06 May 2017
The Origin of Radical Islam
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Donald Trump and the Snake Poem
Trump has recited the “Snake Poem” a few times ... during his campaign and very recently as well. He probably got this poem from a Jewish source. The poem is about an impoverished snake which is picked by a caring lady ... the lady cares for the snake and once the snake is healthy ... it bites the lady. The lady is shocked of how the snake repaid for her care.

So, the moral of the story is that ... a snake will always remain a snake ... doesn’t matter in what condition it is. And if you care for it and make it more healthy ... then it means only more trouble for you. Whoever gave this story to Trump ... they implied this concept on “Muslim Immigrants”. Doesn’t matter if these guys are dying ... don’t take them in ... because it means more trouble for you. That’s what’s implied here.

Since Trump is using this poem as a guideline into looking at a religion followed by more than one billion people ... let’s help Trump understand this poem. There are actually several covers in this strategy ... so if you separate it cover by cover ... then you understand what is actually going on.

The Core Concept - Understand who the snake is
This poem is actually about Jews being expelled from Christian European countries again and again repeatedly throughout history. Jews lost Kazaria ... and they fled as migrants into Europe. They were fleeing war ... Kazaria was taken over by Russia. These “impoverished and war stricken migrants” were given refuge in several European countries. The main reason why Russia took over Kazaria was because of its deviant devil practices and continuous killing and looting in neighboring cities. This killing and looting was not done once or twice ... it was continuously over a period of about a 100 years ... and this entire concept of killing, looting and stealing was made official and legalized ... and conceptualized into a culture. This is the root Jewish problem.

The concept of “Radical” Extremism in Religion
Radical Islam is has been given a lot of publicity nowadays. But Radical Islam did not exist before George Bush ... Islam is more than 1400 years old but this concept of Radical Islam was launched only 16 years ago. Where did they get the idea of “radical extremism” in religion? The truth about divine religions is that ... the more religious you are ... the more holy and peaceful you are. This can be seen among Muslims and Christians. But if you go to Israel ... you will “radical extremists” in religion.

In Israel you will find Orthodox very religious Jewish leaders and people ... who look at people from other religions as animals. Every religion promotes itself and says that it is right. But in this particular Jewish sect ... these guys are at an extreme end who believe that they are the “real human beings” while other non-Jews are actually animals who look like humans. And they have a long list of rules and policies of their superiority ... and how differently the non-Jews should be treated. This entire ideology is based from their roots in Kazaria.

So, if you ask a regular Jew from Israel ... he will say ... you know, we have two extremes in our society ... one on the extreme left who believe in all the modern Christian principles of equality and unity ... but then they have a section that is on the extreme right who believe in Jewish superiority and its associated extremist ideology. They have extreme ends in “religion” ... they have a right and left wing in “religion”. In normal religions ... either you are religious or not. We don’t have a right wing and a left wing in religion. This is religion not politics.

So, if you go to Israel ... Israeli Jews, themselves will accept that yes ... we have some groups and some people who are totally extremist and they follow an extreme radical ideology. “Radical extremism in religion” is a Jewish thing ... I repeat ... radical extremism in religion is a Jewish thing. The concept of radical extremism does not exist in Islam. There is absolutely nothing wrong in Islam ... you can be as religious as you want ... the more religious you are, the more peaceful you are (with the exception of Iran).

Go to any GCC country and ask the people out there ... are there any extremely religious people who dislike and mistreat non-Muslim people? Go ahead ... you yourself can verify ... go to Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain, UAE ... and try to find a group of people that mistreats people only because they are Jews or Christians or Hindus. This type of ideology does not exist in Islam ... such leaders do not exist and nor do their followers (with the exception of Iran ... details later on Iran).

Go to Israel ... speak to the “black Israeli Jews”. They will tell you of how a long list of Rabbis ... not just Jews ... “Rabbis” signed a declaration to not to let out or sell any property to “black Israeli Jews” in the area. This is not some wacko Jews doing this ... this is done by “Rabbis” ... their religious leaders. Now, go to Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi or UAE and try to find any area where Black people are not given accommodation just because of their color. Go ahead and do your own verification.

