14 Sep 2016
Anti-Semitism FAQs
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1. This is an Anti-Semitic, racist and hate based website!

Wait, wait, wait ... before we talk about our website ... if you want to know what is racism and hate then you need to read some wonderful quotations from the Jewish "Holy Books" of Talmud and Zohar. See for yourself what these guys are teaching innocent Jewish children. You will know what racism and hate actually is.

2. This is Anti-Semitism!

The above statement is actually a "defense mechanism" based upon Reverse Psychology. The truth is ... Jews are actually being taught to hate and harm non-Jewish people. They are being taught to lie, cheat, mislead and even kill non-Jews for personal benefit. But if you quote this ... then they use Reverse Psychology and blame their malice on you ... saying that ... you are a hater, you are a racist and you are Anti-Semitic. It is a defense mechanism used to suppress any scrutiny of this ideology and its by-products.

3. Do you hate Jews?

Nope. We love Jews, Satanists and Atheists. All of them are our fellow brothers and sisters ... and children of the same Adam and Eve like all of us. They deserved to be loved and guided onto the right path like everyone else. 

4. Why do Jews have such a racist and hateful ideology in their religion?

Actually, they are not Jews. These guys are actually Satanists from the Kingdom of Kazaria. Kazaria was the only "devil worshiping" Satanic country in Europe around the Caspian Sea. Satanism was the official religion of this country. Warfare and agriculture were the two main sources of revenue of this country. Owing to their repeated looting, raping and killing in neighboring countries ... this country was pressurized in changing its ways. It was pressurized to change follow a monotheistic religion and the given choice was Christianity, Islam or Judaism. Because of the massive pressure of Islam from the East and Christianity from the West ... they chose to convert to Judaism. Although, this conversion was only namesake. The entire country converted to Judaism ... conversion was as simple as taking a dip in the Caspian Sea. They had absolutely no intention of following Judaism. So what they basically did was ... they took all of their Satanic ideology and Satanic books ... and "inserted" them into Judaism.

5. Are the Talmud and Zohar Jewish Holy Books?

The Talmud and Zohar are not actually "Jewish" Holy Books. These books contain all of the Satanic ideology and practices that were carried out in the Satanic Kingdom of Kazaria. Their loyalty actually lies towards Kazaria and Satanism. 

6. Are the Torah and Talmud the same?

No, they are not. This is the major difference between the Torah and the Talmud. The Torah was given to Moses ... it has a divine Godly source and all of its preachings are positive and constructive ... like other divine religions like Christianity and Islam. They are taught to love, support and help everyone. But on the other hand, the Talmud teaches the opposite ... it teaches to lie, cheat, mislead and kill. It teaches Jews that this is their divine right over non-Jews ... and that doing all of these wrongful and criminal activities is their divine right. The main source of this criminal ideology is the Talmud and its related books.

7. Why are Jews allowed to lie, cheat, mislead and kill non-Jews?

This is not actually a divine revealed religion. It is Satanism. The major issue in Kazaria was that ... it was a very poor and illiterate country mainly dependent upon agriculture. If the crops failed, the people had to starve. Because of their lack of knowledge and technology ... they knew no other option. So, what they resorted to was ... go into neighboring villages and cities ... loot, steal, kill and rape ... this provided them with enormous resources with little effort. All they had to do was go out there and steal. The King of Kazaria made this activity "official and legal". This is why Kazaria focussed on warfare. He trained groups of tens of thousands of men ... whose primary purpose was attacking and looting from other cities. He made this as a "religion" allowing Kazarians to lie, steal, cheat and kill non-Kazarians for their welfare. 

8. What was the culture in Kazaria?

Being a very poor and illiterate country ... relying mainly on agriculture and warfare for survival ... decadence and violence was widespread in Kazaria. The King officially allowed all types of criminal and violent activities against non-Kazarians. He saw that stealing and looting brought about great wealth to the country. He turned towards Satanism and made all of criminal, violent and decadent activities as "religion" of his country. He saw that all of these criminal activities "made him money" and he thanked Satan for helping him and guiding him in these activities. As a result, what we got in Kazaria was millions of people practising sexual perversions, various drugs, violent activities of crime against themselves and others. 

