02 Sep 2014
Radical Islam & Islamic Terrorism FAQs
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Radical Islam & Islamic Terrorism FAQs


1. What is Radical Islam?

A. Ask George W Bush ... there is nothing like Radical Islam. All of these terms ... Radical Islam, Islamic Terrorism, Islamic Fundamentalists, Extreme Religion, etc. ... came into existence only after his launch of War on Terror. Before that none of these terms existed and none of them were used in the mainstream media.


2. Were there Islamic Fundamentalists before George Bush?

A. Firstly, Islam is just Islam. There are no versions of Islam. It is a different thing that some people follow more of the religion and some people follow less ... just like in every other religion.


3. How are Islamic Radicals associated with terrorism?

A. It is only misleading to connect religion with crime. A criminal is a criminal irrespective of the religion he comes from. Colorizing a religion taking the activities of a few individuals only shows vested interest.


4. How is Islam connected with War on Terror?

A. Islam is in no way connected with the war on terror. An attempt was made by the Bush Administration to connect the same in order to justify the attack on Muslim Arab countries. Islam, Muslims and Arabs were demonized during the Bush Administration to provide a coverup for their wars. The war on Iraq was unjust and not required ... their argument against Islam did not work.


5. I know all Muslims are not terrorists but most terrorists are Muslim.

A. This is another popular attempt to connect crime with religion. Whereas in fact, Islam itself has very strict laws against criminal activity. Funded organizations with political motives do not represent a religion.


6. What is the difference between common Muslims and terrorists claiming to be Muslims carrying out Jihad?

A. If you see all of these activities and organizations that involve guns and violence ... they are heavily funded groups with political motives. If you pay the person then he will sing whatever song you want him to sing. Most of the people in these organizations are unemployed and uneducated people paid to do whatever they are told. They are not engineers or doctors or educated people from good families with proper jobs.


7. What's with Islamic terrorists blowing up bombs in public places?

A. If you observe criminal behavior ... most crime occurs when you are angry at someone, pissed off at someone, jealous of someone and so on. You will throw a few punches at him or at the most kill him. But even the worst criminals will not go and kill someone he does not even know. It is a very very rare criminal behavior. 


If someone is going around killing people that he does not even know ... then he is coming from a paid organization and he is just following orders. It no way reflects the religion of the person.


8. Is Radical Islam only a propaganda tool for the war on terror?

A. Yes, it is. And the moment your politician starts talking about Jihad and Radical Islam ... know that he is talking about long term wars with Arab countries for oil gain. An example: George W Bush.


9. Are extremely Islamic people violent and terrorist?

A. Islam has been existing since 1400 years and it is followed by about 2 Billion people around the world. Association of Islam and terrorism was started by George Bush to complement his war on terror. On the other hand, before George Bush ... being religious was a nice thing. Religious people ... Pope, Father, Sisters, Imams and Pundits ... were seen as peace loving people who chose to follow God closely. The only things expected from them were words of peace, love and divinity. 


All of the criminal activities carried out by the so called "Islamic Terrorists" ... all of these inidividuals are a part of one or the other funded group ... none of them are simple common Muslims. And our politicians should know this better. They should be promoting peace and tranquility in the society ... and not flare up things by blaming an entire religion or country for the acts of a few hired members of a group. Instead of going after the criminals and throttling their funding sources ... they are blaming religions and countries.


10. Islam was spread by the sword. Islam has violence associated to its root.

A. There is a difference between the spread of Islam and the spread of the Islamic Empire. The Islamic Empire spread from the Middle East all the way till Spain. Moreover, the population 1400 years ago was very less. The largest battalions that were sent contained utmost 10,000 people ... and the casualties were only between 400-500 in each battle. 


Today, we are losing hundreds of thousands of people in wars ... it was not like that at all before. Only Rome, the largest empire during the Islamic times, had an army of about 2 lakh warriors.


11. The Quran talks about Jihad and killing of the infidels. 

A. Yes it does but you cannot read random lines from the Quran and apply them anywhere you want. It would be like reading lines from a chemistry book and applying them in any experiment. All the verses that were revealed pertained to the circumstances that Muslims faced in the early days of Islam. 


The early Muslims were persecuted, tortured and killed only because they believed in one God and did not follow idolatry. They suffered physical, financial and social hardships for years together. The idolaters wanted to wipe out Muslims for good ... it is then that the verses of war and protecting themselves were revealed. 


12. Who is funding these terrorist groups?

A. Interestingly if you observe ... wherever funding from the US goes ... that's where Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations prop up. US funding went to Pakistan ... there is a strong presence of terrorist groups there ... the funding went to Libya, Al Qaeda has its operations over there ... funding went to Syria, Al Qaeda has presence over there ... and the biggest of them all ... Iraq ... ISIS, an offshoot of Al Qaeda appears in Iraq.


So, the biggest funding organization for these groups indirectly appears to be our government sending our tax payer money to them. And then they tell us ... hey, that is your enemy. That is not an enemy ... it is just setup using our own money. No wonder Al Qaeda does only the required harm at the right time and at the right place required for war ... just like 911. And then it sits back and watches the show till further instructions are given. 


Now, ISIS, an Al Qaeda offshoot is carrying out massacres ... facilitating and inviting ... an armed conflict with the US.