05 Jul 2016
Attacks in Turkey and Saudi carried out to escalate the conflict in Syria
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Wave of suicide strikes in Saudi Arabia

Yeah right, attack Turkey on one side and then attack Saudi Arabia on the other side after a few days ... inviting both of these countries to intervene in Syria. These attacks are designed only to escalate the conflict in the Middle East and to involve both Turkey and Saudi Arabia on a war footing.

Why do this now? Now, here's the ground level reality. Russia has been doing a fabulous job of eliminating terrorists in Syria. Vast territories and various cities have been taken away from terrorists and brought into government control where life is mostly normalized. Obama is strongly against any direct intervention in Syria and if they wait for another 6 months for Obama to leave office ... then Russia would have already solved most of the terrorist issue in Syria. Once the problem has been already solved to a great extent then you cannot go in with an army or an intervention to do anything.

So, now is the time to invite more intervention in order to flare up the conflict. If Turkey or Saudi gets involved in Syria that means a direct confrontation with Syrian government forces ... which means that the Syrian crisis would be brought back to page one where we are fighting against Assad forces. This is actually what many US politicians are recommending ... "we need to bomb Assad forces, we need to remove him from power". 500,000 people killed, 12 million people displaced from their homes, refusing to take them as refugees ... and they want to go back to page one all over again.

Here is the interesting part ... America was involved in Syria for 3 years and got nothing done ... but Russia got things done within 3 months. When the American government was involved ... the terrorists were only multiplying and occupying more and more territory. The main reason why this is happening is "the Pentagon operations are rigged". The American ground level operations are rigged ... which is why you will find that wherever American forces get involved, the terrorists only keep multiplying. It might be Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Libya. American operations have only multiplied terrorists in these countries. Somehow American weapons end up in the hands of terrorists ... somehow American weapon depots are seized by terrorists ... somehow American military vans are seized by terrorists ... somehow the weapons and supplies air dropped by American forces are picked up by terrorists. Somehow or the other, terrorists tend to flourish and expand their operations wherever American government gets involved. The past 15 years are a proof of this record and it clearly shows that the American government does not work for the best interests for its people because it is rigged to a great extent. Otherwise it would not blow up $2 Trillion to fight terrorism and even then have such a crisis at hand after 15 years of war.

That is point number one. Point number two is that ... since Russia got involved in the war, Russian "intelligence" has also been involved in this conflict. And they are very actively and effectively monitoring the supply of weapons and ammunition to these terrorist groups. Israel weapon manufacturing companies were doing a booming business owing to the conflicts in the Middle East. Israel has been the prime beneficiary in these conflicts with weapon sales going in billions every year. But once Russia got involved all of these military supplies to terrorists has been cut off. Air drops from the American government or direct supplies from Israel ... both of these activities have been put to a stop. Which is why these terrorists groups are retreating so quickly in Russian operations in Syria. The supply channels for these terrorists has been cut off.

ISIS activities and Israel's activities have been put under strict surveillance and monitoring by Russian intelligence. Which is why both of these groups have been rendered incompetent and ineffective in Syria. This withdrawal of terrorist activity, these losses, a slowdown in weapons sales for Israel, the threat of the conflict coming to an end ... all of these are unacceptable situations for Israel and Jewish Bankers who have designed this entire conflict. If Russia wipes out the terrorists from Syria within the next 6 months ... then they will lose a prime opportunity to flare up this conflict for a major war. They are scared of losing this opportunity. Because of Russia's presence in Syria ... they are incapable of doing anything much in Syria apart from losing and running away. This is why they are resorting to terrorist activities in Turkey and Saudi Arabia ... if they can get Turkey or Saudi to intervene then the conflict is back on track ... with billions of funding back in the show ... Israel's weapon sales start booming again and Jewish Bankers get a major war that they want.

Russia cannot monitor activities in Turkey or Saudi which is why these countries become easy places to carry out their activities. In fact, as of now there are many media outlets in the US that are saying ... "Turkey should send in ground forces to fight ISIS and America should provide air power". They are rendered incapable and incompetent in Syria and they are carrying out events in other countries only to flare up a conflict that is mostly resolved.