9. Why are some Jews so violent against non-Jews?

This is exactly what was taught in Kazaria. They were taught that Kazarians are superior and it was their divine right to steal, loot and kill non-Kazarians for their benefit. This ideology is not actually from Judaism. This was practised as "religion" in Kazaria. Once Kazarians converted to Judaism, they took all of this Satanic Kazarian ideology and culture ... and inserted it into Judaism as religion. 

10. What is the difference between Original Jews and Kazarian Jews?

Well, the original Jews had their own issues with money, killing Prophets and disobeying God ... and favoring worldly gain over following God's word. They had their own wonderful reputation. I am sure there were some righteous Jews as well. But once Kazarians converted to Judaism ... the crime from the Jewish community sky rocketed.

11. Why did the Kazarian King choose Judaism?

Firstly, because they were forced to choose a monotheistic religion. Secondly, because the Jewish community was a tiny minority and it posed no threat to the Kazarian Kingdom. The Islamic and Christian Empires were very large and they saw these two Empires as a major threat. And thirdly, because Jews never had a country of their own ... they existed in small pockets in a few countries. It would be easy for them to change Judaism with very little resistance. If they ever dared to change Islam or Christianity then they would face the wrath of vast Empires. So, they picked Judaism and made massive changes within Judaism. Yes, the original Jews showed a lot of resistance to these changes but they were overcome by the larger Kazarian Jewish segment.

12. Why does the Talmud preach Jews to lie, cheat, mislead and kill non-Jews?

If you read some quotations from the Talmud, you will realize that it is actually Satanic Kazarian practices that have been incorporated into Judaism as religion. In Kazaria, they were taught to dislike and hate non-Kazarians ... it helped them in stealing, looting and killing non-Kazarians ... it helped them make money. The exact same ideology has been translated into the Talmud and it facilitates the same actions against non-Jews. It teaches Jews that they are the only ones who are human ... the rest of humans are actually animals who look like humans ... and these non-Jews are created to serve Jews ... you can lie, cheat and kill them for your benefit. These teachings are totally on a contrast when compared to the Torah. These teachings are actually Satanism that was practised in Kazaria.

13. Are Jews aware of the Satanism within Judaism?

There is a huge segment of Jews that are aware of this ... but then again it depends upon how religious you are. In today's Judaism, the more religious you are towards the Talmud and Zohar ... the more you follow this Satanic criminal ideology ... which gives us a wide spectrum of Jews when it comes to the Satanic ideology. There is an orthodox segment of Jews that actually studies and practices this ... they would be at an extreme level of Satanism. This would be a minority. The major segment is actually aware about this ideology but they dont study and practice it as much ... however they show support for this ideology and its by-products. And there is another major segment that ... neither studies nor practices this ideology ... they are essentially the unware Jews who live their lives like any other person. There is a small minority who is aware of this ideology and it is against the Talmud and its preachings. So, you cannot put all of them in one box ... its a huge varying spectrum out there.

14. What do Jews mean when they say that "we were targeted only because of our religion!"?

When Jews say that "we were targeted only because of our religion! We were targeted only because we are Jews" ... they are actually referring to their entire history of Satanism from Kazaria. The Kingdom of Kazaria did not stop its criminal activities even after converting to Judaism. Because of repeating complaints and massive issues created by this region, the Russian Czar took over this Kingdom and made it a part of Russia. A lot of Kazarian Jews fled into Western Europe ... while the remaining became a part of Russia. Today, the people in this region are either Christian or Muslim and Satanism is no longer practised here. But when our lovely Kazarians entered Europe ... they took their Satanic Kazarian culture with them to Western Europe. They started practising witchcraft, decadent activities, introduced drugs and started criminal activities that resulted in stealing and misguiding Christians. According to them, they were just practising their religion. This was their religion and this is what their religion taught them. They were expelled because of these disturbing criminal practices. That's why Jews say ... we were targeted only because of our religion ... only because were were Jews. 

