Syria to fight ISIS. Instead of the conflict escalating ... cooperation was strengthened in the Middle East. Now, here is something fantastic that happened after that ... lol ... these Jewish Bankers who are designing this whole show ... they immediately needed a diversion. They could not continue on the same path of focussing on the events in Turkey and Saudi Arabia ... because their plan had already been exposed ... and world leaders had already taken remedial measures. If they continued talking about these events then they would only stupidly continue on a plan that is already exposed ... only to ridicule themselves even more. They could not continue on making calls that "Turkey should send in ground forces and America should provide air power". They could not continue with the same media strategy ... they had to immediately deflect from it. That's exactly when "cops shoot two black men within 48 hours". And the entire media attention turned from "ISIS, Al Qaeda, 911, Islam and Jihad" towards "black people, white cops and black lives matter".

If you note ... the event in Istanbul was very extensively covered in the Western media but the events in Saudi Arabia were quickly winded up. The whole focus has been deflected so quickly that nobody is even talking about these events now. What America should realize is that ... all of this bullshit called ISIS and "cops shooting black people" ... both of them are "artificially designed" to keep American minds, funds and actions occupied by chaos. Both of them are banker designed.

We learnt a few nice things from this.

  • Point number one. Once exposed ... see how quickly these guys change their plans.
  • Point number two. Putin power ... see how quickly they run away from territory where Putin has his reach. Putin scares the shit out of these guys. Lol. Long live Putin and Russia! Putin can provide the world with a unique leadership when it comes to dealing with these Jewish Bankers.
  • Point nummber three. See their desperate techniques of keeping America occupied by terror and chaos. Killing innocent people is a part of their strategy.