18 Aug 2013
The Problem


To eliminate Corporate Rule in America and other Western Countries

The Problem

The major problem that America and many other Western Countries are facing is ... “Corporate Rule” ... i.e. government running in favor of companies. And this problem has become so dominant and prevalent especially in America that several policies are run at the expense of the people for corporate benefit.

For example – War on Afghanistan and Iraq. Who did this benefit? The American paid $1 Trillion for these wars ... what benefit did they receive in return? In fact, they are made to pay 3 times more for the same gas after they “won” the Iraq war. The only people who benefited from these wars were the American Oil Companies and War Contractors. Nobody else benefited from these wars.

Many of us sit there and think that Americans are bad people ... all their leaders are war mongers ... and the next thing they want is a war with Iran. Well, I have some good news for you and some bad news. Bad news first ... yes, there are some politicians in America who want a war with Iran ... that too as soon as possible. But the good news is that ... the American people are not a war mongering people. They don’t want war. In fact, almost half the nation went on the streets to stop the war with Iraq.

Some results of corporate exploitation in America –

  • War with Afghanistan
  • War with Iraq
  • $1 Trillion debt per year
  • 20 Million people unemployed
  • Half a dozen cities bankrupt in America
  • War with Libya
  • Ongoing support for civil war in Syria
  • Terrorism and war for democracies

Some techniques used to get these results are –

  • Misleading the people
  • False threats, false danger (WMD in Iraq & Nuclear Power Iran)
  • Terrorism and Radical Islam
  • Not working on policies that drain the economy
  • Keeping Americans busy with other stuff (repeal ObamaCare, immigration, abortion)

The first victims of this corporate control over politics are the American people themselves. They go down in debt of about $1 Trillion every year and 20 million Americans are unemployed. This debt is because of the policies that they are running in the economy right now. First they have exploited the American people themselves ... and then have headed forward to exploit other countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria ... Iran may be next soon. The people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are only secondary victims ... they have first exploited Americans themselves as much as possible.

The root cause of this debt and wars is “corporate exploitation”. If we work at the root cause then it automatically solves all the related ailments as well.