15. Why do some Jews hate Christianity and other religions? Why does the Talmud preach against Christians?

Because of the massive flood of Kazarian Satanists, who called themselves Jews, into Western Europe after the fall of Kazaria ... we got a huge increment of witchcraft, decadent and criminal activities in Western Europe ... which led to the inquisition. If you see their entire history of more than 2000 years ... their country was "wiped off the map" because it practiced Satanism ... because it was looting, killing and raping non-Kazarians. But according to them, their country was destroyed only because of their religion ... their religion allowed them to do this ... this was their divine right. Similarly, the inquisition lasted for hundreds of years ... during which mainly Jews were targeted ... because they were practising witchcraft and they were carrying out criminal activities in the society. But according to them ... they were targeted only because of their religion and that they were Jews. This is one of the reasons that they hate Christianity and other religions. All of the divine religions, speak against Satanism ... against Satan ... against crime ... against lying, cheating, misleading and killing each other. All of these religions are technically opponents of Satanism ... making the followers of these religions against Satanic Jews and their practices. They see us a threat because of the very principles that our religions teach.

16. How does embedding Satanism within Judaism help Satanic Kazarians?

They know that Christian and Muslim countries will never embrace Satanism. Satanism will never be accepted in these countries, societies and people. Kazaria was destroyed because of Satanism ... the inqusition was carried out for hundreds of years because of Satanism ... and these guys lost their own country ... and they have to live among us. So, they came up with a "skinned" way of living ... living under a different skin. These guys are actually Satanists ... but they are living as Jews. They are actually practicing and teaching Satanism to their children ... but they do it in the name of Judaism. The Talmud, Zohar and related books are actually a collection of Satanic ideology and culture ... but they call it the "Holy Books" of Judaism. The only thing that is true is ... when they say "these are divine revelations from our god" ... technically that is a true statement ... their god is Satan ... what they are saying is ... all of these Satanic ideology, practices and books are a revelation from Satan ... and that is true. They are protecting all of this under the cloak of Judaism. Being under the cloak of Judaism, helps them fight and secure Satanism as an official religion in power with other divine religions. It helps them give Satanism the same rights as any other religion. It helps them teach and practice Satanism openly with no opposition.

17. Why do Jews promote pornography, homosexuality, drugs and other sexual perversions?

Again ... these guys are actually not Jews ... they are actually Satanists living under the cloak of Judaism. Drugs and sexual perversions was a way of life and treated as religion in Kazaria. You will find that the leading pioneers of groups related to pornography, homosexuality, drug promotions and other sexual perversions are mainly Jews. It is because this is "religion" for them and their religion teaches them ways of making money. Kazaria was a very poor and illiterate country ... they were making money using these activities. That's why you will find that pornography, drugs and guns are multi-billion dollar industries in America. All of these have been actively promoted by Jewish groups. It is a part of their religion and their religion is helping them make money. They think that it is a divine blessing for them and it is their divine right to do all of this ... while we think it is perversion and crime. 

18. Why did Rothschild choose "Palestine" to form Israel? 

Firstly, because of the same reason why the Kazarian King chose Judaism. The Jewish people were very weak people living as a minority in small pockets in a few countries. It would be very easy to change Judaism and overcome any resistance from the original Jews. Currently, Kazaria is taken over by Russia ... Rothschild could never dare to stand up against Russia and face the Russian wrath. So, it chose a weak country as close to Europe as possible to create Israel. Palestinians were very poor, backward in technology and they had no resources to defend themselves ... it was the safest place to steal the land and form a country ... because they would face little resistance which they could easily overcome. Secondly, because they were claiming themselves to be Jews ... which ended up to be a successful strategy ... they were able to fool others and live under a cloak. Palestine had historic roots of the Jewish religion which gave them a cloak to form a country ... that it is their "divine right and the Holy Land is their promised land". The Torah itself says that Jews are not supposed to create a country of their own and they are forbidden from the same ... but the Talmud teaches everything opposite of the Torah. Thirdly, because Rothschild needed a location close to Europe near to the sea so that it is easy for him to transfer his wealth to Israel.

19. Why does 65% of the Jewish population define theselves as "Atheist"?

Well, if Jews are actually the children of Moses ... they are the chosen ones ... and they have the blood and genes of Prophets in them ... then why is the majority of them going "Atheist"? They have actually banned the preaching of religion in Israel. If you give the Bible to anyone in Israel then you can face a prison sentence for upto 5 years. Most of the stuff that is taught in Judaism is criminal and deviant. The majority of the population is moving away from Judaism and choosing to define themselves as Atheist ... owing to their lack of interest in Judaism and no intention of practising Satanism.