And in fact, this is mainly why American sources are saying that many Syrian towns face "starvation" and humanitarian aid needs to be supplied. If you want to supply "humanitarian aid" in a foreign country and then you can do it along with the cooperation of the government of that country. How do you expect a country to allow another country to access several towns in their country with absolutely no checks or verification? If you genuinely want to help then you can do it along with the cooperation of the government. The main thing is that "help" is not the intention ... they actually intend to resupply these areas with arms and ammo in the name of humanitarian aid. This "starvation and humanitarian aid" is only a desperate call in order to re-supply towns falling short of supplies. These "starvation" calls have fallen on deaf ears ... nobody cares and it is not creating enough media attention ... which is why they chose the option to blow up a few bombs in other countries to get the media attention. This whole thing is banker designed ... all of these measures are not designed to "end the conflict" ... but these measures are designed only to escalate the conflict to create a large scale war.

A tip for Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Stay away from these conflicts as much as you can. Do not get involved in any NATO military activity. Disconnect your country from any NATO military exercise ... let alone sending troops or participating in the war. These guys will try to use the Sunni-Shia card in order to get you involved. All of that is bullshit. There is a massive elimination plan ... several countries are planned to be "wiped off" in the coming wars. The best thing to do ... to save your country and to save your people ... is to give NATO the finger and install a heavy protective shield for your country. Develop an effective missile shield and protect your country. Do not depend on NATO or America for any support or help ... because that help will not come.

And yes, keep about 500 nuclear war heads pointed at Israel. Just in case a conflict with Russia begins ... Israel will begin nuclear attacks on Arab countries when the time is right. Israel will being a massive elimination plan against your country. This is the main reason why they want you involved in this conflict in the first place. It not about winning over Iran ... it is not about eliminating Iran's influence ... it is not about Sunni or Shia. It will be a massive conflict and Israel is looking at your elimination soon. These guys are liars and deceivers ... do not trust them.

The best thing to do right now ... not only for Turkey or Saudi ... but for all countries in the NATO, Euro and Arab zones ... do not get involved in any conflict, do not side with NATO or Russia ... I repeat DO NOT take any sides ... do not take any sides ... take a neutral stand and move aside. Then build a massive missile shield and army to protect your own country just in case this conflict begins. Third point is, if you are Arab country then keep a few hundred missiles preferably with nuclear war heads pointed at Israel to eliminate the attack possiblity from Israel. These steps will provide you with maximum security in case a major war breaks out in the region. Stay neutral and protect yourself.

They have already deceived Russia very recently

They told Russia ... "Hey, look at America ... it is occupying countries and increasing its influence around the world. You also do the same. Go ahead and do the same in Ukraine." And Russia used the same "rebel based" strategy from Syria and supported the opposition in Ukraine. They lured Russia giving it hopes of increased territory and worldwide influence ... they used Ukraine as "bait" to lure Russia. But the moment Russia started supporting the opposition in Ukraine ... they used NATO to put crippling sanctions on Russia. It has adversely affected Russia's economy, the value of Ruble has plummeted and the once good relations with Europe have been tarnished. One day Russia was doing great, had great relations with all neighboring countries with a strong economy ... and they changed all of that in no time. They have done this to such an extent that today Russia says that its relations have fallen down to the times of cold war with the West.

They fooled Russia under the false pretext of "increased territory". Ukraine was bait. These guys are "war designers" ... they play both sides of the game. On one side they will ask Russia to do something and then on the other side they will make America take action against that. They are playing the same game with Turkey and Saudi Arabia. This Syrian conflict is "bait" ... this Sunni-Shia card is bait. Israel doesn't give a rat's ass about Sunni or Shia. They are only designing a major conflict. If you guys enter the conflict then the whole thing will spiral into a terrible direction.

If Turkey's or Saudi forces enter Syria ... Iran will be activated ... and NATO is already carrying out large military exercises near the Russian border ... Russia is on the edge and on high alert. It will be a very sensitive situation and it can very easily involve into a major war. And trust me, that is not good. It will lead to eventual destruction on both sides of massive scales. Just like fooling Russia ... they are fooling you using the "Shia" card but the plan is to bring a lot of destruction in a lot of countries especially in the NATO, Euro and Arab zones. You need to be very careful. Deal with everything diplomatically and not militarily.

This is bait. Do not fall for this bait. Do not get militarily involved. They are planning to bring destruction on you.