If you go to GCC countries and even ask such questions ... they will laugh at you. They will be like ... what the hell are you talking about?

Reverse Application
But then ... yes, you will see that ISIS is there ... and they are doing a lot of crappy stuff ... and somehow the concept of Radical Islam is in the picture. This is an Establishment agenda ... this is what Establishment monopoly facilitates. What these guys have done is ... financed one group, created the entire group on a pre-planned concept ... and they are running the agenda in the media that they own. The main question here is ... why did they come up with the concept of “Radical Islam”? They could use any other terrorism concept ... why did they base this on an “extremism within Islam”?

This is a concept of “reverse application”. Their basic existence is based upon lies, fooling and misleading. They are basically practicing all of their satanic culture and beliefs under the cover of Judaism. They are actually devil worshipers protecting Satanism under the cover of a mainstream religion. And they were very very successful. When they told the truth ... they were expelled. When they said ... hey, we love witchcraft and we worship the devil ... they were kicked out of European countries. So their survival was based upon living under covers and lying to the people around them.

Reverse Application in Communism
You know what they did in Communism? They setup a team ... to demonize Democracy and Capitalism ... and show Communism as the best thing in the World. This was the agenda and they put in resources, writers, artists, film makers and the entire media. And what were all of these guys doing? Showing Democratic countries like America as the demons ... “everything is bad and wrong about America” ... their democracy is wrong, rights for people is wrong, people owning companies is wrong ... everything about them is wrong and bad.

What was this? This was “reverse application”. In reality, they were suppressing Christianity ... killing Christian priests by tens of thousands ... executing anyone who opposed them ... killing millions of people, Christian people. They were the actual demons. They ran an agenda based upon a reverse application theory. They took everything wrong about them and put it on the good guys. It was a successful agenda ... it lasted for more than 70 years. They were able to pull it off because they owned the media in Communist countries.

Radical Islam and Reverse Application
Demonization of Democracy was a splendid success in Communism. They took everything bad that they did and placed it on Democracy. It is the exact same application of the “reverse application theory” ... when it comes to Radical Islam.

  • There are extremists in Islam
  • There are fundamentalists in Islam
  • They hate Christians
  • They hate non-Muslims
  • They want to take over the world
  • They want to establish a caliphate

In real time if you see ... all of the above actually exists in Judaism ... in an extreme wing within Judaism. They are able to pull off this concept only because they own the media in the West and they are financing this group to carry out activities based upon their plan. They took all of the crap that exists in their extremist ideology and they superimposed it on Islam. They took something beautiful and peaceful ... and tarnished its image.

They are running the agenda since the past 16 years. Is it working? To a great extent, yes it is. Do you think they will ever stop this? Do you think there will ever be an end to this? You will get the answer ... if you ask the question ... did they want Communism to end? They benefited from Communism ... they never wanted Communism to end. Today they are the ones who benefit from this. They say that Muslims want to rule over the world and setup a caliphate ... okay fine ... let's verify that.

  • Who owns all of the banks? Do Muslims own your banks?
  • Who owns all of your media? Do Muslims own your media companies?
  • Who owns all of your major corporations? Do Muslims own your corporations?
  • Who controls your politicians? Do Muslims control your politicians?

Look and verify ... and you will see who wants to rule over the world.

Snake Poem – Reverse Application
Now, let’s get back to Trump’s snake poem. So now ... who is the snake, Donald? If you look closely ... the actual snake is the Establishment.