20. Why did Jewish Communist rulers promote "Atheism" in Communist countries?

If you see, Atheism was widely promoted in almost all Communist countries. Firstly, because they could not promote Satanism as there would be massive revolts from the people ... and they hated Christianity. So, they resorted to Atheism as a secodary option. Secondly, the primary purpose was to stop the worship of God, stop the spread of Christianity and Christian principles ... and pull people away from it. 

21. Why did Jewish Communist rulers destroy thousands of Churches and kill thousands of Priests and Clergymen?

Firstly, because of hate built-in against Christianity because of the inquisition. The inquisition lasted for hundreds of years and it targeted Jews because of their practice of Satanism. This was the Satanic Jewish response towards the Church and Christianity. Secondly, because Christianity contains teachings against Satanism and devil worhship. Wiping out Christianity and Christian principles would help them diffuse the aggression against Satanism and their deviant culture.

22. Why did Jewish Communist Rulers kill more than 100 Million Christians?

As per their religion and the teachings of the Talmud ... non-Jews are animals who only look human. Non-Jews can be used and killed like sheep and cattle by Jews ... this is their divine right. So, they went on a mass killing spree against whoever questioned or opposed the Communist rule. Moreover, they didn't even like Christians because of the Church's history with Jews.

23. Why did Karl Marx design Socialism which later turned into Communism?

Socialism and Communism are actually products of Satanic Jewish ideology. These guys came up with a system of governance in accordance to their Satanic ideology of using non-Jews for their benefit. They implemented this criminal ideology over the entire Eastern Europe and ruled with terror. For us it is terror ... for them it is a policy ... according to them, this is how non-Jews should be treated ... this is how we will listen to them and do as they say ... if we are terrorized. 

24. How does Israel help in this criminal ideology?
Israel is basically the epi center of this criminal ideology. With the formation of Israel, we have given a group of criminals a country of their own and unlimited supply of wealth via the Federal Reserve System ... using which they are preaching and training millions of innocent Jewish children with this Satanic criminal ideology. These children grow up thinking that it is their divine right to lie, cheat, steal and kill non-Jews. They end up creating and supporting systems that exploit non-Jews.

25. Why do a huge portion of Jews support Israel and all of its policies?
If you see ... all of other religions ... the people don't tend to blindly support their countries of religious base. If the leaders of those countries do something right ... we support them otherwise we don't. But a huge portion of Jews support Israel, its politicians and its policies doesnt matter how malicious they are. Why? Firstly, because Talmud teaches to be very aggressive against fellow Jews who don't support this ideology. If a Jew does not support Israel and its policies then he will be very badly treated by Israel and the Jewish community. They are termed as "self-hating Jews". Secondly, because most of the large corporations are owned by Jews in America ... they have established a financial network that integrates and supports Jews. One way to get rich quick in America is to convert to Judaism. This network provides a lot of business to Jewish organizations. Messing with Israel or with Jewish ideology can invite the wrath of this financial network. Thirdly, because it is a criminal ideology designed to benefit Jewish organizations and Israel at the expense of non-Jews. Their own religion facilitates this ... by supporting Israel and these policies ... they are supporting their own religion.

26. Why is Israel so aggressive against Palestine?
It is mainly because of their religion. Their religion teaches them to treat non-Jews in this manner.

27. What is the "Jewish Problem"?

The Jewish Problem is that these poor fellows are sticking to acts of violence, crime and decadence thinking that it is religion. They are continuously being taught the same via their supposedly Holy Books of Talmud and Zohar. Which is why ... there is repeated crime coming from the Jewish community ... which is why they are repeatedly expelled from countries again and again ... which is why they repeatedly continue the same activities despite being expelled. Because nobody was successful in getting rid of the Talmud and the criminal ideology that it preaches. The only thing these guys keep getting better in is ... concealing their works, diverting people, increasing the scale of crime, multiplying their revenues & profits, exploiting people and destroying countries ... with the use of better technology and techniques. This is the Jewish Problem. 

