02 Sep 2014
Al Qaeda and ISIS FAQs
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Al Qaeda and ISIS FAQs


1. What is Al Qaeda?

A. A required ghost to scare the American people and use their tax payer dollars in wars, arms and conflicts.


2. Is Al Qaeda the sworn enemy of the United States?

A. Well, that's what they tell us. They also say that Al Qaeda also carried out 911. But facts don't fall into place as per their given argument. If Al Qaeda is the sworn enemy of the United States then, today in 2014, Al Qaeda is in its strongest form. From being a small terrorist organization living in secluded areas ... Al Qaeda has an internationally distributed presence in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and so on ... to the extent that an offshoot of Al Qaeda ... ISIS has its own army and it is overtaking several cities in Iraq. The question is if Al Qaeda is the sworn enemy of the United States then why it is not attacking America or American interests. Moreover, why is Al Qaeda fighting against Assad in Syria in favor of US interests?


3. Did Al Qaeda carry out 911?

A. Well, they say that Al Qaeda carried out 911 and it is a sworn enemy of the United States. But why did it stop after 911? Why weren't there more attacks? Did we eliminate Al Qaeda? Does Al Qaeda have no more funds or arms? It is actually the opposite. Al Qaeda is getting truck load of ships of arms and ammunition in Syria and Libya. But it is surprising that they do not take any measure against US interests.


4. Was Al Qaeda there in Iraq when George Bush attacked Iraq?

A. Actually, Al Qaeda had "no presence" in Iraq at all. This is a very commonly known fact and even Barack Obama mentioned this in his 2008 campaign speeches ... as to why did Bush attack Iraq when Al Qaeda was not even present in Iraq?


5. It is true that Al Qaeda is funded by the US government?

A. Well, that is an interesting pattern that can be observed. The establishment and growth of Al Qaeda has been prominent in those countries where US funding has been channeled. For example, take a look at Iraq itself. We spent more than $1 Trillion over there and an offshoot of Al Qaeda ... ISIS is the most powerful in Iraq.


6. Bush said we went to Iraq to eliminate Al Qaeda. Is that true?

A. Good question. For just argument's sake, let us buy George Bush's argument that Al Qaeda was there in Iraq. Okay fine, we went in there to eliminate Al Qaeda ... we spent $1 Trillion and bombed Iraq for 8 long years. Tell me, after bombing a country for 8 years ... how do you get the strongest opposition from the same country? Were we bombing Iraq to eliminate threats to America ... or were we channeling funds to train and build an army ... for an elongated conflict that would last for another decade?


If you see war patterns then you will find that ... your opposition will be the strongest in the initial conflicts ... and then with each conflict ... it becomes weaker and weaker ... and then you eliminate the opposition and you win over the country. Now, show me in any war across the globe in all history ... where you go out there and bomb the country for 8 long years, you eliminate the opposition ... and from out of nowhere a third group rises and starts taking over cities? And this third group is so strong that the new government itself is finding it difficult to fight with them.


ISIS ... does not fall within the normal patterns of war ... unless this group was already being organized and trained from before.


7. Was the formation of ISIS funded using American Tax Payer money?

A. Let us ponder over this probability and see if we can get some strong clues. We spent about $1 Trillion in Iraq ... would a portion of that amount be enough to recruit a few thousand people and train them with guns and ammo? Would it cover the cost of recuritment and guns? Yes, it would. Did we send so much funds in Iraq? Yes, we did. Did they have enough time to train this group? Yes, they did. Its been about 14 years since we attacked Iraq and we recently stopped flow of funds.


8. What's with the 2014 deadline for withdrawal of troops from Iraq? Why was 2014 chosen?

A. Very good question. The job was already done several years ago. Saddam was gone, a new government was setup, troops were being trained. The only thing it would do is channel funds to war contractors for a longer duration of time for providing their "services". 2014 date only facilitated a long term flow of funds in the hands of war contractors. 


9. 2014 was the withdrawal date of all troops from Iraq and it is also the year when ISIS rises? Does this signify anything?

A. Well, if our tax payer money was being used to organize and train ISIS then it only signifies the launch date of the ISIS program.


10. Who benefits from ISIS and who pays for ISIS?

A. Obviously it is the war contractors who benefit from most war activities and weapon manufacturers get to sell their weapons to both sides. Longer the wars, more the money they make. If ISIS was formed from the Trillion dollar that we spent in Iraq ... then yes, we the American people have paid for the formation of ISIS. And now to combat ISIS, we are again paying for the air strikes and only God knows what more ahead.


11. How long do you think it will take to take down ISIS?

A. Well, before we had to take down only one guy ... Saddam Hussein ... and we took 8 years of war for that. Right now, we have an entire army that has been formed and designed only to elongate war. You can hold at least one decade at hand ... given their current moves.


12. But ISIS is a barbaric group that is going around killing children, women and innocent people. Do you think we should just let things be?

A. Reasons for war is what is required ... 911 was a barbaric event designed to facilitate war. Everything that ISIS is doing right now is only designed to facilitate an armed conflict. 


13. ISIS has all the ideologies of the radical Islamic jihadists.

A. A perfect recipe isnt it? Doesn't it tell you something about the cook? George Bush would have loved it if ISIS was present in Iraq ... but now we have the exact demons that we were looking for. It is just that they came out of the same country after 14 years.


14. How come we could not eliminate Al Qaeda from Iraq even after 8 years?

A. From Iraq? We could not eliminate Al Qaeda from anywhere around the world. I doubt even if that was one of the objectives. And if you see Iraq, a country which had no presence of Al Qaeda ... now it has the strongest group with the same ideology after our lovely presence in Iraq for 14 years.


15. What have we done to eliminate Al Qaeda?

A. Enough to show the people that something has been done ... but not enough to have any actual impact on them. These are terrorist groups ... they need two things for their survival ... funds and guns ... you eliminate their funding then you eliminate their existence. But I don't think our government has taken any measure in this line. Yes but when it comes to Julian Assange, Iran or Russia ... we are very quick in implementing effective throttling sanctions on them.