  • They are the ones who are leeching out your resources
  • They are the ones who are getting hundreds of billions as interest via debt
  • They are the ones who put your children in $1 Trillion student loans
  • They are the ones who put your families in $3 Trillion Mortgage loans
  • They are the ones who have poisoned your society
  • They are the ones who are actively working on terminating your countries

You took them in and they have already bit you. They have bit you in numerous ways and numerous times ... and your country is dying. Now, they are coming to you and saying ... “those Muslims are like snakes, take them in and they will bite you”. What is this? It is a simple reverse application ... a nice successful technique. It delivers two things:

  • Creates a deviation. Firstly, you are deviated to something else other than the main culprit.
  • Waste of time and resources. Secondly, you waste your time and resources in looking for a problem at a place where there is no problem. It leads to total stagnation. The problem keeps growing and you are never able to solve the problem ... because you are looking at the wrong place.

Hundreds of Millions to Pakistan
You know what is one of the first things that they did to handle Radical Islam? They said ... “this problem is from Islam and they are preaching this radical ideology in the Muslim “Madrasas” ... so what to do? Let’s work with Pakistan and make sure that radical ideology is not being taught in these Muslim schools”.

In the beginning the wars were in Afghanistan ... they were about Taliban ... so Pakistan was in the highlights then. So they gave hundreds of millions to Musharraf ... seeking cooperation of the Pakistani government in controlling the Muslim schools. Musharraf said ... “of course yes, we will cooperate with the US ... please give me those hundreds of millions”. He took that amount and kept it in his pocket. After a while ... the US came to cross check ... did the Pakistani government make sure that radical ideology is not being taught in Muslims schools? Musharraf said ... “of course we did ... please go ahead and check for yourself”. Lol ... there was nothing to do. Musharraf thought ... “these fools want to spend hundreds of millions in controlling something that does not exist ... why should I miss the chance?” He took the amount and kept it in his pocket ... and gave results without any effort required.

Stop looking in the wrong place
All of their concepts are based upon lies and misleading. Stop looking at the wrong place and targeting the wrong people. Activate efforts on the right place and people ... then you will get results. And the right spot is ... “the Jewish Establishment” ... not Islam, not Muslims and not Muslim countries.

The best of Goyim are like snakes whose heads should be smashed
And here’s the best part ... you know what the Talmud says about Christians and non-Jews? It says ... the best of Goyim are like snakes whose heads should be smashed. Why do they have this sentence? We don’t have a similar ideology in the Bible or the Quran. The ideology that we have is that ... all human beings are created by God and we should call all of them to the right path ... there are good people everywhere. But the Talmud teaches that the best guys among Christians and non-Jews are like snakes whose heads should be smashed. Why?

Why are the best of Goyim a threat to them? Because our ideology is based on God and people ... doing what is right in God’s light and doing what is right for the people is embedded in our religion and ideology. These guys are on a total contrast ... they are into devil worship, lying, stealing, misleading, fooling and killing people is a part of their ideology. They are natural enemies of the divine realm. Which is why Jews were continuously expelled again and again from several Christian European countries ... because of their crime and malice.

The good guys among us are natural enemies for them. Because the good guys among us do what is right, what is right for the people and what is right in the light of God. And when you do what is right for the people and the country in the light of God then you end up standing up against their practices and systems. You start speaking and working against their malicious techniques and exploitation systems. Which is why ... for them ... the best among the Goyim are like snakes whose heads should be smashed. Because the moment you do what is right for the people then you are an opposing force for them.

Which is why if you see ... today Trump is heavily demonized by the Establishment media ... why? Because he is a good guy trying to do what is right for the people and country. The same applies to Putin ... the same applies to Angela Merkel. What is common among all of these three? They are good guys who are doing what is right for their people and country ... making them natural enemies of the Establishment.

So, the snake poem that Trump is reading ... for the Establishment “Trump is the snake” ... Trump is the opposing force ... they fear that Trump will demolish all of their systems. Which is why they are at such unease and they are continuously demonizing Trump in the media. This is a reverse application. They gave Trump a poem about a snake ... asking him to use it against Muslims ... when in real time they see Trump as the snake ... and under this cover if you see ... the Establishment is the actual snake that is killing our countries. It is all hidden under layers of malice.