28. How to stop this criminal ideology?

Well, if you want to stop the criminal ideology then you have to stop the preaching of this ideology and ban all books related to this ideology. The Talmud, Zohar and all related books should be banned. They should be banned from teaching in all Jewish religious schools and colleges. Possession of all printed and digital forms of these books should be banned. This should be accomplished at the international level as well as in Israel. Israel is basically the center of this criminal ideology ... it is like the University of Crime ... which keeps on churning thousands of criminals every year. If you want to stop the crime then you have to stop the teaching of this criminal ideology in all institutions.

29. Do we think Israel should not exist?

We think that Israel should exist. It makes it easy to solve the problem. Having all the people with the same ideology at one place makes it easy to teach them and change them to a different ideology. The only problem is the Israeli government which is nothing but the frontend tool for Jewish Bankers who have setup Israel. This government needs to be removed via an international force and the Jewish people should be molded into the right ideology with the right democratic principles of love and affection for all. 

30. Will Jews oppose the ban of Talmud?

Of course, they will. They consider the Torah to be a book of only "beliefs". The main religion and practices are actually contained in the Talmud ... there is no Judaism without the Talmud. This is what they believe in. They will fight to protect it because this is the main thing that they have been concealing since thousands of years. This is their strategy to safeguard Satanism from others ... which is why you will need an international military intervention in Israel to get this done. However, it can be successfully accomplished in other parts of the world. 

31. Why has Rothschild made it a policy to actively promote the Talmudic ideology?

If you see ... Kabbalah and Scientology ... both of them are by-products of the Talmud and Zohar ... they are actively promoted around the world. The Talmud is taught at a widespread level throughout Israel and worldwide in all Jewish religious institutions. So, are all Jews criminals? No, the main guys who are running criminals systems under this ideology are the Jewish Bankers, large Jewish Corporations and the Israeli government ... which comprises of only very limited number of individuals. The actual beneficiaries are very few ... but this ideology is taught at a widespread level. Why? Our wonderful Rothschild needs supporters for his criminal and exploitory system. The more Jews follow this ideology ... the more supporters he gets. The more Jews believe that ... they are allowed to lie, cheat and kill non-Jews .. the more supporters he gets for his system. The more Jews think that they are different & should hate non-Jews ... the more support he gets for his system. The common Jews gain nothing fron this shit. By preaching this ideology at a widespread level ... the Jewish Bankers are only getting a support system for themselves ... they are getting aid in crime ... they are getting a network of millions of Jews ... who will rally and support all of the shit that these Bankers and the Israeli government designs. And they are using the common factor that ... our country was destroyed, we were killed in the inquisition, we are different, they will always hate us, we must lie, cheat and kill, it is our right ... all of this is promoted by them only to get a support system for their benefit. The common Jews have nothing to gain here. In fact, the common Jews will be expelled again owing the disaster that these assholes carry out in other countries. The common Jews are actually a victim of this criminal ideology that they mistakenly support. Our wonderful Jewish Bankers have designed a criminal system within a criminal system. He is misleading and exploiting his own people.

32. Is Rothschild the new Kazarian King? 

Yes, Israel is actually the recreation of the Kingdom of Kazaria and many Jews see Rothschild as their Kazarian King. But what they don't see is this ... the Kazarian King used to train and send tens of thousands of Kazarian Jews for war in neighboring countries. But thousands of Jews would also die in those wars ... this would be a repeated cycle ... of new trainees being pulled from their farms and forced to fight in wars by the King. He designed a cycle of Jewish termination ... terminating thousands of Jews in every war and conflict. In fact, he even started renting out battalions of Jews for wars if any country needed them. And all of the spoils of war were designated as "religiously sacred" and they were meant only for the King. The King would take everything that was looted and he was the rightful owner of everything that was gained from the wars. He just gave a meagre supply to the soldiers for their survival. The good news for the farmers and soldiers was that ... they did not starve and the King would lead a lavish life. This entire system was designed for the benefit of the King. This ideology was promoted at a widespread level so that Kazarians would not hesistate in killing and looting others ... and they would risk their lives in doing the same ... but the main beneficiary was only the King. 

