18 Aug 2013
Campaign Information

Campaign Information

Free Syria
Objective: To stop arms supply in the Syrian conflict

The Problem that will be addressed
What the US Administration is doing is ... trying to use the cover of “Arab Spring” and bring about regime changes using force and supply of ammunition in key target Arab countries. Libya is one example and the next victim is Syria.

On the frontend and in the media ... they talk about democracy and protecting people ... whereas on the ground level they have caused the deaths of more than 100,000 civilians already in Syria. This is misleading the people and misusing public funds ... and at the end of the day working for the benefit of oil companies and weapon manufacturers. This “corporate driven” political system seems to be the core problem that Americans are facing and the same problem is faced by several other victims at an international level.

Nuclear Iran
Objective: To help in the development of a Nuclear Defense System for Iran

The Problem that will be addressed
Obviously ... owing to America’s corporate driven political system ... the next target is Iran after Syria. Stopping of Iran’s Nuclear Program is a proof of their ambitions. Why shouldn’t a legitimate country that is thousands of years old ... that has millions of innocent people who have done nothing wrong ... why shouldn’t this country have the right to a Nuclear Defense System to protect its people?

The only reason the US Administration opposes to a Nuclear Iran is because the moment Iran develops a Nuclear Defense System ... the American oil companies lose a hefty ATM machine.

Radical Islam
Objective: To eliminate the concept of “Radical Islam”

The Problem that will be addressed
Radical Islam, Fundamental Islam, Extreme Islam, Islamists ... all of these are terms coined by Washington politicians to spread fear among the American people. Since when did we start associating crime with religion? If someone has committed a crime ... go catch the criminal ... do your job ... keep the people safe. Why are you associating crime with religion?

Since when do we associate crime with religion? Since George W Bush? Since the past 12 years? Islam has been in existence for 1400 years and it has 2 Billion followers all over the world. How can you associate the acts of a few individuals to an entire religion ... which is leading to hate and division in society? These terms are coined to spread fear and target potential Arab countries. In fact, this hype created using terms like Radical Islam ... is totally bogus and hollow ... and designed to promote corporate interest.

Al Qaeda
Objective: To show the truth behind Al Qaeda to the American People

The Problem that will be addressed
What is Al Qaeda? Where is Al Qaeda? Why isn’t Al Qaeda eliminated yet? Weren’t we told that Al Qaeda carried out 911? We spent $1 Trillion on Iraq. 5000 of our kids die ... and Al Qaeda is still present in Iraq? Wasn’t our objective to go after Al Qaeda, the people who carried out 911? After 12 years, $1 Trillion spent and 5000 of our kids dead ... if Al Qaeda is still present in Iraq ... then what have we done in Iraq? What have we been doing there all this time?

The truth is Al Qaeda was never there in Iraq. It came in Iraq “after” our funding started flowing in Iraq. Let alone getting eliminated ... Al Qaeda is branching out in many countries and happens to appear wherever our funding flows. What is going on?

Silence of the People

Objective: To expose the fraudulent moves of the US Administration and to encourage the American people to stand up and demand the change that they want.

The Problem that will be addressed
The US Administration is holding the American People hostage in their crisis. America is facing a tremendous amount of debt of more than $16 Trillion and they are moving further down the drain with about half a dozen cities declaring bankruptcy. But the Administration keeps them busy with stuff other than that has to be done.

Instead of working on fixing those policies that are draining the economy and keeping the American people unemployed ... they are working on stuff like heath care, immigration, gay marriage and abortion. Tell me, what has abortion got to do anything with economy and jobs? These guys don’t touch policies that affect the cash flow of the corporate segment. Thus holding 300 Million Americans hostage in a crisis that is only getting worse every single day.

American Economy
Objective: To promote the changes that have to be brought in fixing the American economy

The Problem that will be addressed
The most developed and powerful country in the world having the world’s best talent and the highest literacy rate ... does not do any work. All of their work has been shipped overseas ... apart from a few jobs. This has caused a sharp decline in the quality of products, high unemployment and the drainage of resources from the country resulting in high debt. No politician brings up this issue because it affects the cash flow of the corporate segment.

If America can step forward and fix this ... it will be followed by many other Western countries which are facing the same problem. America should be leading in this kind of work right now ... and not the bullshit that is promoted by their Administration. This change in direction will bring world peace and a quality life for everyone.

Volunteering Opportunities
Objective: To encourage volunteers in participating in our campaigns

This will get us many more hands at the ground level that will work with us hand in hand in spreading the message. Volunteers will be very helpful especially when Social Networking is concerned. Campaigns will be run to collaborate for donations, volunteering, networking, telecalling, blogging and other activities.

Geographic Target
All the above campaigns will run targeting the American audience.

Mediums that will be used
Several online mediums will be used to reach the target audience such as Facebook, Google Adwords Campaigns, Web Portals and other Social Networking Sites.

Why carry out these Campaigns?
Psychology and Media are very important elements that are used by the US Administration in carrying out these misleading moves. Right from supplying weapons in Syria and stopping Iran’s nuclear program to ... Radical Islam and Al Qaeda ... to the economic policies in America. They use the media to control the thinking of the American people. We need to do the same. We need to use World Politicians and the World Media to combat the same. We need to put alternate content in the media ... challenging their moves ... using logic and reason ... keeping the American people in the right light ... in order to encourage change in the right direction.