33. Why is Israel such a terrible country?

Israel is actually a remake of Kazaria under the same ideology. The life given to Jews in Israel is terribly basic ... when you compare to the development of cities like London, Paris, New York or even Dubai ... Israel stands no where. Why? Because the main purpose of the creation of the State of Israel is to secure the loot of the Rothschild Family. Israel is just a safe zone for reserves. They don't care about industrial development, economic growth, international relations, business flow from other countries, trade relations ... all of this is at rock bottom in Israel. Because the Jewish Bankers ... need the State only to secure their reserves. The people are taught this ideology from the Talmud ... so that they are brought on a common ground ... to support the State ... against the bad Chrsitian and Muslim countries.

34. Why is Israel's security the number one priority for Jews and America?

It is actually not Israel's security that is imporant. What is important is "what is stored in Israel" ... and that is the reserves of the Jewish Bankers. That is why every AIPAC controlled politician goes out there promoting security for Israel and unbreakable support for Israel. And they are continuously preaching this criminal Talmudic ideology to the common Jews ... telling them ... hey, our country was destroyed, these Christians hate you, they are our enemies, we must never trust them and bla bla bla ... only to bring Jews on a common ground to fight and give their lives in support of Israel ... just like the Kazarian King did.

35. Why does Israel keep asking Jews to migrate to Israel?

Firstly, because our lovely Jewish Bankers and Corporations have setup several exploitation in the West. They fear getting exposed and action may be taken against Jews. Secondly, because action may be taken against Israel and they will need a massive army to fight for and protect Israel. The more Jews migrate, the larger the army they get. It is about the malice and security of Jewish Bankers. These guys are misleading and lying to their own people ... and using their lives to protect themselves. And the more Jews will believe in this criminal Talmudic ideology ... the more they will see themselves as "different" from other non-Jewish people ... thus creating more supporters for their criminal systems and Israel.

36. Relations between Israel and the common Jews.

If you see, all of these criminal systems are run by a few guys at the top ... which happen to be Jewish Bankers, Corporations and the Israeli government. They are lying and misleading their own people in order to support their systems. They are making them give their lives to support Israel ... which is nothing but a reserve depository for the Bankers. The beneficiaries are just the guys at the top ... their own people are being used in this system. There is hardly any benefit for the Common Jew. If we eliminate these criminal systems and ideologies ... life will be 10 times better for all people including common Jews around the world. No more lying, no more cheating, no more hiding ... live free and immensely successful ... be loved and respected.

37. Why don't we hear of this "Kingdom of Kazaria"?

Kazaria was a large country of about 8000 Sq Km around the Caspian Sea. It lasted for hundreds of years under various Kings but we rarely know about this Kingdom. We are taught about Romans, Egyptians, Indians and so on ... but history about the Kingdom of Kazaria is skipped from world history. This information is actually "censored". The Kazarian history is kept concealed and out of the limelight ... mainly because the more we know about it ... the more we know about the history of Kazarian Jews and Satanism. The more we know about the culture of Kazaria ... the more we know about Satanic cultures and practices in Kazaria. The more we know about Kazarian ideology ... the more we understand the Talmud and current Jewish behaviors. The history of this country is deliberately kept out of the limelight in order to conceal Jewish history from non-Jews. But once you study Jewish history ... every Jew is taught about Kazaria and what happened to them.

38. Why don't Jews preach Judaism?

If you see ... all religions actively preach and promote their religions. Christians will promote Christianity and Muslims will promote Islam ... its a freaking competition out there ... but interestingly Jews don't promote Judaism at all. Why? Firstly, because they are not actually Jews at all. They have embedded Satanism into another religion and they practice Satanism. If you go out there and invite people to Judaism ... and teach them Satanism ... it may backfire and blow their cover. They themselves are living under a cloak ... and inviting more people to look under that cloak could be troublesome. Secondly, they have absolutely no interest in Judaism or Torah. They themselves don't care much about it ... they say that Torah is more like Christianity and it is all beliefs ... it does not contain the real stuff. And thirdly and most importantly, their main beliefs are teaching them lie, cheat, steal, mislead and kill non-Jews ... inviting Christians and Muslims to this ideology is like inviting a policeman into a criminal gang. Other religions preach because they care ... they love ... and they want to help other people ... pull them on the right path ... and make their lives better here and in the hereafter. But this approach does not apply to Satanic Judaism. Satanic Judaism is all about commiting all possible crimes against other people for their own welfare. 

39. Why was the Talmud burnt by previous European rulers?

Firstly, because it preached a vile ideology of Satanism. Secondly, because the Jews who practised this ideology started practicing witchcraft, committing crimes, spreading drugs and promoted decadent activities in the society. They were repeatedly causing a lot of chaos in the society. For us it is perversion and chaos ... for them it is culture and religion. This is one of the major reasons Jews hated European rulers and they led Communist revolutions against these rulers later on. Because these rulers not only expelled Jews from their countries but they also burnt the Talmud ... which is considered as a Holy Book by the Satanic Jews. According to them ... actions were taken against Jews only because of their religion and only because they were Jews. All of these practices were totally normal in their original country of Kazaria. In fact, their King loved and promoted these activities. So, the bad guys were the European rulers and not the Satanic Jews ... according to them that is.

40. How do you know that the Talmud and Zohar are "Satanic" books?

Firstly, because the Talmud and Zohar don't connect with the life and teachings of Moses. If you see ... the life and teachings of all Prophets and Messengers are an example of what is written in their respective divine Holy Books. Everything that is mentioned in the Quran can be seen in the life and teachings of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). The Quran says be nice to your neighbors ... the Prophet was nice to his neighbors ... the Quran says help the needy ... the Prophet helped the needy ... the Quran says treat children with love and respect your elders ... the Prophet treated children with love and respected his elders. The same applies to the Bible and Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him). Everything that is mentioned in the divine book can be found in the life and teachings of its messenger. The messengers are the role models for their respective books. Now, if you look at the teachings of the Talmud and you try to find Moses doing the same things in his life ... you find absolutely no correlation. The Talmud says lie, cheat, mislead and kill non-Jews. Moses never did all of that. The Zohar teaches mysticism and black magic ... Moses never practiced black magic in his life. There is absolutely no correlation between the life and teachings of Moses and the Talmud and Zohar. Secondly, you get the correlation not from Moses's life but from the cultures and practices of Satanic Kazaria. Here is where you get the exact correlation of what the Talmud is saying. If you read the Talmud and Zohar ... and correlate them with Satanism then you get a perfect match.

41. How can we eliminate the repetition of the malice that originates from this Satanic malice?

Well, the ban of Talmud and Zohar would be the first step to eliminate this ideology from around the world. To eliminate it from its core center ... that is Israel ... we would need a change of governance and the country needs to be brought under the right ideology with the right principles. And now to avoid the repetition of this malice ... we would need to create a chapter in History books of all countries that gives an overview of the Satanism in Kazaria and its resultant exploitory systems that were established around the world via Jewish Bankers and Corporations ... explaining how these systems killed millions of people and exploited billions ... and affected dozens of countries around the world adversely. Every child needs to be aware of this ideology and the malice that it creates in order to foresee it even before it happens ... including all non-Jews and Jews. To enable successful longterm integration of the Jewish people in a peaceful manner around the world ... this ideology needs to be openly exposed, accepted and condemned by the Jewish people themselves. We need to coordinate with them in terminating this ideology for good from the world. 

42. Will Jews cooperate in terminating this Satanic ideology and in the banning of the Talmud?

We will get different sections of Jews when this issue is concerned. The highest resistance will be from Israel, Jewish Bankers and Corporations ... they will use frontend media and policitical entities to stop this change. They will pay Jewish groups to rally against this. Because a change in this policy would mean a massive loss of support for their criminal systems. In fact, if this takes place Jews will expose all other criminal systems as well. What you should realize is that we are dealing with a "criminal system" which deals with its own citizens in an abusive manner if they turn against this system. Most Jews remain silent because they dont want invite problems from these entities. Secondly, because this ideology targets non-Jews ... so they fear a response from us as well ... so it is like trouble from both sides if they speak up. But if given the right support and assurance ... Jews will stand up against this ideology because in today's world we are not living in an illiterate and poor world. This ideology came into existence in Kazaria mainly out of illiteracy, poverty and desperation. But that is not the situation of today's Jews ... they live in the most developed cities of the world ... and there is no need of this barbaric ideology anymore. You are likely to get more cooperation from Jews of Western countries rather than from orthodox Jews in Israel. Secondly, because we are not going to be pissed off at them if they don't convert. They can remain whoever they want to be. Conversion is not the objective ... elimination of the criminal ideology is the objective. 

43. What are the factors that will facilitate in terminating this ideology?

  • Exposure and awareness of this ideology, its associated systems and their impact
  • Guarantee of safety and security for the Common Jews from their criminal enterprises
  • No humiliation and persecution of the Common Jews
  • No requirement for conversions from the Common Jews
  • Showing of more fantastic and positive ways of being successful
  • An understanding of how these systems are holding them back, using them, exploiting them as well as putting them at risk
  • An understanding of how their lives also can be 10 times better with the elimination of these systems
  • An understanding of how the Jewish Bankers designed the expulsion of Jews from Germany to create Israel
  • An understanding of how they want the expulsion of more Jews from America and Europe to add more soldiers to the Israeli army
  • An understanding of how they themselves are held hostage and how they are themselves are the victims of this ideology
  • Love and respect when they move into the right track

44. What type of Jewish population formed Israel in the initial stages?

What our wonderful Jewish Bankers did was ... once they got the approval to form Israel from the British ... they got jobless and homeless Jews from all over Europe and around the world ... in Rothschild's ships and dumped them into Israel. The initial segment of Jews that formed Israel were essentially the most illiterate and poor Jews from around the world. Capitalizing on illiteracy and poverty has been one of the policies of our lovely Satanic Jews. That's what the Kazarian King did ... he used his illiterate people to go out there and fight wars for him. That's what was done in the Communist Revolutions ... they went to the poorest farmers in Eastern Europe and gave them weapons to fight against the government ... the most illiterate people were used to bring about these revolutions. That's what Rothschild did in forming Israel. And currently, that's what they are doing in the Middle East ... using the most illiterate villagers from war torn regions and hiring them for terrorist activities. Use of poverty and illiteracy is a policy for them. Why? That's what they believe in ... you should have no other choice and then you will follow this path ... this is actually one of pre-conditions of learning Kabbalah ... all known ways have been expired, there is no other way ... it is then that you give in and learn Kabbalah. Kabbalah is nothing but black magic and devil worship. They capitalize on a person's or people's illiteracy and desperation to run their policies and systems. 

45. Why do some Jews fiercely defend Israel?

This is what they have done ... they have brought the most illiterate and poor Jews from around the world to create Israel. They gave them a home and a country of their own. Now, they brainwash them preaching them ... how cruel the Christian and Muslim world is ... how they should always fight and protect themselves from the outside world ... how it is a religion for them to do so. They have taken innocent and poor people ... and they are brainwashing them and using them to protect their money.

46. Understanding the nature of the Jewish people.

If you look at them closely ... they have actually been grossly misguided and they have been made a part of a criminal system. Their situation is more like being associated with a criminal gang ... they are locked from both the sides. They themselves have no other option ... if they speak against this system ... then they are called "self-hating Jews" and they are mocked and ridiculed by their entire society ... and face the wrath of their financial network on one side. On the other side ... it is the Christian and Muslim world who would again dislike them for being Satanists ... for knowing all of this and remaining silent for their entire lives. They themselves are held hostage and need to be saved from their criminal systems.

47. What are the options for Jews after banning of Satanism and the Talmud?

Jews must be guaranteed understanding, support and cooperation for their successful transition from Satanic Judaism after the ban of the Talmud. You must know that we are dealing with a very sensitive issue that they are even scared to talk about. If you try to even talk about this ... they are told to deny the very existence of this ideology and any Jewish involvement. So opening of the page itself is going to be challenge but there are other very peaceful transition options available.

  • Torah. If you want to be a religious Jew ... you can continue to follow the Torah and its principles. Kindly dont alter it. 
  • Liberal Jew. Many Christians and Muslims are liberals ... they don't really follow much of what their religion says. What's important out here is ... you dont go with Satanism and criminal systems.
  • Christianity or Islam. If you want to ... you can convert to another religion ... only if you want to. Atheism is something that we will not recommend.